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Industry Standard: SH, SH/T, SHT
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Std ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
SH/T 0090-1991 (Engine coolant freezing point determination) SH/T 0090-1991
SH/T 0091-1991 Determination method for reserve alkalinity of engine coolant liquid and antirust agent SH/T 0091-1991
SH/T 0092-1991 Inspection method of petroleum acid SH/T 0092-1991
SH/T 0093-1991 Determination method for solid particle pollunant of jet fuel SH/T 0093-1991
SH/T 0094-1991 Worm Gear Oil SH/T 0094-1991
SH/T 0095-1991 (L-RG solvent dilution type rust oil) SH/T 0095-1991
SH/T 0096-1991 (L-RK fat anti-rust oil) SH/T 0096-1991
SH/T 0097-1991 (801 depressant) SH/T 0097-1991
SH/T 0098-1991 (Bitumen pipeline corrosion) SH/T 0098-1991
SH/T 0099.10-2005 Test method for coating ability and water resistance of emulsified asphalt SH/T 0099.10-2005
SH/T 0099.11-2005 Test method for field coating of emulsified asphalt SH/T 0099.11-2005
SH/T 0099.1-1991 (Emulsified asphalt Engler viscometry) SH/T 0099.1-1991
SH/T 0099.1-2005 Determination of Engle viscosity of emulsified asphalt SH/T 0099.1-2005
SH/T 0099.12-2005 Determination of settlement of emulsified asphalt SH/T 0099.12-2005
SH/T 0099.13-2005 Standard test method for the identification test for rapid-setting cationic emulsified asphalt SH/T 0099.13-2005
SH/T 0099.14-2005 Standard test method for the identification of cationic slow-setting cationic emulsified asphalt SH/T 0099.14-2005
SH/T 0099.15-2005 Determination of water content in asphalt emulsions by distillation SH/T 0099.15-2005
SH/T 0099.16-2005 Determination of residue in asphalt emulsions by low-temperature vacuum distillation SH/T 0099.16-2005
SH/T 0099.17-2005 Determination of residue and oil distillate in asphalt emulsions by distillation SH/T 0099.17-2005
SH/T 0099.18-2005 Standard test method for density of emulsified asphalt SH/T 0099.18-2005
SH/T 0099.2-1991 (The remaining amount of the emulsified asphalt sieve assay) SH/T 0099.2-1991
SH/T 0099.2-2005 Determination of sieve residue of emulsified asphalt SH/T 0099.2-2005
SH/T 0099.3-1991 (Emulsified asphalt particle charge test method) SH/T 0099.3-1991
SH/T 0099.3-2005 Standard test method for particle charge of cationic emulsified asphalt SH/T 0099.3-2005
SH/T 0099.4-1992 (Emulsified asphalt evaporation residue assays) SH/T 0099.4-1992
SH/T 0099.4-2005 Determination of residue by evaporation of emulsified asphalt SH/T 0099.4-2005
SH/T 0099.5-1992 (Emulsified asphalt storage stability assays) SH/T 0099.5-1992
SH/T 0099.5-2005 Determination of storage stability of emulsified asphalt SH/T 0099.5-2005
SH/T 0099.6-1992 (Emulsified asphalt cement mixing assays) SH/T 0099.6-1992
SH/T 0099.6-2005 Determinaiton of cement mixing of emulsified asphalt SH/T 0099.6-2005
SH/T 0099.7-1993 (Emulsified asphalt adhesion of the test method) SH/T 0099.7-1993
SH/T 0099.7-2005 Test method for coating of emulsified asphalt SH/T 0099.7-2005
SH/T 0099.8-1993 (Emulsified asphalt freezing stability test method) SH/T 0099.8-1993
SH/T 0099.8-2005 Test method for freezing stability of emulsified asphalt SH/T 0099.8-2005
SH/T 0099.9-1994 (Emulsified asphalt coarse (secret) aggregate size mixing test method) SH/T 0099.9-1994
SH/T 0099.9-2005 Test method for emulsified asphalt with job aggregate coating SH/T 0099.9-2005
SH/T 0100-1991 Determination of solidifying point of petroleum wax SH/T 0100-1991
SH/T 0101-1991 Determination of dielectric strength of petroleum wax and malthenes SH/T 0101-1991
SH/T 0102-1992 Determination of copper content in lubricating oil and liquid fuel (atomic absortion spectrometric method) SH/T 0102-1992
SH/T 0103-1992 (Containing polymer oil shear stability assay (diesel nozzle method)) SH/T 0103-1992
SH/T 0103-2007 Standard test method for shear stability of polymer containing fluids using a European diesel injector apparatus SH/T 0103-2007
SH/T 0104-1992 Stability test of lubricants for refrigeration compressors under the action of refrigerant (Phillips process) SH/T 0104-1992
SH/T 0105-1992 Determination of oil film thickness of solvent cutback rust preventive oil SH/T 0105-1992
SH/T 0106-1992 Test method for sweat corrosion of anti-rust oil SH/T 0106-1992
SH/T 0107-1992 Test method for sweat cleaning property of anti-rust oil SH/T 0107-1992
SH/T 0108-1992 Determination of average molecular mass and molecular weight distribution of certain polymeric additive (volume exclusion chromatography) SH/T 0108-1992
SH/T 0109-1992 (Determination of water washout performance grease) SH/T 0109-1992
SH/T 0109-2004 Petroleum products and lubricants. Determination of water washout characteristics of lubricating greases SH/T 0109-2004
SH/T 0111-1992 (Synthetic spindle oil) SH/T 0111-1992
SH/T 0113-1992 Greases used for rolling mill SH/T 0113-1992
SH/T 0118-1992 Determination method for aromatic hydrocarbon in solvent oil SH/T 0118-1992
SH/T 0120-1992 Determination of phenol content in phenol refined lubricating oils SH/T 0120-1992
SH/T 0121-1992 Technical condition for boiling range measurement equipment of petroleum products SH/T 0121-1992
SH/T 0122-1992 Determination method for stability of lubricating grease rotary drum SH/T 0122-1992
SH/T 0123-1992 (Chinese Industry Standard) SH/T 0123-1992
SH/T 0123-1993 Determination method for oxidation property of extreme pressure lubricant SH/T 0123-1993
SH/T 0124-1992 (Chinese Industry Standard) SH/T 0124-1992
SH/T 0124-2000 Determination of oxidation stability of inhibited turbine oils SH/T 0124-2000
SH/T 0125-1992 Test method for hydrogen sulfid in liquefied petroleum gas (lead acetate method) SH/T 0125-1992
SH/T 0128-1992 Test method for heavy metal of paraffin wax SH/T 0128-1992
SH/T 0129-1992 Test method for ignition residue of petroleum wax and malthenes SH/T 0129-1992
SH/T 0130-1992 Test method for arsenic limit of petroleum wax SH/T 0130-1992
SH/T 0131-1992 Determination method for sulfated ash in petroleum wax and petroleum grease SH/T 0131-1992
SH/T 0132-1992 Determination method for petroleum wax congealing point SH/T 0132-1992
SH/T 0133-1992 Test method for chloridion and sulphate ion of paraffin wax SH/T 0133-1992
SH/T 0134-1992 Test method for solid paraffin of white oil SH/T 0134-1992
SH/T 0135-1992 Determination method for peroxide value of liquid paraffin SH/T 0135-1992
SH/T 0136-1992 Test method for sulfide of petroleum wax SH/T 0136-1992
SH/T 0137-1992 Oil-changing criterion for anti-ammonia turbine oil in use SH/T 0137-1992
SH/T 0138-1994 No.10 instrument oil SH/T 0138-1994
SH/T 0139-1995 (Axle oil) SH/T 0139-1995
SH/T 0160-1992 Determination method for carbon residue of petroleum products (Lange Method) SH/T 0160-1992
SH/T 0161-1992 Determination method for chlorine content in petroleum products (flask burning method) SH/T 0161-1992
SH/T 0162-1992 Determination of basic nitrogen in petroleum products SH/T 0162-1992
SH/T 0163-1992 Petroleum products - Determination of total acid value - semi-Micro color indicator method SH/T 0163-1992
SH/T 0165-1992 Petroleum products - Determination of high vacuum distillation within high boiling point SH/T 0165-1992
SH/T 0166-1992 Determination of C6 - C9 aromatic content of reforming feedstock and generated oil (gas chromatography) SH/T 0166-1992
SH 0003-1990 (6 extraction solvent oil) SH 0003-1990
SH/T 0169-1992 Methods of measurement for the average molecular weight of mineral insulating oil (depression of freezing point) SH/T 0169-1992
SH/T 0170-1992 (Determination of carbon residue of petroleum products (furnace method)) SH/T 0170-1992
SH/T 0171-1992 (Petroleum and petroleum products - Determination of nitrogen (thymol colorimetry)) SH/T 0171-1992
SH/T 0172-2001 Deter mination of sulfur in petroleum products (high-temperature method) SH/T 0172-2001
SH/T 0173-1992 Technical condition for glass capillary viscometer SH/T 0173-1992
SH/T 0174-1992 (Aromatics and light petroleum products mercaptan qualitative test method (Doctor Test)) SH/T 0174-1992
SH/T 0175-1994 (Determination of oxidation stability of distillate fuel oil (accelerated method)) SH/T 0175-1994
SH/T 0175-2002 (Determination of oxidation stability of distillate fuel oil (accelerated method)) SH/T 0175-2002
SH/T 0175-2004 Standard test method for oxidation stability of distillate fuel oil (accelerated method) SH/T 0175-2004
SH/T 0176-1992 (Jet Fuel Determination of peroxide value) SH/T 0176-1992
SH/T 0177-1992 (Light petroleum products - Determination of aromatic hydrocarbons (gravimetric method)) SH/T 0177-1992
SH/T 0178-1992 (Burning kerosene assay (lighting method)) SH/T 0178-1992
SH/T 0179-1992 (Light petroleum products cloud point and crystallization point assays) SH/T 0179-1992
SH/T 0181-1992 (Jet fuel - Determination of hydrocarbon naphthalene (UV spectrophotometry)) SH/T 0181-1992
SH/T 0181-2005 Standard test method for naphthalene hydrocarbons in jet fuels by ultraviolet spectrophotometry SH/T 0181-2005
SH/T 0182-1992 (Light petroleum products - Determination of copper (spectrophotometry)) SH/T 0182-1992
SH/T 0183-1992 (Determination of hydrocarbon fuels explosive) SH/T 0183-1992
SH/T 0184-1992 (Diesel storage stability assay (glacial acetic acid - formaldehyde method)) SH/T 0184-1992
SH/T 0185-1992 (Straight run lubricants Determination of oxidation stability) SH/T 0185-1992
SH/T 0186-1992 (Ordinary engine oil temperature detergency evaluation method (single-cylinder Assessment Act 1135 -135A France)) SH/T 0186-1992
SH/T 0187-1992 Determination method for extreme pressure property of lubricant (Falex Method) SH/T 0187-1992
SH/T 0188-1992 Determination method for lubricant abradability (Falex axle and V-shape lump method) SH/T 0188-1992