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Industry Standard: SH, SH/T, SHT
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Std ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
SH 3510-2000 Specification for the construction and acceptance of petrochemical equipment concrete foundation SH 3510-2000
SH 3513-2000 Specification for the construction and acceptance of aluminum silos for petrochemical industry SH 3513-2000
SH 3514-2001 Standard for quality inspection and assessment of petrochemical equipment erection engineerings SH 3514-2001
SH 3518-2000 Code for valves inspection and management SH 3518-2000
SH 3518-2013 Specification for valves inspection and management in petrochemical industry SH 3518-2013
SH 3520-1991 (Petrochemical Engineering chromium molybdenum heat pipe welding Technical Specification) SH 3520-1991
SH 3521-1999 Technical code of construction of instrumentation engineering for petrochemical industry SH 3521-1999
SH 3524-1999 Construction technique standard of site assembling and welding for steel tower and vessel in petrochemical industry SH 3524-1999
SH 3525-1992 Welding code of low temperature steel for petrochemical engineering SH 3525-1992
SH 3526-1992 Welding Code of different steel for petrochemical SH 3526-1992
SH 3528-1993 Code for construction and acceptance of petrochemical steel storage tank subgrade and forndation SH 3528-1993
SH 3529-1993 Code for construction and acceptance for yard paving layout engineering for petrochemical enterprises factories area SH 3529-1993
SH 3530-1993 Constructoin technigue standard of vertical cylindrical steel storage tank for petrochemical industry SH 3530-1993
SH 3531-1999 (Heat resistant concrete lining technical specifications) SH 3531-1999
SH 3531-2003 Technical specification for heat-insulation and wear-resistant linings SH 3531-2003
SH 3532-1995 Code for construction and acceptance of heatexchange equipment in petrochemical engineering SH 3532-1995
SH 3533-1995 Specification for construction and acceptance of piping works for watersupply and drainage in petrochemical engineering SH 3533-1995
SH 3533-2003 Specification for the construction and acceptance of piping works for watersupply and drainage in petrochemical industry SH 3533-2003
SH 3534-2001 Specification for the construction and acceptance of furnace brick lining engineering for petrochemical industry SH 3534-2001
SH 3552-2013 Specification for quality inspection and acceptance of electric engineering in petrochemical industry SH 3552-2013
SH 3612-2013 Technical specification for construction of electric engineering in petrochemical industry SH 3612-2013
SH/T 0001-1990 (Cable asphalt) SH/T 0001-1990
SH/T 0002-1990 Water-proof and damp-proof bitumen SH/T 0002-1990
SH/T 0006-1998 (Chinese Industry Standard) SH/T 0006-1998
SH/T 0006-2002 Industrial mineral oil SH/T 0006-2002
SH/T 0010-1990 Lubricant for heat-setting machine SH/T 0010-1990
SH/T 0011-1990 No.7903 oil-proof sealing grease SH/T 0011-1990
SH/T 0013-1999 Microcrystalline wax SH/T 0013-1999
SH/T 0013-2008 Microcrystalline wax SH/T 0013-2008
SH/T 0014-1990 (Soap with wax) SH/T 0014-1990
SH/T 0015-1990 (501 Antioxidants) SH/T 0015-1990
SH/T 0016-1990 (361 extreme pressure anti-wear agents) SH/T 0016-1990
SH/T 0017-1990 Bearing oil SH/T 0017-1990
SH/T 0018-1990 (Additives containing petroleum wax (hot melt adhesive) Determination of apparent viscosity) SH/T 0018-1990
SH/T 0018-2007 Standard test method for apparent viscosity of petroleum waxes compounded with additives (hot melts) SH/T 0018-2007
SH/T 0019-1990 Petroleum waxes and petrolatums - Determination of volume resistivity SH/T 0019-1990
SH/T 0020-1990 Determination of phosphorus content in gasoline (Spectrophotometric method) SH/T 0020-1990
SH/T 0021-1990 Determination of naphthenic soap content in jet fuel SH/T 0021-1990
SH/T 0022-1990 Determination of hydrogen content in petroleum fraction (Lamp method) SH/T 0022-1990
SH/T 0023-1990 Jet fuels - test for silver strip corrosion SH/T 0023-1990
SH/T 0024-1990 Determination of precipitation number for lubricating oil SH/T 0024-1990
SH/T 0025-1990 (Chinese Industry Standard) SH/T 0025-1990
SH/T 0025-1999 Rust preventive oils. Test method of salt water immersion SH/T 0025-1999
SH/T 0026-1990 Determination method for volatiles from petroleum coke SH/T 0026-1990
SH/T 0027-1990 Determination of magnesium content in additive (atomic absorption spectrometry method) SH/T 0027-1990
SH/T 0028-1990 Determination of turbidity of lubricating oil and detergent SH/T 0028-1990
SH/T 0029-1990 Determination of ash content in petroleum coke SH/T 0029-1990
SH/T 0030-1990 Determination method for channel point of automotive gear lubricant SH/T 0030-1990
SH/T 0031-1990 (Diesel piston detergency scoring method) SH/T 0031-1990
SH/T 0032-1990 Determination of total moisture in petroleum coke SH/T 0032-1990
SH/T 0033-1990 Determination method for actual density of petroleum coke SH/T 0033-1990
SH/T 0034-1990 Determination of effective fractions in additive SH/T 0034-1990
SH/T 0035-1990 Atmometry for rust preventive oil and grease SH/T 0035-1990
SH/T 0036-1990 Test method for water replacement of anti-rust oil SH/T 0036-1990
SH/T 0037-1990 Determination of Dissolution Characteristics in Storage Process of Gear Lubricant SH/T 0037-1990
SH/T 0038-1990 Pitt W-1 engine reference fuel SH/T 0038-1990
SH/T 0039-1990 (Industrial Vaseline) SH/T 0039-1990
SH/T 0042-1991 (Calcium petroleum sulfonate detergent) SH/T 0042-1991
SH/T 0043-1991 (746 rust) SH/T 0043-1991
SH/T 0045-1991 (109 detergent) SH/T 0045-1991
SH/T 0046-1996 (803 Series depressant) SH/T 0046-1996
SH/T 0047-1991 Liquid fuel for gas turbine SH/T 0047-1991
SH/T 0048-1991 (Grease similar viscometry) SH/T 0048-1991
SH/T 0057-1991 (Marine residual fuel oil content of inorganic particle assay (centrifugation)) SH/T 0057-1991
SH/T 0058-1991 Determination method for content of silicon, vanadium and iron in petroleum coke SH/T 0058-1991
SH/T 0059-1991 (Evaporation Loss of Lubricating assay (Noack method)) SH/T 0059-1991
SH/T 0059-1996 (Evaporation Loss of Lubricating assay (Noack method)) SH/T 0059-1996
SH/T 0060-1991 Determination of oxygen uptake for anti-rust grease (Oxygen Bomb Method) SH/T 0060-1991
SH/T 0061-1991 Determination of magnesium content in lubricating oil (atomic absorption spectrometry method) SH/T 0061-1991
SH/T 0062-1991 Determination of de-pentane in gasoline and naphtha SH/T 0062-1991
SH/T 0063-1991 Test method for aridity of anti-rust oil SH/T 0063-1991
SH/T 0064-1991 (Distillate fuel free water and particulate pollutants test method) SH/T 0064-1991
SH/T 0065-1991 (Preparation of the engine coolant or rust test samples and aqueous samples) SH/T 0065-1991
SH/T 0066-1991 (Toru engine coolant bubble to assay (glassware Act)) SH/T 0066-1991
SH/T 0066-2002 Standard test method for foaming tendencies of engine coolants in glassware SH/T 0066-2002
SH/T 0067-1991 Determination method for ash content in engine collant and antirust agent SH/T 0067-1991
SH/T 0068-1991 (Engine coolant densitometry (hydrometer method)) SH/T 0068-1991
SH/T 0068-2002 Standard test method for density or relative density of coolant concentrates and engine coolants by the hydrometer SH/T 0068-2002
SH/T 0069-1991 Determination method for PH value of engine antifreezing agent, antirust agent and coolant liquid SH/T 0069-1991
SH/T 0070-1991 (Used engine oil oxidation and nitration value value assays (IR spectroscopy)) SH/T 0070-1991
SH/T 0071-1991 Reference oil for 1135 C2 test method SH/T 0071-1991
SH/T 0072-1991 Determination method for friction coefficient of liquid lubricant (oscillator method) SH/T 0072-1991
SH/T 0073-1991 Determination of abrasion index of jet fuel (Block-on-Ring) SH/T 0073-1991
SH/T 0074-1991 Determination method for oxygen uptaking oxidation stability of gasoline engine oil sheet SH/T 0074-1991
SH/T 0075-1991 Assessment of High Temperature Detergency of CC Grade Diesel Engine Oil (1135 C2 Method) SH/T 0075-1991
SH/T 0076-1991 Determination of furfural in lubricating oil SH/T 0076-1991
SH/T 0077-1991 Determination of iron content in lubricating oil (atomic absorption spectrometry method) SH/T 0077-1991
SH/T 0078-1991 Determination of trace moisture in liquefied petroleum gas (electrolytic method) SH/T 0078-1991
SH/T 0079-1991 Preparation method for petroleum products reagent solution for testing SH/T 0079-1991
SH/T 0080-1991 Test method for corrosivity of rust preventive oil and grease SH/T 0080-1991
SH/T 0081-1991 Salt spray test method for rust preventive oil and grease SH/T 0081-1991
SH/T 0082-1991 Test method for flow down point of rust preventive oil and grease SH/T 0082-1991
SH/T 0083-1991 Test method for weather-resistance of anti-rust oil SH/T 0083-1991
SH/T 0084-1991 (Cooling System Chemical Solutions for organic coatings on the ring-shaped car test method) SH/T 0084-1991
SH/T 0084-2001 Standard test method for effect of cooling system chemical solutions on organic finishes for automotive vehicles SH/T 0084-2001
SH/T 0085-1991 Determination Method of Corrosion Test for Engine Coolants(Glassware Method) SH/T 0085-1991
SH/T 0086-1991 Determination of water content in concentrated solution of engine refrigerant (Karl Fischer method) SH/T 0086-1991
SH/T 0087-1991 Standard test method for aluminium pump cavity corrosion of engine coolant SH/T 0087-1991
SH/T 0088-1991 Determination method for corrosion of engine coolant liquid for simulated use SH/T 0088-1991
SH/T 0089-1991 Ebullioscopy for engine refrigerant SH/T 0089-1991