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JJF 1093-2015 (JJF1093-2015)

JJF 1093-2015_English: PDF (JJF1093-2015)
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JJF 1093-2015English459 Add to Cart 4 days [Need to translate] Calibration Specification for Projectors JJF 1093-2015 Valid JJF 1093-2015

Standard ID JJF 1093-2015 (JJF1093-2015)
Description (Translated English) Calibration Specification for Projectors
Sector / Industry Metrology & Measurement Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard N45;A60
Word Count Estimation 20,230
Date of Issue 2015-12-07
Date of Implementation 2016-06-07
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) JJF 1093-2002
Quoted Standard JB/T 6380
Drafting Organization Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Institute of Electronics V; Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Metrology
Administrative Organization National Technical Committee for Geometrical Engineering Parameter Measurement
Regulation (derived from) ?AQSIQ 2015 Nian (No.148)
Issuing agency(ies) State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
Summary This standard applies to measuring vertical and horizontal alignment of the projector.

JJF 1093-2015
Calibration Specification for Projectors
National Metrological Technical Code of the People's Republic of China
Projector calibration specification
2015-12-07 released
2016-06-07 implementation
State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued
Projector calibration specification
Replacing JJF 1093-2002
Coordinate Unit. National Geometric Engineering Parameter Measurement Technical Committee
The main drafting unit. Shaanxi Institute of Metrology
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the fifth Institute of Electronics
The specification commissioned by the National Geometric Engineering Engineering Metrology Technical Committee is responsible for the interpretation
The drafters of this specification.
Evergreen (Shaanxi Institute of Metrology)
Zhang hui (Shaanxi Institute of Metrology)
Zhang xiaofen (Institute of Electronics and Electronics, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology)
table of Contents
Introduction (II)
1 range (1)
2 References (1)
3 Overview (1)
4 Metering characteristics (1)
4.1 Table table vertical, horizontal (vertical) to move the straightness (1)
4.2 vertical and horizontal (vertical) vertical movement of the vertical (1)
4.3 Optical mechanical readings device 0.1mm marks and micron marks coincidence (2)
4.4 Optical mechanical readings of the objective lens magnification error (2)
4.5 Change of indication error range and return error of reading device (2)
4.6 Drift of digital display (2)
4.7 Projector objective magnification error (2)
4.8 Instrument indication error range (2)
4.9 change screen (or rotary table) of the indication error range (3)
5 Calibration conditions (3)
5.1 Environmental conditions (3)
5.2 Calibration and calibration standards (3)
6 Calibration method (4)
6.1 Straightness of the table longitudinal, horizontal (vertical) to move (4)
6.2 vertical and horizontal cross-vertical movement of the table (4)
6.3 Optical mechanical readings device 0.1mm marks and micron marks coincide (4)
6.4 Optical mechanical readings of the objective lens magnification error (4)
6.5 Change of indication error range and return error of reading device (4)
6.6 Drift of Digital Display (5)
6.7 Projector objective magnification error (5)
6.8 Instrument indication error range (6)
6.9 Change range of indication error of rotary screen (or rotary table) (7)
7 Processing of calibration results (7)
8 re-school time interval (7)
Appendix A Uncertainty Evaluation of Measurement Result of Change Range of Projector Error Range (8)
Appendix B Evaluation of Uncertainty in Measurement of Magnification of Objective Lens (11)
Appendix C Calibration Certificate Information and Inside Page Format (13)
The revision of this specification is based on JJF 1071-2010 "Rules for the preparation of national metrological calibration specifications", JJF 1001-2011
"General Measurement Terms and Definitions" and JJF 1059.1-2012 "Measurement Uncertainty Assessment and Representation"
According to JJF 1093-2002 "projector calibration specification" to be revised. And JJF 1093-2002 "projector calibration
Specification "compared to the editorial changes in the main technical changes are as follows.
- an illustration of the digital display device is added to the structure of the projector (see 3);
--- canceled in accordance with the size of the table on the simple, light, heavy classification, unified in accordance with the shadow screen
Inch is divided into small, medium and large (see 3);
Calibration method for indication error of optical mechanical reading device Selection of standard glass thread ruler as standard, alternative
The original standard block simplifies the calibration method (see 5.2 and 6.5.1);
--- to cancel the original specification "screen cross-line horizontal line on the longitudinal direction of the parallel movement of the guide" calibration
--- to cancel the original specification "projection objective lens optical axis and projection lighting axis and the work surface perpendicularity" calibration