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JJF 1024-2006 (JJF1024-2006)

JJF 1024-2006_English: PDF (JJF1024-2006)
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JJF 1024-2006English779 Add to Cart 5 days [Need to translate] Reliability analysis for measuring instruments Valid JJF 1024-2006

Standard ID JJF 1024-2006 (JJF1024-2006)
Description (Translated English) Reliability analysis for measuring instruments
Sector / Industry Metrology & Measurement Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard A50
Classification of International Standard 17.020
Word Count Estimation 30,334
Date of Issue 2006-09-06
Date of Implementation 2007-03-06
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) JJF 1024-1991
Quoted Standard GB/T 2423.102; GB/T 2423.17; GB/T 2423.18; GB/T 2423.37; GB/T 2423.53; GB/T 2423.3; GB/T 2423.43; GB/T 2423.21; GB/T 2423.34; GB/T 2423.48; GB/T 2423.15; GB/T 2423.6; GB/T 2423.2; GB/T 2423.10; GB/T 2423.35; GB/T 2423.50; GB/T 2423.24; GB/T 2423.52; GB/T 2423.27; GB/T 2423.39; GB/T 2423.58; GB/T 2423.32; GB/T 2423.45; GB/T 2423.28; GB/T 2423.41; GB/T 2423.49; GB/T 2423.33; GB/T 2423.47; GB/T 2423.1; GB/T 2423.26; GB/T 2423.38; GB/T 2423.30; GB/T 2423.4; GB/T 2423.23; GB/T 2423.36; GB/T 2423.40; GB/T 2423.59; GB/T 2423.16; GB/T 2423.8; GB/T 2423.101; GB/T 2423.22; GB/T 2423.51; GB/T 2423.25; GB/T 2423.5; GB/T 2423.55; GB/T 2423.57; GB/T 2423.60; GB/T 2423.7; GB/T 2423.56; GB/T 2423.54; GB/T 3187-1994; GB/T 5080.4-1985; GB/T 5080.6-1996; GB/T 5080.7-1986; GB/T 7289-1987; GB/T 7826-1987; GB/T 7829-1987; GJB/Z 89-1997; GJB/Z 108A-1998; GJB/Z 299B-1998; JJF 1015-2002; JB/T 6214-1992; JB/T 50070-2002
Drafting Organization Ministry of Information Industry Institute of Electronics V
Administrative Organization ?AQSIQ
Summary This standard specifies the measuring instrument reliability analysis of the basic principles, requirements and methods for measuring the reliability of the instrument description, modeling, expected, indicators and targets assigned division series, the failure mode and effects analysis, fault tree analysis, test validation, failure determination to provide guidance. For measuring instruments in the design, development, testing, production, inspection, evaluation of the use phase as well as the type of reliability analysis.

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JJF 1024-2006
Reliability analysis for measuring instruments
National Metrology Technical Specification of the People's Republic
Measuring instrument reliability analysis
Released on.2006-09-06
2007-03-06 implementation
The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued
Measuring instrument reliability analysis
Replacing JJF 1024-1991
This specification was approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine on September 6,.2006, and
It will take effect on March 6,.2007.
Focal Point. National Legal Measurement Management Measurement Technical Committee
Drafting unit. Electronic Fifth Institute of the Ministry of Information Industry
Jiangxi Institute of Metrology and Testing
China Institute of Metrology
This specification is interpreted by the National Legal Metrology Management Metrology Technical Committee.
Drafters of this specification.
Xie Shaofeng (Electronic Fifth Institute of the Ministry of Information Industry)
Yan Huixia (Jiangxi Metrology and Testing Institute)
Chen Dazhou (China Institute of Metrology)
Zhang Zengzhao (Electronic Fifth Institute of the Ministry of Information Industry)
Gu Wengang (Electronic Fifth Institute of the Ministry of Information Industry)
Shi Changyan (National Legal Metrology Management Metrology Technical Committee)
table of Contents
1 range (1)
2 Citations (1)
3 terms (1)
4 Reliability Analysis Procedures and Methods (2)
4.1 Analysis and determination of reliability indicators (2)
4.2 Establish Reliability Model (3)
4.3 Distribution of reliability indicators (5)
4.4 Reliability Prediction (7)
4.5 Failure Mode and Impact Analysis (10)
4.6 Fault Tree Analysis (10)
4.7 Tolerance and Drift Analysis (11)
5 Reliability Assessment (11)
5.1 Life test (12)
5.2 Environmental Testing (14)
5.3 Analysis of maintenance period (15)
6 Reliability work project application timing (15)
Appendix A Measurement Instrument Reliability Life Evaluation Test (16)
Appendix B Full Electronic Energy Meter Type Evaluation Reliability Test (21)
Appendix C Reference Standards (25)
Measuring instrument reliability analysis
1 Scope
This specification specifies the basic principles, requirements and methods for the reliability analysis of measuring instruments, and the reliability of measuring instruments.
Description, modeling, forecasting, indicator allocation and indicator series division, failure mode and impact analysis, fault tree analysis, trial
Provide guidance for verification, fault determination, etc. Suitable for the design, development, testing, production, acceptance, and measurement of measuring instruments
Reliability analysis in stage and type evaluation.
2 Citations
GB/T 2423 series standard electrical and electronic products basic environmental test procedures
GB/T 3187-1994 Reliability, maintainability terminology
GB/T 5080.4-1985 Point estimation and interval estimation method for reliability test of equipment reliability test
(index distribution)
GB/T 5080.6-1996 Validity test for the assumption of constant failure rate of equipment reliability test
GB/T 5080.7-1986 Equipment reliability test Failure rate and average failure-free under the assumption of constant failure rate
Time verification test plan
GB/T 7289-1987 Guidelines for the preparation of reports on reliability, maintainability and effectiveness
GB/T 7826-1987 System Reliability Analysis Technology Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) Procedure
GB/T 7829-1987 Fault Tree Analysis Program
GJB/Z89-1997 Circuit Tolerance Analysis Guide
GJB/Z108A-1998 Electronic Equipment Non-Operational Reliability Estimation Manual
GJB/Z299B-1998 Electronic Equipment Reliability Forecast Handbook
JJF 1015-2002 General specification for type evaluation and type approval of measuring instruments
JB/T 6214-1992 Guidelines for instrument reliability verification and determination test (exponential distribution)
JB/T 50070-2002 Electric energy meter reliability requirements and assessment methods
Use of this specification should be done with the current valid version of the above cited documents.
3 terms
3.1 reliability reliability[performance]
The ability of the measuring instrument to perform the specified function under specified conditions and within the specified time.
Note. The specified time is generalized, and it can be hour, year, mileage, number of times, etc. depending on the measuring instrument.
3.2 Basic reliability basicreliability
The duration or probability that the measuring instrument is fault free under specified conditions.
3.3 Mission reliability
The ability of a measuring instrument to perform a defined function within a defined mission profile.
Note. A task profile is a time-series description of the events and circumstances experienced by the measuring instrument during the time it takes to complete the specified task.