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HJ/T 182-2005 English PDF

HJ/T 182-2005 (HJ/T182-2005, HJT 182-2005, HJT182-2005)
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HJ/T 182-2005English90 Add to Cart 0--9 seconds. Auto-delivery Environmental labeling product technical requirements for light-duty vehicles Obsolete HJ/T 182-2005

Standard ID HJ/T 182-2005 (HJ/T182-2005)
Description (Translated English) Environmental labeling product technical requirements for light-duty vehicles
Sector / Industry Environmental Protection Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard T40;Z00
Classification of International Standard 43.020
Word Count Estimation 6,636
Date of Issue 2005-09-02
Date of Implementation 2005-10-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) HBC 8-2001
Drafting Organization SEPA Environmental Development Center
Regulation (derived from) Announcement No.33, 2005 of the State Environmental Protection Administration; Announcement No.3, 2014, Ministry of Environmental Protection
Summary This standard specifies the type of light vehicle pollution environmental labeling products of basic requirements, technical contents and testing methods. This standard applies to sub- ignition engine or combustion engine as power, maximum design speed is greater than or equal to 50km/h for light vehicle environmental labeling product certification.

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Sector Standard for Environmental
Protection of the People's Republic of China
Replacing HBC 8-2001
Technical requirement for environmental labeling products
Light-duty vehicles
Issued on September 2, 2005 Putting into effect as of October 1, 2005
Issued by Ministry of Environmental Protection
This standard is developed for the purpose of implementing the Law of the People's
Republic of China on Environmental Protection, minimizing the adverse impacts of the
use of light-duty vehicles on the environment and human health and improving
environmental quality.
This standard advocates the consideration of enterprises about recycling of components
during the design and production of light-duty vehicles, control air pollution in vehicles,
control of toxic and hazardous substances as well as the adoption of clean production
This standard is developed based on current industrial technology and equipment level.
With life-cycle assessment of light-duty vehicles, it presents the requirements for the
emissions of tail gas pollutants, fuel consumption and the concentration of asbestos in
clutch driving strap of light-duty vehicles.
Major changes are the followings compared with HBC 8-2001.
——Limits for the emission of pollutants from vehicles are changed from GB
18352.2-2001 to GB 18352.3-2005 and OBD system must be installed;
——Adding limits for fuel consumption amount of M
type vehicles;
——This standard will not separately list relevant requirement as there is
compulsory national regulations on the banning of fluorine in the refrigerant of
automobile air-conditioner and asbestos in clutch driving strap.
This standard is a recommendation standard and applicable to the certification of
environmental labeling products in China.
This standard is put forward by the Department of Science, Technology and Standards of
the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
Major organization in charge of the development of this standard. Environmental
Certification Center of MEP .
This standard was approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection on September 2,
This standard shall be put into effect as of October 1, 2005 and shall replace HBC 8-
2001 as of the date of implementation.
This standard shall be interpreted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
The historical version of standard replaced by this standard is.
——HBC 8-2001.
Technical Requirement for Environmental Labeling
Light-duty Vehicles
1. Application Scope
This standard specifies the basic requirements, technical contents and determination
method for light-duty vehicles with low pollution.
This standard is applicable to the certification of environmental labeling products ──
light-duty vehicles powered by ignited engine or compressed combustion engine with
maximum designed speed no less than 50 km/h.
2. Standard Quotation Documents
This standard quotes the provisions of the following documents. All quoted
document with specified date and their follow-up medications (excluding corrigenda)
or revised versions shall be not applicable to the current standard. However, it is
encouraged that all stakeholders reaching an agreement according to this standard
study the possibility of utilizing the latest versions of these documents. The latest
versions of all quotation documents without any specific date are applicable to the
current standard.
The provisions of the following documents will become the provisions of the current
standard through quotation.
GB/T 15089-2001 Classification of power-driven vehicles and trailers
GB 18352.3-2005 Limits and measurement methods for emissions from
vehicles (III, IV)
GB 19578-2004 Limits of fuel consumption for passenger cars
3. Terminology and Definitions
The following terminologies are applicable to this standard.
3.1 Light-duty vehicles
They refer to M1, M2 and N1 types of vehicles with maximum total mass no more than
3500 kg.
3.2 M1, M2 and N1 types of vehicles
According to the provisions of GB/T 15089-2001.