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HJ 2543-2016 English PDF

HJ 2543-2016_English: PDF (HJ2543-2016)
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HJ 2543-2016English139 Add to Cart 3 days [Need to translate] Technical requirement for environmental labeling products. Dry-type power transformer Valid HJ 2543-2016

Standard ID HJ 2543-2016 (HJ2543-2016)
Description (Translated English) Technical requirement for environmental labeling products. Dry-type power transformer
Sector / Industry Environmental Protection Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard K41
Word Count Estimation 6,65
Date of Issue 2016-10-17
Date of Implementation 2017-01-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) HJ/T 224-2005
Regulation (derived from) Ministry of Environmental Protection Notice No.63 of 2016

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HJ 2543-2016
(Environmental labeling products - Technical requirements Dry - type power transformers)
National Environmental Protection Standard of the People 's Republic of China
Replacing HJ/T 224-2005
Environmental labeling product technical requirements
Dry power transformers
Technical requirement for environmental labeling products
Dry-type power transformer
2016-10-17 released
2017-01-01 Implementation
Ministry of Environmental Protection released
1 Scope of application 1
2 normative reference document 1
3 Terms and Definitions
Basic Requirements 1
Technical content 1
6 Test Method 2
To implement the "People's Republic of China Environmental Protection Law" to reduce the dry-type power transformers in the production and use of the process of human health and
Environmental impact, protection of the environment, the development of this standard.
This standard on the dry power transformer environmental design, production process, the product of toxic and hazardous substances limited, packaging and product description
Made a request.
This standard has revised the "Environmental Requirements Product Technical Requirements Dry Power Transformer" (HJ/T 224-2005), the main changes
as follows.
- Adjust the scope of application;
- Added "dry power transformer" definition;
- Increased product environmental design requirements;
- increased the production process of toxic and hazardous substances in the restrictions;
- Adjust the product energy efficiency, noise requirements;
- increased the product electromagnetic radiation requirements;
- increased requirements for product packaging materials and product descriptions;
- Adjust the inspection method.
This standard is organized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection Science and Technology Standards Division.
The main drafting of this standard. Environmental Development Department of Environmental Protection, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, the machinery industry Beijing Electric Technology
Economic Research Institute, Shenyang Transformer Research Institute Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huapeng Transformer Co., Ltd., Shun Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.,
Three change technology co., Ltd.
This standard has been implemented since October 17,.2016.
This standard has been implemented since January 1,.2017, and is replaced by HJ/T 224-2005 from the date of implementation.
This standard is explained by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
This standard replaced the previous version of the standard release.
- HJ/T 224-2005, HBC 21-2004.
Environmental labeling products - Technical requirements Dry - type power transformers
1 Scope of application
This standard specifies the terminology and definitions, basic requirements, technical contents and test methods of dry-type power transformer environmental labeling products.
This standard applies to the voltage rating of 6kV, 10kV, 20kV and 35kV, rated frequency of 50Hz, rated capacity of
30kVA ~.20000kVA, the insulation of the winding insulation class for the B-class, F-class and H-class indoor use of non-excitation voltage regulator or on-load regulator
Three - phase power transformers.
This standard does not apply to SF6 gas-insulated dry-type transformers.
2 normative reference documents
The contents of this standard refer to the terms of the following documents. For undated references, the valid version applies to this document.
Power transformers - Part 1. General principles GB/T
Power transformers - Part 11. Dry - type transformers GB 1094.11-2007
Energy efficiency limit and energy efficiency rating of three - phase distribution transformer GB.20052-2013
Technical parameters and requirements of GB/T 10228 dry - type power transformers
GB/T 18455 Packaging Recycling Mark
Technical parameters and requirements of GB/T 22072 dry - type amorphous alloy core distribution transformers
JB/T 10088 6kV ~ 500kV level power transformer sound level
3 terms and definitions
The following terms and definitions apply to this standard.
Dry-type power transformer
Coils and windings are not immersed in the insulating liquid for the transmission and distribution system of the transformer Note 1.
Note 1. Terms and definitions derived from GB 1094.1-2013 and GB 1094.11-2007.
4 basic requirements
4.1 product quality and safety performance should be consistent with GB/T 10228, GB/T 22072 and GB 1094.11 requirements.
4.2 The pollutant discharge of the product manufacturer shall conform to the pollutant discharge standard stipulated by the state or local.
4.3 production enterprises in the production process should strengthen the clean production.
5 technical content
5.1 Product environment design requirements
5.1.1 No solvent-based impregnation paint is used.
5.1.2 release agent does not use xylene and chlorine solvent.
5.1.3 do not use unmodified amine curing agent.
5.1.4 do not use PBBs, PBDEs as flame retardants, and in all raw materials and production materials
Do not use asbestos.
5.1.5 products should be easy to dismantle, its metal materials and non-metallic materials should be easy to separate.
5.2 Production process requirements
The product does not use kerosene and benzene solvents as diluents and/or cleaning agents during pouring, surface treatment and repair.
5.3 Product requirements
5.3.1 Requirements for energy efficiency
Three-phase 10kV voltage class, no excitation voltage, rated capacity of 30kVA-2500kVA dry distribution transformer energy efficiency should be consistent
GB 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, the remaining products should meet the requirements in GB/T 10228.
5.3.2 Noise requirements
Amorphous alloy core dry-type transformer noise limit should be consistent with the requirements of GB/T 22072, other products, noise limits should be consistent
JB/T 10088 requirements.
5.3.3 Requirements for partial discharge
10kV class and below the dry power transformers, the partial discharge should be less than or equal to 5pC; 10kV level above the dry power change
Pressure, the local discharge should be less than or equal to 10pC.
5.3.4 Requirements for electromagnetic radiation
When the dry power transformer is installed, increase the physical isolation measures to limit the electromagnetic radiation.
5.4 Packing requirements
It is advisable to use recyclable, recyclable packaging material and mark it in accordance with GB/T 18455.
5.5 Product description requirements
The product description should include the following.
A) help to reduce the operation of the product noise and electromagnetic radiation installation, commissioning instructions.
B) Information that facilitates product recycling, including. production enterprise information, product base information, parts recycling information, parts drawings
Sheet information.
6 test method
6.1 Technical content The detection of 5.3.1 shall be carried out in accordance with the methods specified in GB.2005-2-2013 and GB/T 10228.
6.2 Technical content 5.3.2 The test shall be carried out in accordance with the method specified in GB/T 22072 and JB/T 10088.
6.3 Technical content The detection of 5.3.3 shall be carried out in accordance with the method specified in Article 22 of GB 1094.11-2007.
6.4 Other requirements in the technical content are verified by means of document review and on-site inspection.