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HJ 2536-2014

Chinese Standard: 'HJ 2536-2014'
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HJ 2536-2014English209 Add to Cart Days<=3 Technical requirement for environmental labeling products Valid HJ 2536-2014
HJ 2536-2014Chinese16 Add to Cart <=1-day [PDF from Chinese Authority, or Standard Committee, or Publishing House]


Standard ID HJ 2536-2014 (HJ2536-2014)
Description (Translated English) Technical requirement for environmental labeling products
Sector / Industry Environmental Protection Industry Standard
Word Count Estimation 9,932
Date of Issue 2014/3/31
Date of Implementation 2014/7/1
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) HJ/T 313-2006
Regulation (derived from) Ministry of Environmental Protection Notice No. 24 of 2014

HJ 2536-2014
(Technical requirements for environmental labeling products microcomputers, monitors)
People's Republic of China National Environmental Protection Standards
Replacing HJ/T 313-2006
Environmental Labeling Products
Micro-computers, monitors
Technical requirement for environmental labeling products
Computers and displays
Issued on.2014-03-31
2014-07-01 implementation
Issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection
table of Contents
Preface ..4
5 1 Scope
2 Normative references 5
3 Terms and definitions ..5
4 Basic requirements 6
5 Technical contents 6
6 Test Method 8
Appendix B (normative) restricting the use of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) 10
To implement the "People's Republic of China Environmental Protection Law", reducing microcomputer display products in the production and use of ring
Environmental and human health effects, environmental protection, development of this standard.
This standard microcomputer display products of environmental protection design, product production stage, product limits of restricted substances, and can
Consumption, noise, product packaging and product description and other aspects of the request.
The standard reference to American Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Standard No. 1680, Japan Environment Association environmental labeling Affairs' Health
State flag Category NO.119 "" "Personal Computers, Version 2.4"; Nordic Swan eco-labeling standards Nordic
Ecolabeling of Computer, Version6.1; Swedish TCO standard "TCO Certified Desktops 3.0", "TCO Certified
Displays 5.2 "; on the" technical requirements for environmental labeling products microcomputer monitor "(HJ/T 313-2006) has been revised.
Compared with this standard HJ/T 313-2006 main changes are as follows.
- Increase the production process must not use phosphorus requirements degreasing agent and coating liquid;
- An increase of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) requirements;
- Adjust the product's energy requirements;
- Adjust the product noise requirements;
- Cancel the CRT monitor and requirements, increasing the display backlight limit requirement in mercury;
- Cancel the original standard list appendix corporate statement.
This standard applies to Chinese environmental product certification mark.
This standard is developed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection Science, Technology organization.
This standard is mainly drafted by. Ministry of Environmental Protection and Development Center.
This standard MEP March 31, 2014 for approval.
This standard from July 1, 2014 implementation.
The standard explanation by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
This standard replaces the standards previously issued as follows.
--HJ/T 313-2006, HBC 15-2002, HJ BZ 26-1998.
Environmental labeling products technical requirements for micro-computers, monitors
1 Scope
This standard specifies the terms and definitions microcomputer monitor eco-labeled products, basic requirements, technical contents, and testing
This standard applies to desktop microcomputer (including in-one desktop microcomputer), a portable computer, a tablet computer device,
Network computers, workstations and computer monitors.
2 Normative references
This standard refers to the contents of the following documents contain provisions which, undated references, the effective version applies to this standard.
GB 20943 single output AC - DC and AC - AC external power supply energy efficiency of limited value and energy conservation evaluation values
GB 21520 computer monitor energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating
GB 28380 microcomputer energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating
GB/T 9813 General specification for microcomputer
Measurement GB/T 18313 Acoustics IT and telecommunications equipment air noise
GB/T 16288 plastic signs
GB/T 18455 Packaging Recycling Marks
GB/T 26572 Limited restricted substances in electrical and electronic equipment requirements
HJ/T 238 technical requirements for environmental labeling products of rechargeable batteries
HJ/T 239 environmental labeling products technical requirements for batteries
3 Terms and Definitions
GB/T 9813 established, and the following terms and definitions apply to this standard.
3.1 microcomputer microcomputer
On the basis of microcomputer hardware system, the configuration entities necessary peripherals and software configuration.
3.2 Display liquid crystal display device
Often referred to as a monitor. The computer I/O devices, i.e., input and output devices.
3.3 Network Computer thin client
A connecting to remote computing resources to obtain the major features and functions of a computer having an independent power supply. Main computing (for example, Cheng
Order execution) by the remote computing resources, data storage, interaction with other Internet resources available.
4 Basic requirements
4.1 Quality, safety, electromagnetic compatibility shall comply with the relevant standards.
4.2 Pollutant emission of the pollutant emission standards should be consistent with the requirements of national or local regulations.
4.3 products manufacturing enterprises in the production process should strengthen cleaner production.
5 Technical contents
5.1 Environmental product design requirements
5.1.1 easy to recycle design mass greater than 25g plastic parts should be used homopolymers or copolymers. mass greater than 25g types of plastic parts used in the homopolymer or copolymer should not exceed four categories, and easy to disassemble. In addition to the display surface area of the optical fiber, optical unit mass greater than 25g, and the maximum plane than 200mm2 plastic
Parts should be in accordance with GB/T 16288 requirements indicated. Desktop microcomputer (excluding one desktop microcomputer) optical drive, hard disk, main memory can be upgraded,
The product should have expansion slots. In addition to the wireless device, the power adapter housing, the product can be disassembled with common tools. Printed circuit boards, optical drives and other portions
Member should be separated from the base, shell and other components. portable computers and Tablet microcomputer products can recycling rate of not less than 80%, and other products renewable Lee
With a rate of not less than 85%.
5.1.2 Parts of hazardous substances requirements product mass greater than 25g plastic parts shall not use SCCPs (SCCPs), six HBCD (HBCDD),
Medium-chain chlorinated paraffins (MCCP) (for MCCP requirement July 1, 2015 started). The use of the computer's motherboard substrate may not use six HBCD (HBCDD). mass greater than 25g plastic parts shall not be used phthalates listed in Appendix A as a plasticizer.
Shell, keyboards and all kinds of buttons, mouse shell, a touchpad and an external power supply line of benzo (a) pyrene content of the product shall not exceed
Over 20 mg/kg, and is set out in Appendix B of 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) total content shall not exceed 200 mg/kg. monitor backlight mercury content should be less than 3mg. product comes with batteries should be consistent with HJ/T 238 or HJ/T 239 standard.
5.2 Production stage requires
5.2.1 not use HCFCs (HCFCs), 1,1,1- trichloroethane (C2H3Cl3), trichlorethylene (C2HCl3), dichloroethane
Alkyl (CH3CHCl2), methylene chloride (CH2Cl2), chloroform (CHCl3), carbon tetrachloride (CCl4), bromopropane (C3H7Br)
And other substances as a cleaning solvent.
5.2.2 metal pre-treatment process should not be used in phosphorus degreasing agent and coating liquid.
5.3 Product Requirements
5.3.1 The restricted substances should be consistent with GB/T 26572 requirements.
5.3.2 energy requirements Desktop microcomputer, integrated desktop microcomputers, laptops, tablet PCs energy consumption shall meet the appropriate national
Energy efficiency standards required energy conservation evaluation values. monitor energy consumption shall meet the requirements in GB 21520 energy conservation evaluation values.
Power efficiency requirements product uses an internal power supply at rated load power factor greater than 0.9, and the internal power supply at 20% and 100% of the power
The rate of output, conversion efficiency are not less than 82%, 50% power output, conversion efficiency are not less than 85%. adapter products with an average efficiency of its adapter should meet the energy efficiency of limited value in evaluating values of energy GB 20943 requirements
5.3.3 Product noise should meet the requirements of Table 2
Table 2 Product Noise Limits Unit. dB (A)
Product model SPL (LpA)
Desktop microcomputers, one machine
Idle 40
Job status. NOTE i 45
Portable computer, a tablet-style microcomputer
Computer, network computer,
Idle 35
Work status 40
Idle 50
Work status 55
Note 1. Operating means read the disk operating at idle products including hard disks.
5.4 product packaging requirements
5.4.1 not use HCFCs (HCFCs) as a blowing agent.
5.4.2 Lead, total cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium should not exceed 100mg/kg.
5.4.3 shall be in accordance with GB/T 18455 were marked.
5.5 Description of requirements
Product descriptions should include the following.
a) product maintenance instructions.
b) products without any statements will be realized when an external power source is connected to the input zero-energy conditions.
c) the user should be given advice on upgrading or replacing the module.
d) provide instructions to ensure that products sold after 3 years replaceable parts.
e) shall provide the recycling tips statements and other information.
6 test method
6.1 Technical content in accordance with the requirements of energy efficiency testing method specified in GB 28380.
6.2 Technical content in accordance with the requirements of energy efficiency testing method specified in GB 21520.
6.3 Technical Requirements 5.3.3 contents carried out according to the method GB/T 9813 regulations.
6.4 Technical requirements for the contents of other documents reviewed by the combination of field-proven way to verify.
Appendix A
Plastic parts in the banned phthalates
Chinese name English name abbreviation
Phthalate, di-n-octyl phthalate Di-n-octylphthalate DNOP
Bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate Di- (2-ethylhexy) -phthalate DEHP
Phthalate, butyl benzyl phthalate Butylbenzylphthalate BBP
Dibutyl phthalate, Dibutylphthalate DBP
Appendix B
Restricting the use of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
Compound English name Chinese name abbreviation compound
Naphthalene Nap naphthalene
Acenaphthylene AcPy acenaphthylene
Acenaphthene Acp acenaphthene
Fluorene Flu fluorene
Phenanthrene PA Philippines
Anthracene Anthracene Ant
Fluoranthene FL fluoranthene
Pyrene Pyr pyrene
Chrysene CHR 1,2- triphenylene
Benzo [a] anthracen BaA benzo (a) anthracene
Benzo [b] fluoranthene BbF benzo (b) fluoranthene
Benzo [k] fluoranthene BkF benzo (k) fluoranthene
Benzo [a] pyrene BaP-benzo (a) pyrene
Dibenzo [a, h] anthrancene DBA dibenzo (a, h) anthracene
Indeno [1,2,3-cd] pyrene IND indeno (1,2,3-cd) pyrene
Benzo [g, h, i] perylene BghiP benzo (g, h, i) perylene (perylene)
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