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GY/T 192-2003 (GYT 192-2003)

GY/T 192-2003_English: PDF (GYT192-2003)
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GY/T 192-2003English199 Add to Cart 3 days The full scale digital level of the digital audio equipments GY/T 192-2003 Valid GY/T 192-2003

Standard ID GY/T 192-2003 (GY/T192-2003)
Description (Translated English) The full scale digital level of the digital audio equipments
Sector / Industry Radio, Film & TV Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard M70
Word Count Estimation 6,631
Date of Issue 2003-07-01
Date of Implementation 2003-08-01
Adopted Standard SMPTE RP155-1997, NEQ; EBU R68-2000, NEQ
Drafting Organization The Central People's Broadcasting Station
Administrative Organization National Radio and Television Standardization Technical Committee
Summary This standard specifies the digital audio broadcasting system, program production, broadcasting and transmission system full-scale digital device level value. This standard applies to radio and television digital audio systems and other digital audio system can be implemented by reference.

GY/T 192-2003
The full scale digital level of the digital audio equipments
People's Republic of China Radio, Film and Television Industry Standard
Full-scale level of digital audio equipment
2003-07-11 release
2003-08-01 Implementation
Published by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television
In the broadcasting and television audio system (including the production, broadcasting and transmission of programs), when digital and analog equipment are used in combination,
Improper selection of the full-scale level of the word audio equipment will cause the system working level to fluctuate, and even cause increased distortion and reduced signal-to-noise ratio.
The performance of the system is deteriorated, and the program exchange between different broadcast and television systems is also affected. In order to avoid the above situation, it is specially formulated
This standard.
In the development of this standard, GB/T 14919-1994 "Technical Specifications for Digital Sound Signal Source Coding", SMPTE RP 155-1997
Recommendation `` Audio Levels for Digital Audio Records on Digital
Television Tape Recorders) and EBU R 68-2000, Calibration in Digital Audio Production Equipment and Digital Audio Recorders
Level "(Alignment level in digital audio production equipment and in digital audio recorders),
And combined with the survey results of domestic digital audio equipment and years of work experience.
Appendix A and Appendix B of this standard are informative appendices.
This standard is under the jurisdiction of the National Radio and Television Standardization Technical Committee.
This standard was drafted. Central People's Broadcasting Station.
The main drafters of this standard. Cui Jufeng, Shi Xiong, Zhang Chunsheng.
Full-scale level of digital audio equipment
1 Scope
This standard specifies the full-scale level values of digital equipment in program production, broadcast and transmission systems in digital audio systems for broadcasting and television.
This standard applies to digital audio systems for broadcasting and television. Other digital audio systems can be implemented by reference.
2 Normative references
The clauses in the following documents have become the clauses of this standard after being referenced. For dated references, all subsequent
Neither amendments (excluding errata) or revised versions are applicable to this standard, however, parties who have reached an agreement under this standard are encouraged to study
Is the latest version of these files available? For undated references, the latest version applies to this standard.
GB/T 14919-1994 Technical Specification for Digital Audio Signal Source Coding
SMPTE RP 155-1997 Digital Audio Levels in Digital Television Tape Recordings
EBU R 68-2000 Calibration levels in digital audio production equipment and digital audio recorders
3 terms and definitions
The following terms and definitions apply to this standard.
Unit of voltage level with 0.775V (effective value) as the reference voltage. Expressed as. dBu = 20lg (v/0.775).
The calculation of dBu only considers the voltage level itself, not the relationship with the corresponding electric power level, and does not consider whether the impedance is
dBu is usually used to describe the input and output levels of professional audio equipment.
Full scale digital level
The maximum unclipped analog signal level that can be converted by an A/D or D/A converter in a digital audio device.
dB FS dB full scale
A unit of digital audio signal level.
0dB FS is equal to "full-scale" digital audio reference level. It is a reference for digital audio equipment with A/D and D/A converters.
Mark. "Full scale" refers to the maximum codeable analog signal level before the converter may reach "digital overload".
A/D converter and D/A converter analog to digital convertor and digital to analog convertor
The A/D converter is an analog/digital signal converter.
The D/A converter is a digital/analog signal converter.
Digital overload
Describe the case where the input signal of the A/D converter exceeds t