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GB/T 19208-2008

Chinese Standard: 'GB/T 19208-2008'
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Standard ID GB/T 19208-2008 (GB/T19208-2008)
Description (Translated English) Ground vulcanized rubber
Sector / Industry National Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard G48
Classification of International Standard 83.040.01
Word Count Estimation 12,162
Date of Issue 2008-05-14
Date of Implementation 2008-10-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) GB/T 19208-2003
Quoted Standard GB/T 528; GB/T 2449-2006; GB/T 2941; GB/T 3185-1992; GB/T 3516-2006; GB/T 4498-1997; GB/T 5330-2003; GB/T 6038; GB/T 8089-2007; GB/T 8829-2006; GB/T 9103-1988; GB/T 11407-2003; GB/T 14837-1993; SJ/T 11365-2006
Adopted Standard ASTM D5603-2001, NEQ
Drafting Organization Tianjin Institute of Rubber Industry
Administrative Organization National Rubber and rubber products for Standardization Technical Committee
Regulation (derived from) National Standard Approval Announcement 2008 No.8 (Total No.121)
Proposing organization China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association
Issuing agency(ies) Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China; Standardization Administration of China
Summary This standard specifies the classification from a variety of recycled vulcanized rubber vulcanized rubber powder taken, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and packaging, signs, storage and transportation requirements. This standard applies to by a variety of vulcanized rubber as raw materials, in line with the national circular economy requires a different manufacturing process of vulcanized rubber powder particle size.

GB/T 19208-2008
ICS 83.040.01
G 48
Replacing GB/T 19208-2003
Ground vulcanized rubber
ISSUED ON. MAY 14, 2008
Issued by.
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection
and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China;
Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 5 
2 Normative references ... 5 
3 Terms and definitions ... 6 
4 Classification ... 6 
5 Requirements ... 6 
6 Test methods ... 8 
7 Inspection rules ... 15 
8 Packaging, mark, storage, and transportation ... 15 
Annex A ... 17 
This Standard is corresponding to ASTM D 5603.2001 “Standard Classification for
Rubber Compounding Materials - Recycled Vulcanized Particulate Rubber”. The
consistent degree is not equivalent.
The main differences between ASTM D 5603.2001 and this Standard are as follows.
— ADD the terms and definitions;
— The ground vulcanized rubber is divided into three categories according to the
category and special purpose of rubber products.
1) Ground vulcanized rubber of whole tire, which is divided into 2 series
according to the structure. radial tire and diagonal tire;
2) Non-tire ground vulcanized rubber, which is divided into 4 series according to
the texture. butyl rubbers, nitrile rubber, ethylene propylene diene monomer
rubber, and polyurethane rubber;
3) Ground vulcanized rubber of road modified asphalt, which is divided into 2
series according to the application. all-steel radial tire and other tires.
— ADD the requirements for the content of harmful substances and the
determination methods of harmful substances;
— DELETE the mechanical screening method for residues on sieve in the original
— ADD the determination of tensile strength and elongation at break;
— DELETE “vulcanization flat band method” in the density determination items.
This Standard replaces GB/T 19208-2003 “Ground vulcanized rubber”.
Compared with GB/T 19208-2003, the main changes of this Standard are as follows.
— ADD the safety statement;
— ADJUST the normative references (see Chapter 2);
— ADD the terms and definitions (Annex A of this edition);
— RE-CLASSIFY ground vulcanized rubbers (Table 1 of this edition);
— MODIFY and add some technical indexes and requirements (Table 2 and Table
3 of this edition);
— ADD the requirements for the content of harmful substances and the
determination methods of harmful substances (5.4 and 6.1.5 of this edition);
— CHANGE the inspection item of “moisture mass fraction” to “heating loss” (see
— MODIFY the determination method of residues on sieve; DELETE the
mechanical screening method in the determination of residues on sieve (6.2.1 of
this edition);
— ADD the calculation equations of acetone extracts, residues on sieve, ferric
content, and fiber content (6.1.3,, 6.2.2, and 6.2.3 of this edition);
— CHANGE “determination of injection density” to “determination of volume
density” and specify the determination methods (6.2.4 of this edition);
— ADD the plasticating conditions of natural rubbers; CHANGE the roller
temperature of “40 ± 5°C” to “(50 ± 5)°C” (Table 6 of this edition);
— MODIFY the vulcanizing time of samples ( of this edition);
— MODIFY the inspection rules (Chapter 7 of this edition).
The Annex A of this Standard is normative.
This Standard was proposed by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association.
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of China National Technical Committee
for the Standardization of Rubber and Rubber Products (SAC/TC 35).
Responsible drafting organization of this Standard. Tianjin Rubber Industry Institute.
Participating drafting organizations of this Standard. Shenyang Rubber Research &
Design Institute of China Rubber Group, Jiangsu Yanning Jinbang Technology
Development Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Yazhong Rubber Plastic Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu
Jiangyin Tailian Superfine Rubber Powder Factory.
Main drafters of this Standard. Li Zian, Zheng Jiangong, Liu Huichun, Long Xiang, Luo
Yazhong, and Xue Fengqing.
The historical version replaced by this Standard is as follows.
— GB/T 19208-2003.
Ground vulcanized rubber
Warning — Anyone who uses this Standard shall have working experience in
professional laboratory. This Standard does not cover all the possible safety
problems. Users have responsibilities to take suitable safety and health
measures, which shall be ensured that they are conform to the conditions
specified in the relevant national laws and regulations.
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the classification, technical requirements, test methods,
inspection rules, packaging, marks, storage, and transportation requirements of
ground vulcanized rubbers that are extracted from various recycled vulcanized
This Standard is applicable to the ground vulcanized rubbers of different particle
diameters which are made from various vulcanized rubbers according to the process
conforming to the national economic recycling requirements.
2 Normative references
The provisions in following documents become the provisions of this Standard through
reference in this Standard. For dated references, the subsequent amendments
(excluding corrections) or revisions do not apply to this Standard, however, parties
who reach an agreement based on this Standard are encouraged to study if the latest
versions of these documents are applicable. For undated references, the latest edition
of the referenced document applies.
GB/T 528 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of tensile
stress-strain properties (GB/T 528-1998, eqv ISO 37.1994)
GB/T 2449-2006 Sulfur for industrial use
GB/T 2941 Rubber - General procedures for preparing and conditioning test pieces
for physical test methods (GB/T 2941-2006, ISO 23529.2004, IDT)
GB/T 3185-1992 Zinc oxide (Indirect method)
GB/T 3516-2006 Rubber - Determination of solvent extract (ISO 1407.1992, MOD)
GB/T 4498-1997 Rubber - Determination of ash (eqv ISO 247.1990)
GB/T 5330-2003 Industrial woven metal wire cloth (square opening series)
GB/T 6038 Rubber test mixes - Preparation, mixing and vulcanization - Equipment
and procedures (GB/T 6038-2006, 150 2393.1994, MOD)
GB/T 8089-2007 Raw natural rubber - Smoked sheet, white crepes and pale
GB/T 8829-2006 Vulcanizing accelerator NOBS (ISO 11235.1999, NEQ)
GB/T 9103-1988 Industrial stearic acids
GB/T 11407-2003 Vulcanizing accelerator M
GB/T 14837-1993 Rubber and rubber products - Determination of composition by
SJ/T 11365-2006 Testing methods for hazardous substances in electronic
information products
3 Terms and definitions
The terms and definitions defined in Annex A are applicable to this Standard.
4 Classification
The ground vulcanized rubbers are classified according to the category of materials
used and the special purposes of ground rubbers; the method is shown in Table 1.
Table 1 Classification of ground vulcanized rubbers
Class Code Material used
Ground vulcanized rubber
of whole tire
A1 Radial tire which has no use value
A2 Diagonal tire which has no use value
Ground vulcanized rubber
of non-whole-tire
B1 Butyl rubber product which has no use value
B2 Nitrile rubber product which has no use value
B3 Ethylene propylene rubber product which has no use value
B4 Polyurethane rubber product which has no use value
Ground rubber for road
modified asphalt a
C1 All-steel radial tire which has no use value
C2 Other tires which have no use value
a Ground vulcanized rubber of road modified asphalt is only applicable to the paving of pavement layer
and stress-absorbing waterproof interlayer of road.
5 Requirements
SJ/T 11365-2006. ADOPT XRF power-spectral method. The device used is X-ray
fluorescence analyzer. For sampling method, directly measure the sample (do not
destroy the sample). The test range covers lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), and cadmium
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