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GB 16487.10-2017

Chinese Standard: 'GB 16487.10-2017'
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GB 16487.10-2017English129 Add to Cart Days<=3 Environmental protection control standard for imported solid wastes as raw materials -- Metal and electrical appliance scraps Valid GB 16487.10-2017
GB 16487.10-2017Chinese15 Add to Cart <=1-day [PDF from Chinese Authority, or Standard Committee, or Publishing House]


Standard ID GB 16487.10-2017 (GB16487.10-2017)
Description (Translated English) Environmental protection control standard for imported solid wastes as raw materials--Metal and electrical appliance scraps
Sector / Industry National Standard
Word Count Estimation 7,793
Date of Issue 2017-12-29
Date of Implementation 2018-03-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) GB 16487.10-2005
Drafting Organization Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences
Administrative Organization Ministry of Environmental Protection
Regulation (derived from) Ministry of Environmental Protection Bulletin 2017 No. 88

GB 16487.10-2017
National Standards of People's Republic of China
Replacing GB 16487.10-2005
Imported solid waste used as raw material for environmental protection
Control standards - waste hardware appliances
Environmental protection control standard for imported solid wastes
as raw materials-Metal and electrical appliance scraps
2017-12-29 Posted
2018-03-01 implementation
ICS 13.030.50
Z 70
Ministry of Environmental Protection
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
Foreword Ⅱ
1 Scope 1
2 Normative references 1
3 Terms and definitions 1
4 control standards and requirements
5 test 2
In order to carry out the "Law of the People's Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Wastes", "Prevention and Control of Radioactive Pollution by the People's Republic of China
Law "and other laws and regulations to control imports due to the use of raw materials for scrap metal appliances caused by environmental pollution, the development of this standard.
This standard specifies the import of waste electrical and electronic control of environmental protection requirements.
This standard is one of the series of control standards for imported solid waste environmental protection, applicable to the import of solid waste can be used as raw materials
Catalog on the scrap metal electrical import management.
This standard was first released in.1996, the first revision in.2005, this is the second revision.
The main content of this revision.
- Increased import of waste electrical and electronic equipment through the radiation requirements of radiation;
- Adjusted hazardous waste control requirements;
- tightened control requirements for general inclusions;
- Improve the import of scrap metal electrical appliances recyclable metal content requirements;
- revised inspection requirements.
Since the implementation of this standard date, "the import of solid waste can be used as raw material environmental protection control standards - waste hardware appliances"
(GB 16487.10-2005) abolished.
This standard was revised by the Ministry of Environmental Protection Soil and Environmental Management Division, Science and Technology Standards Division.
This standard is mainly drafted by. China Academy of Environmental Sciences.
This standard MEP approved on December 29,.2017.
This standard since March 1,.2018 implementation.
This standard is interpreted by the MEP.
Import can be used as raw material for solid waste environmental protection control standards
- Waste metal appliances
1 scope of application
This standard specifies the import of waste electrical and electronic control of environmental protection requirements.
This standard applies to the following waste electrical and electronic hardware import management, including hardware electrical processing generated in the scrap, residual
Defective or nonconforming product
Customs Product Code Solid Waste Name
7204490020 To scrap steel-based scrap metal appliances
7404000010 mainly to scrap copper metal scrap electrical appliances
7602000010 Recycled aluminum scrap metal electrical appliances
2 Normative references
This standard references the following documents in the terms. For undated references, the effective version applies to this standard.
GB 5085.1 hazardous waste identification standard corrosive identification
GB 5085.2 Hazardous Wastes Identification Standard Acute Toxicity Screening
GB 5085.3 hazardous waste identification standard leaching toxicity identification
GB 5085.4 Hazardous Waste Identification Standard Flammability Identification
GB 5085.5 hazardous waste identification standard reactive identification
GB 5085.6 Hazardous Waste Identification Standard Toxic substance content identification
SN/T 0570 Import can be used as raw materials waste radioactive contamination inspection procedures
SN/T 1791.6 Waste Inspection and Quarantine Procedures for Imported Use of Raw Materials - Part 6. Waste Hardware and Electrical Appliances
"National List of Hazardous Wastes" (Ministry of Environmental Protection, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Public Security Order No. 39)
3 Terms and definitions
The following terms and definitions apply to this standard.
3.1 Inclusions Carried-waste
In the production, collection, packaging and transportation process mixed with imported waste electrical and electronic hardware in other substances (excluding imported scrap five
The packaging of electrical appliances and other substances to be used in the process of transport).
4 control standards and requirements
4.1 imported waste electrical and electronic waste radioactive pollution control should meet the following requirements.
a) Waste hardware appliances are not mixed with radioactive waste;
b) waste metal electrical appliances (including packaging) external radiation throughout the radiation dose rate does not exceed the location of the import port of natural
Radiation background value 0.25 μGy/h;
c) waste electrical and mechanical surface α, β radioactive contamination level. the surface of any part of the 300 cm2 maximum detection of water
The flat average α does not exceed 0.04 Bq/cm2 and β does not exceed 0.4 Bq/cm2;
d) waste electrical and electronic radionuclide specific activity should be lower than the limits of Table 1.
Table 1 radionuclide specific activity limits
Nuclide specific activity (Bq/g)
Β-γ mixture of unknown ingredients 0.3
Alpha mixture of unknown ingredients 0.1
4.2 scrap hardware appliances are not mixed with abandoned bombs, shells and other explosive weapons ammunition.
4.3 Waste metal electrical appliances should be strictly limited the inclusion of the following inclusions, the total weight should not exceed the weight of imported waste electrical and hardware
a) transformers, ballasts and compressors of insulating material;
b) airtight container;
c) Wastes from the National List of Hazardous Wastes;
d) based on GB 5085.1 ~ GB 5085.6 identification criteria for identification, where corrosive, toxic, flammable, anti-
Other Hazardous Wastes with One or More Hazardous Characteristics
4.4 In addition to the wastes listed in the preceding articles, other electrical and mechanical waste should be restrained (including wood waste, waste paper, waste plastic,
Waste rubber, glass waste and the state banned imports of waste electrical and mechanical products and other waste) mixed, the total weight should not exceed the import of waste five
Golden 0.5% of the weight of electrical appliances.
4.5 Imported scrap metal appliances recyclable metal content should not be less than 80% of the total weight of scrap hardware.
5 test
5.1 The standard test to take a random sample test approach to the import of waste containers shipped to take out of the box, dig box, unpacking /
Bundles, sorting method of inspection, the bulk of imported waste by sea to open inspection and landing inspection methods, the bulk of land
Of imported waste to take out of the box inspection and floor inspection methods, if necessary, sent to the laboratory for testing (including radionuclide ratio
Activity, hazardous characteristics, etc.). The results of random sampling test as a whole lot of goods inspection results.
5.2 The standard 4.1 test in accordance with the provisions of SN/T 0570 implementation.
5.3 This standard 4.3d) in accordance with the provisions of GB 5085.1 ~ GB 5085.6 test method.
5.4 The other provisions of this standard test in accordance with SN/T 1791.6 regulations.
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