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FZ/T 81006-2007 (FZT 81006-2007)

FZ/T 81006-2007_English: PDF (FZT81006-2007)
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Standard ID FZ/T 81006-2007 (FZ/T81006-2007)
Description (Translated English) Jeanswear
Sector / Industry Spinning & Textile Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard Y76
Classification of International Standard 61.020
Word Count Estimation 24,298
Date of Issue 2007-05-29
Date of Implementation 2007-11-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) FZ/T 81006-1992
Quoted Standard GB 250; GB 251; GB/T 1335.1; GB/T 1335.2; GB/T 1335.3; GB/T 2910; GB/T 2911; GB/T 2912.1; GB/T 3917.1; GB/T 3920; GB/T 3921.3; GB/T 3922; GB/T 3923.1; GB/T 3923.2; GB 5296.4; GB/T 5713; GB/T 7573; GB/T 8170; GB/T 8427; GB/T 8628; GB/T 8629; GB/T 8630; GB/T 14801; GB/T 17592; GB 18401; GB/T 18886; FZ/T 01026; FZ/T 01053; FZ/T 01095; FZ/T 13001; FZ/T 20020; FZ/T 32004-1996; FZ/T 80002; FZ/T 80004; FZ/T 80007.1; FZ/T 01057.1; FZ/T 01057.2; FZ/T 01057.3; FZ/T 01057.4; FZ/T 01057.5; FZ/T 01057.6; FZ/T 01057.7; FZ/T 01057.8; FZ/T 01057.10
Drafting Organization Wenzhou City, Quality and Technical Supervision Inspection Institute
Administrative Organization National Clothing Standardization Technical Committee
Regulation (derived from) NDRC Notice No. 32 of 2007
Proposing organization China Textile Industry Association
Issuing agency(ies) PRC State and Development and Reform Commission
Summary This standard specifies the requirements for jeans, inspection (testing) methods, inspection classification rules and signs, packaging, transport and storage, and all other technical features. This standard applies to cotton, cotton fiber, blended, interwoven yarn-dyed denim as the main raw materials to produce general and colored jeans.

FZ/T 81006-2007
ICS 61.020
Y 76
Replacing FZ/T 81006-1992
ISSUED ON. MAY 29, 2007
Issued by. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the
People's Republic of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 5 
2 Normative References ... 5 
3 Terms and Definitions ... 7 
4 Requirements ... 7 
5 Inspection (Test) Method ... 16 
6 Inspection Classification Rules ... 21 
7 Marking, Packing, Transport and Storage ... 27 
Appendix A (Normative) Description to Appearance Defects and Defect Degree
... 28 
Appendix B (Normative) Test Methods for Torsion Resistance and Torsion
Resistance Movement of Trousers (Skirts) ... 30 
Appendix C (Normative) Test Methods for Slipping Degree of Seam ... 33 
Appendix D (Normative) Schematic Diagram for Sampling Position in the Seam
Strength Test of Back Crotch Seam of Trousers ... 35 
4.1 and 4.12.10 of this Standard are compulsory provisions. Requirements for
qualified products of colour fastness to water, colour fastness to perspiration,
colour fastness to dry friction and colour fastness to saliva in 4.12.3 are
compulsory provisions.
This Standard replaces FZ/T 81006-1992 "Jeanswear".
Compared with FZ/T 81006-1992, this Standard has the following main changes.
— Modify the application scope of the standard;
— Supplement normative references;
— Add Chapter 3 "Terms and Definitions";
— Add the requirements for instructions for use and warp and weft direction;
— Modify the requirements for colour difference and splicing;
— Add the description to appearance defects and degree;
— Add the requirements for torsion resistance before washing;
— Add the requirements for the examination of breaking force, tearing strength,
abrasion resistance, torsion resistance before and after washing, seam slippage
degree, trouser back crotch seam strength, peeled off strength of fusible
interlining covered position, etc. of finished product;
— Add the requirements for colour fastness of finished product;
— Add the requirements for dimensional change ratio of finished product after
washing, torsion resistance and torsion resistance movement after washing;
— Add the requirements for examination of formaldehyde content, pH value, odour
and dissolvable aromatic amine dye;
— Add the requirements for examination of raw material composition and content;
— Divide the product quality grade into high-grade product, first-grade product and
qualified product;
— Replenish and perfect product quality defect judgment content.
Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C and Appendix D of this Standard are normative.
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the requirements, inspection (test) methods, inspection
classification rules as well as marking, packing, transport and storage and other
technical characteristics of jeanswear.
This Standard is applicable to regular and colour jeanswear produced with coloured
woven jean blended and interwoven mainly in pure cotton and cotton fibber as the
main raw material.
2 Normative References
The following standards contain the provisions which, through reference in this
Standard, constitute the provisions of this Standard. For dated reference, the
subsequent amendments (excluding correction) or revisions of these publications do
not apply. However, the parties who enter into an agreement based on this Standard
are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of
the standards. For undated references, the latest edition of the normative document is
applicable to this Standard.
GB 250 Gray Scale for Assessing Change in Colour
GB 251 Gray Scale for Assessing Staining
GB/T 1335.1 Standard Sizing Systems for Garments - Men
GB/T 1335.2 Standard Sizing Systems for Garments - Women
GB/T 1335.3 Standard Sizing Systems for Garments - Children
GB/T 2910 Textile - Binary Fibre Mixtures - Quantitative Chemical Analysis
GB/T 2911 Textiles - Ternary Fibre Mixtures - Quantitative Analysis
GB/T 2912.1 Textiles - Determination of Formaldehyde - Part 1. Free and Hydrolized
Formaldehyde (Water Extraction Method)
GB/T 3917.1 Textiles - Tear Properties of Fabrics - Part 1. Determination of Tear Force
Using Ballistic Pendulum Method (Elmendorf)
GB/T 3920 Textiles - Tests for Colour Fastness - Colour Fastness to Rubbing
FZ/T 32004 - 1996 Flax Cotton Blended Grey Yarn
FZ/T 80002 Marking Packaging Transportation and Storage for Garments
FZ/T 80004 Rule for Garments Exit-factory inspection
FZ/T 80007.1 Test Method of Peeled off Strength Value for Garments Used Adhesive
3 Terms and Definitions
For the purposes of this Standard, the terms and definitions specified in GB 18401 as
well as the following ones apply.
Washing product
Jeanswear, of which the finished product or shell fabric used is subjected to stone
washing, enzyme washing, rinsing, ice washing, snow washing, etc. or washed,
processed and arranged through multiple combination modes.
Original product
Jeanswear, of which the finished product or shell fabric used is only subjected to
desizing and shrink resistant finish but not processed or arranged through washing
Regular jeanswear
Garment that is fabricated with jean-style shell fabric by mainly taking cotton, indigo
which is blended with cotton, and sulfur dye colour yarn as warp and grey yarn as
Colour jeanswear
Garment that is fabricated with jean-style coloured woven shell fabric by mainly taking
cotton and cotton blended colour yarn as warp and weft.
4 Requirements
4.1 Instructions for use
The instructions for use of finished product shall comply with GB 5296.4 and GB
18401, and washing product or original product shall be indicated.
4.2 Size and specification
4.2.1 Size setting shall be selected according to those specified in GB/T 1335.1,
GB/T 1335.2 and GB/T 1335.3.
4.2.2 Specification for main parts of finished product shall be designed by itself
according to the relevant requirements of GB/T 1335.1, GB/T 1335.2 and GB/T
4.3 Raw materials
4.3.1 Shell fabric
Shell fabric suitable for jeanswear shall be selected according to FZ/T 13001 or
relevant standards for textile shell fabric.
4.3.2 Lining
The lining with appropriate property and colour and lustre with shell fabric used shall
be adopted (except special design).
4.3.3 Accessory fabric Liner, shoulder pad and pocket bag
The liner, shoulder pad and pocket bag with appropriate property and colour and
lustre with shell fabric used shall be adopted. Suture
Suture suitable for the quality of accessories and lining used shall be adopted; the
shrinkage of embroidery thread shall be appropriate to the shell fabric; button thread
shall be suitable for button in colour and lustre; brand thread shall be suitable for the
brand ground colour (except ornamental thread). Button, zipper and metallic accessories
Button (except ornamental button), zipper and metallic accessories suitable for the
shell fabric used shall be adopted and free from defects. Button and accessories shall
be free from deformation, discolouring and rust after washing and ironing.
4.4 Warp and weft direction
4.8.2 The seam allowance width of the seamed pocket and loop shall not be less
than 0.6cm and the seam allowance width of the rest positions shall not be less than
4.8.3 All the exposed seam allowances shall be finish edge folded or overseamed
(except special design).
4.8.4 Sewing lines on each position shall be smooth, straight, regular, flat and firm.
4.8.5 The open thread shall be free from stitch overlapping within a distance of
20cm, but once may be allowed above 20cm; skipping stitch and break are not
4.8.6 The position of brand and size mark shall be upright and the content shall be
distinct, normalized and accurate.
4.8.7 The button hole shall be positioned accurately and suitable in size; the button
and hole shall be aligned; the sewing button shall be firm; the joint force shall be
adequate; and the noose position shall be accurate.
4.8.8 Ornament (embroidery, inlay, etc.) shall be firm and flat.
4.9 Permissible deviation of specification
The permissible deviation of specification for main position of the finished product
shall be in accordance with those specified in Table 3.
Table 3 In cm
Position name
Permissible deviation of specification
Washing product Original product
Coat length ±1.5 ±1.0
Chest girth ±2.5 ±1.5
Collar length ±1.0 ±0.6
Total shoulder width ±1.0 ±0.8
Sleeve length
Inset sleeve ±1.0 ±0.8
Raglan sleeve ±1.2 ±1.0
Trouser (skirt) length ±2.0 ±1.5
Waist girth ±2.0 ±1.0
Note. For weft-direction elastic product, the specification deviation in weft...