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FZ/T 54069-2014

Chinese Standard: 'FZ/T 54069-2014'
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FZ/T 54069-2014English189 Add to Cart Days<=3 Elastic polyester drawn yarn Valid FZ/T 54069-2014
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Standard ID FZ/T 54069-2014 (FZ/T54069-2014)
Description (Translated English) Elastic polyester drawn yarn
Sector / Industry Spinning & Textile Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard W52
Classification of International Standard 59.060.20
Word Count Estimation 8,874
Date of Issue 2014/5/6
Date of Implementation 2014/10/1
Quoted Standard GB/T 250; GB/T 2828.1-2012; GB/T 3291.1; GB/T 3291.3; GB/T 4146.1; GB/T 4146.3; GB/T 6502; GB/T 6504; GB/T 6505; GB/T 6506; GB/T 6508; GB/T 8170; GB/T 14343; GB/T 14344; FZ/T 50001
Drafting Organization Hangzhou huvis Yongsheng chemical fibre Co., Ltd.
Administrative Organization Shanghai City?Textile Industry Technical Supervision Institute
Regulation (derived from) Ministry of Industry and Information Technology - Announcement 2014 No 32; Industry standards for filing notice 2014 No. 6 (total 174).
Proposing organization China Textile Industry Federation
Issuing agency(ies) Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China
Summary This Standard specifies the terms and definitions resilient polyester FDY, product identification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation and storage requirements. This Standard applies to bus density 5

FZ/T 54069-2014
Elastic polyester drawn yarn
ICS 59.060.20
People's Republic of China textile industry standards
Elastic polyester FDY
Issued on. 2014-05-06
2014-10-01 implementation
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China released
This standard was drafted in accordance with GB/T 1.1-2009 given rules.
The standard proposed by China Textile Industry Association.
This standard by the Shanghai textile industry technical supervision of the centralized.
This standard was drafted. Hangzhou Huvis Yongsheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Shanghai textile industry technical supervision, Jiangsu Guo Wang Fiber Tech
Ltd., Suzhou Long Fiber Co., Ltd. Jeter species.
The main drafters of this standard. Xu Hua, Ye Hongfu, Li Hongjie Zhu barracks, off the music.
Elastic polyester FDY
1 Scope
This standard specifies the terms and definitions resilient polyester stretch yarn, product identification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, including
Loading, transportation and storage requirements.
This standard applies to bus density 55.0dtex ~ 340.0dtex, monofilament line density 1.0dtex ~ 10.0dtex, circular cross-section, character
Elastic polyester drawn yarn. Other types of elastic polyester drawn yarn can refer to use.
2 Normative references
The following documents for the application of this document is essential. For dated references, only the dated version suitable for use herein
Member. For undated references, the latest edition (including any amendments) applies to this document.
GB/T 250 textile color fastness test assessing change in color like the gray card
GB/T 2828.1-2012 Sampling procedures for inspection - Part 1. by acceptance quality limit (AQL) retrieval batch test sample
GB/T 3291.1 textile material properties and test - Part 1. fibers and yarns
GB/T 3291.3 textile material properties and test - Part 3. General
GB/T 4146.1 Textiles chemical fiber - Part 1. generic name
GB/T 4146.3 Textiles chemical fiber - Part 3. Testing Terminology
GB/T 6502 sampling method of chemical fiber filament
GB/T 6504 Test method for chemical fiber oil content
GB/T 6505 chemical fiber filament heat shrinkage test method
GB/T 6506 texturing yarn crimp performance test method
GB/T 6508 dyed polyester filament uniformity test method
GB/T 8170 repair value expressed about the rules and limit values and judgment
GB/T 14343 chemical fiber filament linear density test method
GB/T 14344 chemical fiber filament tensile properties
FZ/T 50001 Test method of synthetic filament network
3 Terms and Definitions
GB/T 3291.1, GB/T 3291.3, GB/T 4146.1 and GB/T 4146.3 defined and the following terms and definitions apply in this
At a predetermined temperature or external conditions such as a certain tension crimp elastic polyester drawn yarn, Acronym EDY.
4 Product Identification
4.1 Product specifications in linear density (dtex) and the number of filaments (f) shows.
Example. Bus density 110dtex, number of filaments 24f resilient polyester drawn yarn, product specifications expressed as 110dtex/24f.
4.2 Model by product specifications, production process ID.
Example. 110dtex/24fEDY.
5 Technical requirements
5.1 Product classification
Elastic polyester FDY products are divided into superior products, first-class products, qualified three levels below the qualified product is substandard products.
5.2 Performance Indicators
Table 1.
Table 1 elastic polyester drawn yarn performance indicators
No. Item Premium grade First grade Qualified
1 linear density deviation rate /% ± 3.0 ± 3.0 ± 3.5
2 linear density coefficient of variation (CVb) /% ≤ 2.00 2.00 2.50
3 breaking strength/(cN/dtex) ≥ 2.20 2.00 1.80
4 breaking strength coefficient of variation (CVb) /% ≤ 8.00 10.00 16.00
5 Elongation at break /% M1a ± 5.0 M1a ± 7.0 M1a ± 9.0
6 Elongation at break coefficient of variation (CVb) /% ≤ 12.00 15.00 18.00
7 boiling water shrinkage /% M2b ± 2.0 M2b ± 2.0 M2b ± 3.0
8 crimp shrinkage /% M3c ± 4.0 M3c ± 5.0 M3c ± 6.0
9 dyeing uniformity (gray card) d/grade ≥ 4 4 3-4
10 oil content /% M4e ± 0.5
11 cylinder weight/kg ≥ fixed length or fixed weight - -
a M1 is the central value of elongation at break, determined by the manufacturer in consultation with the customer, shall not be changed arbitrarily determined.
b M2 boiling water shrinkage central value is determined by the manufacturer in consultation with the customer, shall not be changed arbitrarily determined.
c M3 crimp shrinkage for the central value should be greater than 10%, determined by the manufacturer in consultation with the customer, it shall not be arbitrarily changed OK. If users have special requirements
The users can request to make appropriate adjustments.
d stained bamboo silk garter present on the surface and due to the different materials of different stripes shrinkage caused by a malfunction. But with a number of inter-wire and garter
Garter inside bamboo silk, striped color should maintain a uniform and consistent.
e M4 is oil central value, determined by the manufacturer in consultation with the customer, shall not be changed arbitrarily determined.
5.3 Network degrees, dry heat shrinkage
Both parties are determined by supply and demand, included in commercial contracts, if necessary.
5.4 appearance inspection programs and indicators
Both parties determined by supply and demand in accordance with the requirements of the product, after incorporating commercial contracts when necessary.
6 Test methods
6.1 linear density test
According to GB/T 14343 regulations.
6.2 breaking strength and elongation test
Performed in GB/T 14344 regulations.
6.3 boiling water shrinkage, drying shrinkage test
According to GB/T 6505 regulations. Concrete drying shrinkage test temperature and time of consultation by both parties.
6.4 crimp shrinkage test
According to GB/T 6506 regulations. Wherein the test bus skein density is defined as 2500dtex, light load (Lz) is 0.0004cN /
dtex, heavy-duty (Lg) of 0.12cN/dtex.
6.5 dyeing uniformity test
According to GB/T 6508 drawn yarn and knitting garter sentenced color observation and assessment procedures regulations.
6.6 Oil Content Test
Performed in GB/T 6504 regulations. Arbitration, using the extraction method.
6.7 Network Test Method
Press FZ/T 50001 regulations.
6.8 Test Method heavy barrel
Test tube with the appropriate weight range of weighing scales, electronic scales and other weighing said take the quality of the package, net of known skin quality, quality that is the net
A cylindrical weight to the nearest 0.5%, and recorded.
6.9 Visual inspection
6.9.1 Equipment
Can move the light source, the light source fixed or fractional visual inspection station.
--- Move the light source. illumination requirements greater than or equal 600lx, no other strong interference sources.
Note. according to the actual choice of moving light source may be rechargeable flashlight or other light or to achieve any illumination requirements.
--- Fixed light source. a parallel arrangement of two 40W ordinary fluorescent lamps, hanging at 180cm ~ 200cm above the ground as in the air,
In the direct-wire car can only be easily observed on the package as a pale yellow oil area ≥0.5cm2 appropriate.
--- Rating table. black mesa, height 75cm ~ 80cm. Two parallel hanging above D65 40W high color rendering fluorescent lamps (or 40W
Ordinary fluorescent lamps), the surrounding environment should be no other scattered light and reflected light. Illumination of the operating point is greater than or equal to 600lx.
6.9.2 Test step carefully observe the two ends of the package and a cylindrical surface. carry out visual inspection of each subject is mounted volume, and record.
7 Inspection rules
7.1 Test Project
Item 7.1.1 specified in Table 1 are factory inspection items, inspection according to the provisions of Chapter 6 of the corresponding test methods.
7.1.2 network density, drying shrinkage, appearance inspection items specified in Chapter 5, test methods in accordance with Chapter 6 of the inspection.
7.2 Group granted by the
Within a certain range by the periodic sampling test batch composition. A production batch by batch testing a composition, but also by a lot of tests
Batch composition.
7.3 sampling provision
7.3.1 laboratory sample test items in Table 1 according to GB/T 6502 provisions sampling, dyeing uniformity, cylinder-by-cylinder heavy sampling.
7.3.2 full visual inspection sampling. Laboratory samples drawn tube weight and appearance should be consistent with the corresponding level.
7.4 Evaluation of test results
Measured or calculated values in Table 1 Performance 7.4.1 Project/T 8170 in the rounding value comparison method compared with the limit values according to indicators in Table 1 GB,
One by one rating. Wherein staining uniformity is poor according to all samples of cheese (including fringe shades within the same period of the Garter) according to GB/T 250
7.4.2 visual inspection according to the requirements of supply and demand sides by cylindrical itemized assessment.
7.4.3 Evaluation comprehensive product level to physical inspection lot, dyeing performance, the appearance of the index in the lowest rank for a given term
Grade products.
7.5 reinspection rules
7.5.1 General
Batch of products to the consignee within three months, as the acceptance or objection to draw quality reinspection. If the batch number of the product used
When more than one third, may not apply for re-inspection. However, if the consignee can produce evidence to prove that the product does affect yield after processing
Quality products, and when causing serious damage, we should analyze the causes and define responsibilities of both parties, consultations.
7.5.2 Test items
With 7.1.
7.5.3 Batch provisions
Original batch production batch groups, but the difference between the date of manufacture of the product can not be more than 90 days by the same batch Batch.
7.5.4 Sampling provisions
Laboratory sample Table 1 performance test samples according to GB/T 6502 regulations. Visual inspection according to project scope batch press GB/T 2828.1-2012 Table 1. The general inspection level Ⅱ sample size shall be determined
Evaluation 7.5.5 retest results
Limit the number of measured or calculated values in Table 1 Performance Indicators Project according to GB/T 8170 in comparison with the rounding value Index Table 1
Value comparison, rating. Wherein staining uniformity is poor according to all samples of cheese (including fringe shades within the same period of the Garter) Press
GB/T 250 rating. Visual inspection items by sample size, according to GB/T 2828.1-2012 Table 2-A normal check sampling plan
AQL value of 4.0 to determine the acceptance number Ac and failed to determine the number Re, according to supply and demand indicators assessed bilateral contracts, when unqualified package
The original level when the number ≤Ac, when the number of package failed ≥Re, the penalty for non-compliance with the original rating. Integrated Product class according to 7.4.3 assessment, higher than or equal to the original level to comply with the judgment, it is judged as lower than the original level does not meet.
8 signs, packaging, transportation and storage
8.1 mark
Shall be marked on the package the product name, size, grade, batch number, net weight, gross weight, number of packages, the production date, product standard number, trademark,
The production company name, full address and other relevant information and moisture, Handle with care and other warning signs.
8.2 Packaging
8.2.1 Each volume after loading a plastic bag into the box. To ensure that the package is not damaged.
8.2.2 package size as uniform as possible within each package. Different varieties, specifications, batch number, grade, respectively, to packing, non-mixed.
8.2.3 Each batch of products should be attached to the quality of Inspection.
8.3 Transport
To avoid damage during transport, packaging and moisture.
8.4 Storage
Crates stacked in batches, stored in a dry, clean, ventilated area.
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