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SY 0007-1999 (SY0007-1999)

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SY 0007-1999: PDF in English

SY 0007-1999
ICS 75.200; 25.220.99
E 97; A 29
Record No.. 3057-1999
P SY 0007-1999
Design Standard of Corrosion Control for Steel
Pipeline and Storage Tank
ISSUED ON. MAY 17, 1999
Issued by. State Bureau of Petroleum and Chemical Industry
Design Standard of Corrosion Control for Steel
Pipeline and Storage Tank
Chief development organization. Oilfield Construction Design and Research Institute
of Daqing Oil Administration Bureau
Approved by. State Bureau of Petroleum and Chemical Industry
Petroleum Industry Press
1999 Beijing
Document of State Bureau of Petroleum and Chemical
Guo-Shi-Hua-Zheng-Fa (1999) No.201
Notice on Approval of 87 professional standards on
Petroleum and Natural Gas, including Design Standard of
Corrosion Control for Steel Pipeline and Storage Tank
To China National Petroleum Corporation.
The 87 professional standards drafts for petroleum and natural gas your company
submitted, including Design Standard of Corrosion Control for Steel Pipeline and
Storage Tank have been approved by the State Bureau of Petroleum and Chemical
Industry and published here. The name and series number of the standards are as
Mandatory standard
SY 0007-1999 Design Standard of Corrosion Control for Steel Pipeline and Storage
Tank (replacing SYJ 7-84)
Recommendatory standards
SY/T 0005-1999 Code for Design of Oilfield Water Injection (replacing SYJ 5-89 and
SY/T 0070-93)
SY/T 0006-1999 Code for Design of Oil Field Produced Water Treatment (replacing
SYJ 6-89)
SY/T 0026-1999 Test Method for Corrosivity of Water (replacing SYJ 26-87)
SY/T 0045-1999 Design Specification of Crude Oil Electric Dehydration (replacing
SYJ 45-91)
SY/T 0046-1999 Design Specification for Deoxidation of Injected Water in Oilfield
(replacing SYJ 46-91)
SY/T 0047-1999 Technical Specification of Internal Cathodic Protection Systems in
Oil-treating Vessels (replacing SYJ 47-91)
SY/T 0059-1999 Technical Specification of Controlling Weld Hardness of Steel
Equipment to Prevent Sulfide Stress Cracking(replacing SYJ 59-91)
SY/T 0063-1999 Standard Test Methods for Holiday Detection in Pipeline Coatings
(replacing SY 0063-92)
SY/T 0066-1999 Standard Test Method for Nondestructive Measurement of Film
Thickness of Pipeline Coatings on Steel (Magnetic Method) (replacing SY 0066-92)
SY/T 0067-1999 Standard Test Method for Impact Resistance of Pipeline Coatings
(Limestone Drop Test) (replacing SY 0067-92)
SY/T 0094-1999 Standard Test Method for Cathodic Disbondment Test of Pipeline
Coatings (Attached Cell Method)
SY/T 0556-1999 Blind Plate of Quick Switch (replacing SY 5256-91)
SY/T 5025-1999 Specification for Drilling and Well Servicing Structures (replacing
SY 5025-91)
SY/T 5031-1999 Specification for Internal-Combustion Reciprocating Engines for Oil
Field Service (replacing SY 5031-91)
SY/T 5079-1999 Well Testing Truck (replacing SY/T 5079-93)
SY/T 5112-1999 Specification for Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment
(replacing SY 5112-86)
SY/T 5113-1999 Elevator Links (replacing SY 5113-93)
SY/T 5122-1999 Analytical Method of Element Carbon Hydrogen and Oxygen in
Organic Matter of Rock (replacing SY 5122-86)
SY/T 5148-1999 Pneumatic Components for Petroleum Drilling and Production
Equipment -- One-way Restrictor Valve (replacing SY 5148-86)
SY/T 5153-1999 Measurement of Reservoir Rock Wettability (replacing SY
5153.1-87, SY 5153.2-87, SY/T 5153.3-95)
SY/T 5154-1999 Sampling Procedures for Hydrocarbon Reservoir Fluids (replacing
SY 5154-87)
SY/T 5164-1999 Tricone Bit (replacing SY 5164-91)
SY/T 5168-1999 Classifying and Coding System for the Parts of Oil Drilling &
Production Equipment (replacing SY 5168-87)
SY/T 5171-1999 The Codes for Surveys in the Petroleum Geophysical Exploration
(replacing SY/T 5171-93)
SY/T 5231-1999 Computer Security and Confidentiality Management Procedure for
Petroleum Industry (replacing SY 5231-91)
SY/T 5232-1999 Specification of Application Software Engineering for Petroleum
Industry (replacing SY 5232.1-5232.8-91, SY 5232.10-91, SY 5232.11-91, SY
SY/T 5327-1999 Radioactive Species Carrier Tracer Logging (replacing SY
SY/T 5345-1999 Oil-water Relative Permeability Measurement (replacing SY
SY/T 5356-1999 Conventional Coring Operational Methods (replacing SY 5356-89,
SY/T 5489-92)
SY/T 5357-1999 Method of Stuck Pipe Spotting Freeing Operation (replacing SY
SY/T 5370-1999 The Method for Measurement of Surface Tension & Interfacial
Tension (replacing SY/T 5370-91, SY/T 5545-92, SY/T 5617-93)
SY/T 5383-1999 Downhole Motors (replacing SY/T 5383-91)
SY/T 5434-1999 Method of Grain-size Analysis of Clastic Rocks (replacing SY
SY/T 5486-1999 Technical Specification for Non-conventional Formation Testing
(replacing SY 5486-92, SY/T 5839-93, SY/T 6061-94, SY/T 6019-94)
SY/T 5609-1999 The Types and Basic Parameters for Oil Drilling Rigs (replacing
SY/T 5609-93)
SY/T 5612.1-1999 Solid Control System for Drilling Fluid – Degasser (replacing
SY/T 5612.1-93)
SY/T 5612.2-1999 Solid Control System for Drilling Fluid – Cleaner (replacing SY/T
SY/T 5612.3-1999 Solid Control System for Drilling Fluid -- Hydro Clones (replacing
SY/T 5612.3-93)
SY/T 5619-1999 Method of Bottom Hole Assembly Design In Directional Wells
(replacing SY/T 5619-93)
SY/T 5633-1999 Format for Petroleum Logging Charts (replacing SY 5633-93)
SY/T 5634-1999 Use and Maintenance for Well-Logging Cable (replacing SY/T
SY/T 5639-1999 Pneumatic Components for Petroleum Drilling and Production
Equipment -- Swivel Joint (replacing SY/T 5639-93)
SY/T 5785-1999 Directives for Information Classifying and Coding of Petroleum
Industry (replacing SY/T 5785-93)
SY/T 5788.3-1999 Geological Logging Regulations for Oil and Gas Exploration
Wells (replacing SY 5364-89, SY 5365-89, SY/T 6157-1995, SY/T 5788.3-93, SY
SY/T 5801-1999 Rules for Check and Acceptance to Gravity and Magnetic Field
Date in Petroleum Prospecting (replacing SY/T 5801-93)
SY/T 5820-1999 Technical Specifications for Magnetotelluric Sounding (replacing
SY/T 5820-93, SY/T 5800-93)
SY/T 5828-1999 The Details of Quality Test for Surveys Result in The Petroleum
Geophysical Exploration (replacing SY/T 5828-93)
SY/T 5891.1-1999 Specification of Making Concrete Targets for Well Perforators
Test (replacing SY/T 5891.1-93)
SY/T 5955-1999 Directional Drilling Technology and Its Quality Control
Requirements (replacing SY/T 5955-94, SY/T 5948-94)
SY/T 5980-1999 The Design Standard for Testing Exploring Well
(replacing SY/T 5980-94, SY 5514-92, SY/T 6036-94, SY 5485-92, SY/T 5975-94,
SY/T 6011-94, SY 5484-92)
SY/T 6382-1999 Technical Regulation for Heating Equipment Used In Pipeline
SY/T 6383-1999 The Regulation of Pigging for Transmission Natural Gas Pipeline
SY/T 6384-1999 Relative Permeability Test Under The Condition of High
Temperature for Heavy Oil Reservoir
SY/T 6385-1999 The Porosity and Permeability Measurement of Core in Net
Confining Stress
SY/T 6386-1999 Technical Specifications of High Resolution Seismic Exploration
Data Acquisition for Land
SY/T 6387-1999 The Checking Items and Technical Specifications for OPSEIS
EAGLE (24bit) Seismic Data Acquisition System
SY/T 6388-1999 The Checking Items and Technical Specifications for TELSEIS
STAR Seismic Data Acquisition System
SY/T 6389-1999 The Checking Item Technical Specification for ARAM-24 Seismic
Data Acquisition System
SY/T 6390-1999 The Checking Item Technical Specification for GDAPS-4 Seismic
Data Acquisition System
SY/T 6391-1999 SEG-D Seismic Tape Format
SY/T 6392-1999 Information Code of Oil Field Water Injection
SY/T 6393-1999 Specification for Energy Saving in Crude Oil Pipeline Design
(replacing SYJ 35-90)
SY/T 6394-1999 Dry-mixing Operation Method of Oil Well Cement and
SY/T 6395-1999 Procedure for Testing Heavy Brines
SY/T 6396-1999 Regulations for Cluster Drilling Hole Anticollision Technology
SY/T 6397-1999 Evaluation Procedure of Drilling Fluid Biocides
SY/T 6403-1999 Analysis and Identification for Chitinozoa
SY/T 6404-1999 Analytical Method of Metal Elements in Sediment Rock by
SY/T 6405-1999 Geologic Design Specifications for Geophysical Prospecting Area
SY/T 6406-1999 Maintenance and Inspection for Magnetic Single-Shot &
Multi-Shot Survey Instruments
SY/T 6407-1999 Specification for Rotary Drill Stem Elements
SY/T 6408-1999 Recommended Practice for Maintenance and Use of Drilling and
Well Servicing Structures
SY/T 6410-1999 Calibration for Logging Tool On Production Well Profile
SY/T 6411-1999 General Requirements for Detonating Cord in Oil and Gas Well
SY/T 6412-1999 Technological Procedure for Conveyed Perforating
SY/T 6413-1999 Computerized Logging System Data Collection Rules
SY/T 6414-1999 Maceral Analysis on Polished Surfaces of Whole Rocks
SY/T 6415-1999 Geological Logging Quality Qualification and Filing for Oil and Gas
Exploratory Wells
SY/T 6416-1999 Recommended Practice for Installation Maintenance and
Operation of Internal-Combustion Engines
SY/T 6417-1999 Performance Properties of Casing, Tubing and Drill Pipe
SY/T 6418-1999 Round Thread Casing Joint Strength with Combined Internal
Pressure and Bending
SY/T 6419-1999 Care and Use of Fiberglass Tubulars
SY/T 6420-1999 Technical Specification for Design of Energy Conservation for Oil
Field Surface Engineering (replacing SYJ 44-90)
SY/T 6421-1999 Measuring Heat Loss for...
(Above excerpt was released on 2016-03-20, modified on 2021-06-07, translated/reviewed by: Wayne Zheng et al.)
Source: https://www.chinesestandard.net/PDF.aspx/SY0007-1999