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QC/T 3-2017 PDF in English

QC/T 3-2017 (QC/T3-2017, QCT 3-2017, QCT3-2017)
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QC/T 3-2017: PDF in English (QCT 3-2017)

QC/T 3-2017
ICS 43.020
T 04
Replacing QC/T 3-1992
Completeness of Automotive
Product Drawing and Design Document
Issued by: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC
Table of Contents
Announcement ... 3
Foreword ... 9
1 Scope ... 10
2 Normative References ... 10
3 Terms and Definitions ... 10
4 General Requirements ... 10
5 Main Contents of Design Document ... 11
Appendix A (Normative) Completeness of Drawing and Document ... 17
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Completeness of Automotive
Product Drawing and Design Document
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the completeness and main contents of automotive product
drawing and design document.
This Standard is applicable to the new product design and old product improvement of
2 Normative References
GB/T 1.1 Directives for Standardization – Part 1: Structure and Drafting of
GB/T 9969 General Principles for Preparation of Instructions for Use of Industrial
GB/T 20001.10 Rules for Drafting Standards - Part 10: Product Standard
QC/T 1 Basic Requirements for Automobile Products Drawing
QC/T 6 Compiling Rules for Automobile Production Schedule
QC/T 18 Terminology for Automotive Product Drawing and Design Document
3 Terms and Definitions
For the purpose of this standard, the terms and definitions given in QC/T 18 apply.
4 General Requirements
4.1 Each stage of the product from design development to start of regular production
shall have corresponding product drawing and design document.
4.2 The completeness of product drawing and design document can refer to Appendix
c) Product model, name and main use functions;
d) Propose relevant suggestions on modification and improvement of the design
program and technical agreement;
e) Feasibility analysis: market forecast, enterprise technology and development and
production capabilities, new product design guidelines, estimated production
outline and target cost, technical and economic analysis;
f) Basic structure mode of the product. The whole vehicle shall include the
description of assembly layout scheme, configuration status, design
requirements of each system, and main technical parameters;
g) Design quality and reliability indicators;
h) Technical standards, technical and economic indicators that are implemented;
i) Comparison and analysis of technical level of similar products at home and abroad,
and adoption of new technologies and structures;
j) Comprehensive requirements for standardization and regulations;
k) Key technical solution and analysis of key parts/components, special materials
and sources of supply;
l) Describe the situation where the product not only meets the needs of users but
also meets the development requirements of company;
m) Product development schedule, cycle estimation for new product design, trial
production, and test.
5.4 Design instruction
The design instruction mainly includes:
a) Design basis;
b) Describe the achievement and change of the target parameters, performance
indicators, structures, principles, etc. determined in the design program;
c) Conclusion.
5.5 Calculation and simulation analysis report
The Calculation and simulation analysis report mainly includes:
a) Calculation purpose;
The test outline mainly includes:
a) Names of test items;
b) Test basis;
c) Test purpose and requirements;
d) Test contents;
e) Test conditions (environmental conditions, test equipment, test instruments, etc.);
f) Test methods, procedures, corresponding record forms;
g) Test precautions;
h) Funding estimation;
i) Test schedule.
5.9 Test report
The test report mainly includes:
a) Test items and task sources;
b) Test basis;
c) Test purpose and requirements;
d) Test plan;
e) Test start and completion date and site;
f) Test conditions (environmental conditions, test devices, test instruments, etc.);
g) Test data;
h) Characteristic curve;
i) Failure statistics;
j) Problems occurred during the test process, and the analysis and treatment;
k) Test conclusions and suggestions;
l) Test organization, test staff, and formulation time.
5.10 Product drawing
5.15 Summary of trial production
The summary of trial production mainly includes:
a) Nature of trial-produced products (referring to series, variants, special use, etc.);
b) Trial production time, quantity;
c) Key issues, solutions, and solving processes;
d) Verification of product drawing, and design document;
e) Material substitution;
f) Quality of processing and assembling;
g) Trial production conclusion.
5.16 Trial-use report
The trial-use report mainly includes:
a) Model, name and number of trial-use product;
b) Trial-use items;
c) Trial-use purpose and requirements;
d) Trial-use conditions;
e) Trial-use procedures, methods and contents;
f) Performance analysis;
g) Trial-use conclusion;
h) Trial-use organization (stamp) and date.
5.17 Product standard
It shall be implemented as per standards of GB/T 20001.10.
5.18 Instruction manual
It shall be implemented as per standards of GB/T 9969.
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