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Q/BQB 302-2018 PDF in English

Q/BQB 302-2018 (Q/BQB302-2018, QBQB 302-2018, QBQB302-2018)
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Q/BQB 302-2018English170 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto-delivery. Continuously hot-rolled steel sheet and strip for cold forming Obsolete

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Q/BQB 302-2018: PDF in English (QBQB 302-2018)

Q/BQB 302-2018
Continuously Hot-Rolled Steel
Sheet and Strip for Cold Forming
Issued on: February 07, 2018
Issued by: Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
Table of Contents
Self-Commitment ... 3
Technical Indicator 1 ... 4
Document for Indicator Requirements of Technical Indicator 1 ... 5
The contents specified in Q/BQB 302-2018 Continuously Hot-Rolled Steel Sheet and
Strip for Cold Forming, which is prepared and published by our company, comply with
the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, mandatory standards, and
relevant industrial policies; are approved to be published by the legal representative of
the enterprise in accordance with the prescribed procedures. The products produced
by our company meet the technical requirements stipulated in this Standard; the
standard number is clearly indicated on the package of corresponding product. Our
company is responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy and legality of the public
information in the self-commitment; assumes full legal responsibility for the
consequences of the implementation of this Standard.
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
February 07, 2018
Document for Indicator Requirements of Technical
Indicator 1
1 Size, Shape, Weight and Permissible Deviation
The size, shape, weight and permissible deviation of steel sheet and strip shall conform
to the provisions of Q/BQB 301; thereof, the permissible deviation of thickness shall
conform to the provisions of Table 2 in Q/BQB 301; the allowable value of unevenness
shall not conform to the provisions of the minimum yield strength no greater than
300MPa. If the purchaser has higher requirements for the thickness accuracy, the
advanced accuracy PT.C with specified yield strength, Re, less than 360MPa given in
Table 4 of Q/BQB 301.
2 Technical Requirements
Table 2
Designation Chemical composition
a, b (mass fraction) / %
a it shall be selected by the supplier, and the special elements may be added.
b Content of residual elements in steel, such as Cu≤0.20%, Cr≤0.15%, Ni≤0.15%. However, under the guarantee of the supplier, the chemical
analysis on these elements may not be conducted.
c When thickness t>14mm, the upper limit for content of Mn may be improved to 0.50%.
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