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HG/T 3009-1999 PDF in English

HG/T 3009-1999 (HG/T3009-1999, HGT 3009-1999, HGT3009-1999)
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HG/T 3009-1999: PDF in English (HGT 3009-1999)

HG/T 3009-1999
ICS 37.040.20; 37.060.20; 71.040.50
Record Number. 3763-1999
Chemical Industry Standard
of the People’s Republic of China
eqv ISO4593.1993
Replacing HG/T 3009-1986
Photographic film and film base - determination
of thickness by mechanical scanning
ISSUED ON. JUNE 16, 1999
Issued by. State Oil and Chemical Industry Authority
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
ISO Foreword ... 4 
1 Scope ... 5 
2 Instruments ... 5 
3 Test samples ... 6 
4 Procedure ... 6 
5 Precision ... 7 
6 Test report ... 7 
This standard is equivalent to international standards ISO4593.1993 “Plastics
- Film and sheeting - Determination of thickness by mechanical scanning”. It
is revised based on the chemical industry standard HG/T 3009-1986 "Film
base thickness determination method".
Compared with HG/T 3009, the main technical differences are as follows.
The format and technical content are written based on ISO4593. Delete
the 2 chapters - Definition and Principles. Amend the content to chapter
Application Scope; Add the sampling requirements of the photosensitive
Since the date of implementation, this standard shall replaces HG/T
This standard was proposed by the Technical Supervision Division of former
Ministry of Chemical Industry.
This standard shall be under the jurisdiction of the Standardization Technical
Focal Division of Photosensitive Material of Ministry of Chemical Industry.
The drafting organizations of this standard. China Lucky Film Corporation,
and Wuxi Aermei Film & Chemicals Corporation.
The main drafters of this standard. Wu Xiankai, and Xie Qingyao.
This standard was first-time released in September 1986 as a national
standard. In 1997, it was adjusted to be the recommended chemical industry
standard; and the serial number was re-numbered.
Photographic film and film base - determination
of thickness by mechanical scanning
1 Scope   
This standard specifies the determination of photographic film, and film base
thickness by using mechanical scanning method.
This standard does not apply to the determination of the thickness of the
embossed film base1.
2 Instruments 
2.1 Thickness measuring device
It shall meet the following accuracy.
Measuring range is below 100 µm, including 100 µm. The accuracy shall
meet 1 µm;
Measuring range is between 100 µm and 250 µm, including 250 µm. The
accuracy shall meet 2 µm;
Measuring range is above 250 µm. The accuracy shall meet 3 µm.
NOTE. If above accuracy is not sufficient, and a higher accuracy is required, the suitable
measuring instrument or method may be selected. ISO4591.1992 “Plastics - Film
and sheeting - Determination of sample’s average thickness, roll’s average
thickness and surface area of unit-weight (gravimetric-method thickness) by using
gravimetric-method” describes the determination of gravimetric thickness.
The measuring surface of the device shall be consisted of a lower plane AND
another plane or a radiused upper plane. All surfaces shall be polished.
2.1.1 For the plane / surface, the diameter of each surface shall be between
2.5 – 10 mm. The parallelism shall be within 5 µm. The lower surface shall be
adjustable. The force applied to the measuring face shall be between 0.5 N –
1.0 N.
1 The scope of this standard has been amended so as to apply to photosensitive material.
e) The number of samples measured;
f) The arithmetic mean of the individual measurements (accurate to 1 µm
or 0.001 µm) shall be the average mechanically measured thickness of
the test samples. If necessary, it shall also report the individual
measured values;
g) Report the number and frequency of measurement. If necessary, it shall
also report the standard deviation.
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