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HG/T 20630-2009 (HG/T20630-2009)

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HG/T 20630-2009: PDF in English (HGT 20630-2009)

HG/T 20630-2009
Chemical Industry Standard
of the People's Republic of China
Replacing HG 20630-1997
Metal Jacketed Gaskets for Use with Steel Pipe Flanges
(Class Designated)
Issued by. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s
Republic of China
1. Scope ... 3 
2. Normative references ... 3 
3. Gasket working conditions ... 3 
4. Gasket type and dimension ... 4 
5. Technical requirements ... 6 
6. Marking and Packaging ... 8 
1. Scope
This standard specifies the type, dimension, technical requirements and marking of metal
jacketed gaskets for use with steel pipe flanges (Class designated).
This standard is applicable to the raised-face metal jacketed gaskets for use with steel
pipe flanges that the nominal pressure is Class300 (PN150) in HG/T 20615.
Note. As for the use of the gaskets in which contain the material of asbestos, it shall meet
the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations. If the aforesaid gaskets are used, the
protective measures shall be adopted to prevent man from damaging.
2. Normative references
The following provisions contained in the following standards are turned into the
provisions of this national standard by being referred in this national standard. For date
reference, the subsequent amendments to (excluding amending error in the text) or revisions
of, any of these publications do not apply. And parties to agreements based on this standard
are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the
standards indicated below. For undated references, its latest edition referred to applies.
GB/T 232 "Metallic materials--Bend test"
GB/T 710 "Hot-rolled Quality Carbon Structural Steel Sheets and Strips"
GB/T 2040 "Sheet of Copper and Copper Alloy"
GB/T 2518 "Continuously Hot-dip Zinc-coated Steel Sheet and Strip"
GB/T 3280 "Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Plate Sheet and Strip"
GB/T 3880 "Wrought Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Plates, Sheets and Strips for
General Engineering"
GB/T 3985 "Compressed Asbestos Fiber Jointing"
GB/T 15601 "Metal Jacketed Gasket for use with Pipe Flange"
HG/T 20615 "Steel Pipe Flange (Class Designated)"
HG/T 20635 "Specification for Selection of Steel Pipe Flange, Gaskets and Bolting
(Class designated)"
JB/T7758.2 "Specifications of Flexible Graphite Sheets"
3. Gasket working conditions
3.0.1 Maximum operating temperature of coated metal material shall meet the requirements
of Table 3.0.1.
Table 5.0.1 Hardness of Coating Material
Coating metal material Code name Hardness (HB), maximum
Pure aluminum sheet L3 L3 40
Fine copper sheet T3 T3 60
Galvanized thin steel sheet St (Zn) 90
08F St 90
0Cr13 405 183
0Crl8Ni9 304
0Cr18Ni10Ti 321
00Cr17Nil4M02 316L
00Cr19Nil3M03 317L
5.0.2 The thickness of the coating metal material is 0.3 - 0.5mm.
5.0.3 Coating metal material usually is made of full sheet of sheet metals. If it is necessary to
be jointed, the quantity of the splice joint shall not exceed three. the sheet at the joint shall be
cut into 45°; and argon arc welding or gas welding shall be adopted. the weld at the joint must
be polished till it is flush with the parent metal. Cold bending test shall be carried out for the
weld according to the requirements of GB/T 232; its bending radius is 1.5mm and tortuosity
factor is 180°. There shall not be cracks at the weld of the specimen for the cold bending.
5.0.4 If the paronite is adopted for the filling material, the indicator of the technical
performance shall meet the requirements of XB450 or XB350 in GB/T 3985. If the flexible
graphite sheets are adopted, it shall meet the requirements of JB/T 7758.2. Thereinto, the
content of chloride ion shall be less than or equal to 50×10-6.
5.0.5 The material with the same thickness shall be adopted for the filling material. The
thickness of the filling material shall be uniform on the whole section.
5.0.6 Filling material shall be fully packaged in the metal enclosure; and the width of metal
wrapping shall be equal to with each other symmetrically.
5.0.7 Dimension tolerance of gasket dimension shall meet the requirements of Table 5.0.7.
Table 5.0.7 Gasket Dimension Tolerance (mm)
Nominal dimension DN Dimension tolerance of Dl and D2 T Dimension tolerance
≤600 +1.5 0
5.0.8 Gasket surface shall be flat and smooth. There shall not be such defects as penetrating
scratch along the radial direction and cracks which impact the sealing property.
5.0.9 Compression ratio, rebound rate, stress relaxation ratio and sealing leak ratio of the
gasket shall meet the requirement of GB/T 15601.
6. Marking and Packaging
6.0.1 The gasket shall be packaged respectively according to the specification and material.
There shall be production quality test conformity certificate at the delivery time; and the
specified contents in Article 6.0.2 shall be indicated with labels on each gasket.
6.0.2 Marking content.
1 Standard No. (HG/T 20630);
2 Nominal dimension DN;
3 Nominal pressure Class;
4 The code name of coating metal material (see Table 3.0.1);
5 Filling material.
6.0.3 Marking illustration.
As for metal envelope gasket with 0Cr18Ni9 metal cladding material, whose nominal
dimension is DN500 and nominal pressure is Class300, the filling material is flexible graphite;
and the marking is.
HG/T 20630 metal envelope gasket (a) 500-300 304/FG
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