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HG/T 20583-2011 (HG/T20583-2011)

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HG/T 20583-2011English150 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto-delivery. Specification of structural design for steel chemical vessels Obsolete

HG/T 20583-2011: PDF in English (HGT 20583-2011)

Record Number.J1203-2011
Replacing HG 20583-1998
Specification of Structural Design for Steel
Chemical Vessels
ISSUED ON. MAY 18, 2011
Issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's
Republic of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 1
1 Scope ... 3
2 Normative References ... 4
3 Terms and Definitions ... 6
4 Nomenclature ... 7
5 General ... 8
6 Cylinder, Closures and Their Connection ... 9
7 Flanges, Gaskets, Bolts and Nuts ... 11
8 Man Hole, Hand Hole and Inspecting Hole ... 14
9 Openings, Reinforcement and Nozzles ... 17
10 Liquid Level Meter, Sight Glass, Temperature Meter and Pressure Meter ... 21
11 Presure Relief Devices ... 23
12 Supports ... 24
13 Baffles at Inlet and Outlet ... 27
14 Hosting Lugs and Pillars ... 30
15 Lighting Rod and Grounding Plate ... 31
16 Welding Pads, Insulation Tacks and Insulation Rings ... 32
17 Sizes of Outside Profile and Limitations of Transportation ... 33
18 Weld Structure ... 34
Annex A (Informative annex) Gaskets Used in Petrochemical Vessel Flanges ... 103
Annex B (Informative annex) ... 106
Gaskets Used in Pipe Flanges in Petrochemical Vessels ... 106
Annex C (Informative annex) Anticorrosion Properties of Metal and Nonmetallic Gaskets . 112
Annex D (Informative annex) Physical Properties of Metallic Gaskets... 117
This standard was formulated by the National Technology Center of Process Equipment,
organized by China Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association,
according to the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the
People's Republic of China (Gong Xin Ting Ke [2009] No. 104) and China Petroleum and
Chemical Industry Association (Zhong Shi Hua Xie Zhi Fa [2009] No. 136).
This standard will replace "Specification of design base for steel chemical vessels" HG
20580-1998(2004) from the implementation date. This standard was revised on the basis of
20583-1998(2004), according to the experiences obtained during implementation, with the
reference to the advanced content of engineering corporations at home and abroad, and
combine the changes of relevant standard, in order to make this standard more accurate,
refined and practical.
This standard is the supplement and concretization of "Steel pressure vessels" GB 150 in
combination with the specific conditions of the design for steel chemical vessels.
Compared with HG 20580-1998(2004), this standard has the following major changes.
——The chapter of "normative references" was added;
——Terms and definitions were added;
——The chapter of "Symbols" was added;
——The chapter of "General" was added;
——The chapter "vessel flanges, gaskets, bolts (column) and pipe flange (cover), gaskets
and bolting" was mergered in the chapter of " flange, gaskets, bolts (column) and nuts";
——The chapter "openings and opening reinforcement" was modified and mergered in
the chapter of "openings, reinforcement and nozzles";
——The chapter "liquid level meter and sight glass" was modified and added as the
chapter of " liquid level meter, sight glass, temperature meter and pressure meter";
——The chapter "presure relief devices" was added;
——The chapter "internal members, hosting lug and grounding plate" was modified,
added and divided into three chapters. the chapter "baffles at inlet and outlet, chapter
ofhosting lugs and pillars and chapter of lighting rod and grounding plate";
——The chapter of "welding pads, insulation tacks and insulation rings" was added;
——The chapter "transportation, installation and intergral heat treatment for out-of-limit
vessels" was modified into the chapter "sizes of outside profile and limitations of
——The terms and contents in the chapter “weld structure" were modified.
——Annex A and Annex B were changed from normative to informative.
Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C and Appendix D in this standard are informative.
This standard was proposed by and under the jurisdiction of China Petroleum and
Chemical Industry Association.
The National Technology Center of Process Equipment is responsible for the explanation
of the technical contents of this standard [Address. Floor 10, Yongxing Business Building, No.
22, Lane 376, Yanan West Road, Shanghai; Postal Code. 200040; TEL. 021-32140342]
Chief development organization, participating development organizations and chief
drafting staffs of this standard.
Chief development organization. Sedin Engineering Co., Ltd. (Former Second Design
Institute of Chemical Industry)
Participating development organizations. SINOPEC Shanghai Engineering Co., Ltd.
Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Company Limited
Beijing Guantianneng Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Chemical Engineering Incorporation
Wuhuan Engineering Corporation
Chief drafting staffs. Qiao Haixing, Lu Hongwei, Zhao Shiping, Ren Xuening, Ruan
Lixiang, Guo Yide, Zhao Binyi, Wang Fei, Chen Chaohui, Chen Zepu, Yang Zhenkui, Ye
Guoping, Xu Caifu
The previous editions of the standards replaced by this standard are.
——HG 20583-1998(2004);
——HG 20583-1998;
——HGJ 17-1989.
2 Normative References
The following documents are essential for the application of this standard. For dated
references, only the dated editions apply to this standard. For undated references, the latest
edition of the normative document (include all the amendments) is applicable to this standard.
Rolling Stock Gauge for Standard Gauge Railways GB 146.1-1983
Structure gauge for standard gauge railway GB 146.2-1983
Steel pressure vessels GB 150
Tubular heat exchangersGB 151
Weld symbolic representation on drawings GB/T 324-2008
Recommended Joint Preparation for Gas Welding Manual Metal Arc Welding Gas-shield
Arc Welding and Beam Welding GB/T 985.1-2008
Recommended Joint Preparation for Submerged Arc Welding GB/T 985.2-2008
Welding and Allied Processes-Nomenclature of Processes and Reference Numbers GB/T
Nominal diameter of pressure vessels GB/T 9019-2001
Technical Drawings-Dimensions, Proportions and Simplified Representation for Welding
Symbols GB/T 12212-1990
Steel Spherical Tanks GB 12337
Heads for pressure vessels GB/T 25198-2010
Steel pipe flanges, gaskets and bolting (PN Designated) HG/T 20592~20614-2009
Steel pipe flanges, gaskets and bolting (Class Designated) HG/T 20615~20635-2009
Toxicity hazard and explosive risk degree classification for chemical medium in the
pressure vessels HG 20660-2000
Assemble type sight glass HG/T 2150-1992
Steel man hole and hand hole HG/T 21514~21535-2005
Antifrost liquid level gauge HG/T 21550-1993
Chemical equipment lifting lugs and engineering technical specificationHG/T
Magnetic level gauge HG/T 21584-1995
Light type glass board level gauge HG/T 21589-1995
Reflex typeglass board level gauge HG/T 21590-1995
Glass-tube level gauge HG 21592-1995
Steel man and hand hole HG 21594~21602-1999
Top davit for towers HG/T 21639-2005
PN 16.0~32.0MPa pipes fittings and end-to-end dimensions of valves JB/T 2768
PN16.0~32.0MPa screw flange JB/T 2769
PN16.0~32.0MPa joint nut JB/T 2770
PN16.0~32.0MPa joints JB/T 2771
PN16.0~32.0MPa blanks JB/T 2772
PN16.0~32.0MPa double-end studs JB/T 2773
PN16.0~32.0MPa Stud bolts boss and dimension of bolt hole JB/T 2774
PN16.0~32.0MPa nuts JB/T 2775
PN16.0~32.0MPa lens gaskets JB/T 2776
PN16.0~32.0MPaHole-free lens gasket JB/T 2777
Components of valves-Temperature marking of high pressure pipes and fasteners JB/T
Pressure vessel flanges JB/T 4700~4707-2000
Welding Specification for Steel Pressure Vessels JB/T 4709-2000
Steel vertical vessels supported by skirt JB/T 4710-2005
Vessel supports JB/T 4712-2007
3 Terms and Definitions
For the purposes of this standard, the following terms and definitions ...
(Above excerpt was released on 2017-01-08, modified on 2021-06-07, translated/reviewed by: Wayne Zheng et al.)
Source: https://www.chinesestandard.net/PDF.aspx/HGT20583-2011