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GB/T 699-1999 PDF in English

GB/T 699-1999 (GB/T699-1999, GBT 699-1999, GBT699-1999)
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GB/T 699-1999: PDF in English (GBT 699-1999)

GB/T 699-2015
ICS 77.140.45
H 40
Replacing GB/T 699-1999
Quality carbon structure steels
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Standardization Administration Committee.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 5 
2 Normative references ... 5 
3 Classifications and Code ... 8 
4 Order Information ... 8 
5 Size, Appearance and Weight ... 9 
6 Technical Requirements ... 9 
7 Test Methods ... 15 
8 Inspection Rules ... 16 
9 Packaging, Marks and Quality Certificate ... 17 
This Standard was drafted in accordance with the rules given in GB/T 1.1-2009.
This Standard replaces GB/T 699-1999 Quality Carbon Structural Steels.
Compared with GB/T 699-1999, the main technical changes are as follows.
- Deleted steel bar classification according to metallurgical quality; added
classification according to surface type (see Clause 3 of this Standard;
Clause 4, Table 2 & Table 4 in GB/T 699-1999);
- Deleted rimmed steel and semi-killed steel (see Table 1 of this Standard;
Sub-clause and in GB/T 699-1999);
- Modified chemical composition of the Steel 08Al (see footnote c in Table
1 of this Standard; Sub-clause in GB/T 699-1999);
- Specified “yield point” as “lower yield strength Rel or specific plastic
extension strength Rp0.2” (see Table 2 of this Standard; Table 3 in GB/T
- Increased allowable adjustment range of heat treatment temperature (see
footnote c in Table 2 of this Standard);
- Modified sampling provisions on steel bar mechanical properties change
wrought (rolled) (see setting in Table 2 of this Standard; Sub-clause 6.4.2
in GB/T 699-1999);
- Specified requirements for forging steel (see Sub-clause 6.5.1 of this
Standard; Sub-clause 6.5.1 in GB/T 699-1999);
- Increased macrostructure requirements for continuously cast steel (see
Table 3 of this Standard);
- Subdivided surface imperfection into imperfection and defect (see Sub-
clause 6.6.1 and 6.8 of this Standard; Sub-clause 6.6.1 and 6.9 in GB/T
- Added that surface quality shall comply with provisions of GB/T 28300
(see Sub-clause 6.8.4 of this Standard).
- Modified sampling number of impact test, microstructure inspection, etc.
(see Table 7 of this Standard);
- Added requirements that steel bar test results use numerical rounding
rules (see Sub-clause 8.4.3 of this Standard).
Quality Carbon Structural Steels
1 Scope
This Standard specifies classification and code, order information, size,
appearance and weight, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules,
packaging, marks and quality certificate of quality carbon structural steel bars.
This Standard is applicable to hot-rolled or forged quality carbon structural steel
bars of which nominal diameter or thickness is not greater than 250 mm. Hot-
rolled or forged quality carbon structural steel bars of which nominal diameter
or thickness is greater than 250 mm shall also be supplied, as agreed between
the buyer and the supplier (hereinafter referred to as steel bars)
The designations and chemical composition specified in this Standard are also
applicable to steel ingots, steel billets, steels and its products of other cross-
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of
this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated
references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any
amendments) applies.
GB/T 222 Method of sampling steel for determination of chemical
composition and permissible variations for product analysis
GB/T 223.5 Steel and iron - Determination of acid-soluble silicon and total
silicon content - Reduced molybdosilicate spectrophotometric method
GB/T 223.11 Iron steel and alloy--Determination of chromium content -
Visual titration or potentiometric titration method
GB/T 223.19 Methods for chemical analysis of iron steel and alloy - The
neocuproine-chloroform extraction photometric method for the determination
of copper content
GB/T 223.23 Iron steel and alloy - Determination of nickel content - The
dimethylglyoxime spectrophotometric method
GB/T 223.59 Iron, steel and alloy - Determination of phosphorus content
- Bismuth phosphomolybdate blue spectrophotometric method and antimony
phosphomolybdate blue spectrophotometric method
GB/T 223.63 Methods for chemical analysis of iron, steel and alloy - The
sodium (potassium) periodate photometric method for the determination of
manganese content
GB/T 223.79 Iron and steel - Determination of multi-element contents - X-
ray fluorescence spectrometry (Routine method)
GB/T 223.81 Iron steel and alloy - Determination of total aluminum and total
boron contents - Microwave digestion-inductively coupled plasma mass
spectrometric method
GB/T 223.85 Steel and iron - Determination of sulfur content - Infrared
absorption method after combustion in an induction furnace
GB/T 223.86 Steel and iron - Determination of total carbon content -
Infrared absorption method after combustion in an induction furnace
GB/T 224 Determination of depth of decarburization of steel
GB/T 225 Steel - Hardenability test by end quenching (Jominy test)
GB/T 226 Etch test for macrostructure and defect of steels
GB/T 228.1 Metallic materials - Tensile testing - Part 1. Method of test at
room temperature
GB/T 229 Metallic materials - Charpy notch impact test
GB/T 231.1 Metallic materials - Brinell hardness test - Part 1. Test method
GB/T 702 Hot-rolled steel bars - Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances
GB/T 908 Forged round and square steels dimension, shape, weight and
GB/T 1979 Standard Diagrams for Macrostructure and Defect of Structural
GB/T 2101 General requirement of acceptance packaging marking and
certification for section steel
GB/T 2975 Steel and steel products - Location and preparation of test
pieces for mechanical testing
GB/T 4162 Forged and Rolled Steel Bars - Method for Ultrasonic
14 Surface quality Piece by piece On whole steel bar Visual inspection or GB/T 28300
15 Size, appearance Piece by piece On whole steel bar Calipers, micrometer, etc.
a Group I. For U-type notch, take 2 specimens; for V-type notch, take 3 specimens.
8 Inspection Rules
8.1 Inspections and Acceptance
8.1.1 Factory inspection and acceptance shall be carried out by the quality
technical supervision department of the supplier.
8.1.2 The supplier must ensure that the steel bar delivered complies with the
provisions of this Standard or of the contract. The buyer is entitled to make
inspection or acceptance to any of the test items defined in this Standard or the
contract if necessary.
8.2 Batch-group Rules
Steel bar shall be inspected and accepted according to batch. Each batch
consists of steel material with the same designation, the same furnace number,
the same working method, the same size, the same delivery state, the same
heat treatment system (or furnace lot).
8.3 Quantity and Location for Sampling
The quantity and location for sampling of each batch of steel bar shall comply
with the provisions in Table 7.
8.4 Re-inspection and Judging Rules
8.4.1 The re-inspection and judging rules shall be in compliance with
provisions in standard GB/T 17505.
8.4.2 If the supplier can guarantee the conformance of the steel material, it is
allowed to use billet to substitute material, or to use large pieces to substitute
small pieces - for the same furnace (tank) steel-material or steel-billet’s macro-
test, mechanical properties and non-metallic inclusion’s inspection result.
8.4.3 The test results of steel bar shall be rounded with rounding value
comparison method to have the same digital number with specified value; the
rounding regulation shall comply with the provisions in chapter 3 of GB/T 8170-
9 Packaging, Marks and Quality Certificate
Packaging, marks and quality certificates of the steel bar shall comply with the
provisions of GB/T 2101.
ICS 77.140.20
H 40
Quality Carbon Structural Steels
ISSUED ON. NOV 01, 1999
Issued by. State Bureau of Quality Technical Supervision
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1  Scope ... 5 
2  Normative References ... 5 
3  Order Information ...
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