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GB/T 36683-2018 PDF in English

GB/T 36683-2018 (GB/T36683-2018, GBT 36683-2018, GBT36683-2018)
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GB/T 36683-2018: PDF in English (GBT 36683-2018)

GB/T 36683-2018
ICS 03.080
A 12
Specification for assessment of
automobile after-sales service
Issued by. State Administration for Market Regulation;
Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative references ... 4
3 Terms and definitions ... 4
4 Assessment principles ... 5
4.1 Impartiality ... 5
4.2 Effectiveness ... 5
4.3 Credibility ... 5
4.4 Standard-ability ... 5
5 Assessment indexes ... 6
5.1 General ... 6
5.2 Auto service providers ... 6
5.3 Service resources ... 6
5.4 Service personnel ... 7
5.5 Service processes ... 8
5.6 Service results ... 9
6 Assessment processes ... 9
6.1 Assessment preparation ... 9
6.2 Assessment implementation ... 10
6.3 Formation of assessment results ... 11
7 Assessment methods ... 11
7.1 Weight calculation method ... 11
7.2 Data acquisition method ... 11
7.3 Data processing method ... 11
7.4 Score calculation method ... 11
8 Assessment results ... 12
8.1 Contents ... 12
8.2 Forms ... 13
Specification for assessment of
automobile after-sales service
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the assessment principles, assessment indexes, assessment
processes, assessment methods, assessment results, etc. for assessment of
automobile after-sales service.
This Standard applies to the assessment activities of automobile after-sales service.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this
document. For dated references, only the edition dated applies to this document. For
undated references, the latest edition of the referenced documents (including all
amendments) applies to this document.
GB/T 2894, Safety signs and guideline for the use
GB/T 16739 (all parts), Certification requirements for motor vehicle maintenance
and repair enterprise
GB/Z 28828, Information security technology – Guideline for personal information
protection within information system for public and commercial services
GB/T 36686-2018, Specification for automobile after-sales service
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions, and those given
in GB/T 36686-2018, apply.
auto after-sales service
Process in which repair and other technical services are provided for customers and
their automobile products, in order to meet the requirements for their normal use of
automobile products.
[GB/T 36686-2018, definition 3.1]
Organization or person who accept automobile after-sales service (3.1).
assessment participant
Automobile service provider who is assessed.
Organization or person who assesses the performance of assessment participants
(3.3) in assessment activities.
4 Assessment principles
4.1 Impartiality
The assessment activities of assessor shall be impartial. Assessment results shall not
be affected by factors of assessment activities, such as implementation difficulties and
whether they are charged or not.
4.2 Effectiveness
Assessor shall be responsible for proper formulation and effective implementation of
assessment schemes, accurate assessment of the true level of automobile after-sales
service, and identification of real problems.
4.3 Credibility
Assessor shall collect and use authentic, objective data; assessment results shall
reflect assessment activities objectively and accurately, without errors, which are
4.4 Standard-ability
Assessment activities shall meet the requirements of assessment schemes, avoiding
mistakes and reducing errors.
6.1.2 Determination of assessment scopes
Assessor shall determine the scopes of assessment activities, i.e. the contents of
assessment activities of assessment objects.
6.1.3 Determination of assessment intervals
Assessor shall determine the time intervals of assessment activities, i.e. the sampling
intervals of data used in assessment activities.
6.1.4 Preparation of assessment schemes Assessor shall determine implementation procedures, time arrangements,
assessment methods, etc., and prepare assessment schemes, according to
assessment purposes and the other characteristics of assessment activities. Assessor shall demonstrate and optimize assessment schemes in terms of
operability, economic efficiency, scientific, effectiveness and so on. Assessor can disclose assessment schemes or their parts within certain limits
based on actual demands.
6.2 Assessment implementation
6.2.1 Establishment of assessment index systems Assessor shall select appropriate assessment indexes from 5.2 ~ 5.6 and
combine, cut and refine them, in accordance with assessment purposes, assessment
schemes, characteristics of assessment participants, etc. If necessary, assessment indexes not listed in 5.2 ~ 5.6 can be supplement
according to the actual requirements of assessment activities. Assessor shall select an appropriate weight calculation method to weight the
above-mentioned assessment indexes, forming an assessment index system.
6.2.2 Acquisition and processing of data Assessor shall determine the scopes, time intervals and methods for data
acquisition, acquire data and carry out quality evaluation for data acquired, in
accordance with assessment schemes.
NOTE 1. If necessary, multiple times of acquisition or supplementary acquisition can be carried
NOTE 2. Quality evaluation generally includes evaluation in data comprehensiveness, accuracy,
consistency, correlation and so on.
mathematical mean method, summation method, de-extremum method and so on.
8 Assessment results
8.1 Contents
8.1.1 The assessment results shall include.
-- details of assessment objects;
-- assessment schemes (including assessment purposes, assessment scopes,
assessment intervals, assessment index systems, assessment methods and so
-- assessment basis;
-- process of assessment activities;
-- assessment scores and interpretation;
-- assessment conclusions and descriptions;
-- assessment time;
-- details of assessor.
8.1.2 In accordance with the requirements and characteristics of assessment activities,
assessment results should include.
-- work suggestions on assessment objects and interested parties;
-- use suggestions and use restrictions on assessment scores, assessment
conclusions and other content.
8.1.3 Assessor should use such expression forms as charts, directly reflecting
assessment scores, assessment conclusions and other content.
8.1.4 Assessor shall protect customers’ information to prevent disclosure and loss; in
case of any disclosure or loss which has occurred or is likely to occur, corrective
measures shall be taken immediately. Assessor shall not provide customers’
information illegally to other organizations or individuals in the form of diverting, selling,
etc.; when assessment results need to cite customers’ cases or relevant contents,
assessor shall carry out technical processing based on the scope of publishing, using,
etc. of assessment results.
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