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GB/T 27691-2017 PDF in English

GB/T 27691-2017 (GB/T27691-2017, GBT 27691-2017, GBT27691-2017)
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GB/T 27691-2017: PDF in English (GBT 27691-2017)

GB/T 27691-2017
ICS 77.140.60
H 44
Replacing GB/T 27691-2011
Wire Rod for Steel Cord
ISSUED ON. MAY 31, 2017
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Quarantine of the People's Republic of China;
Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of
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Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Application Scope ... 4 
2 Normative References ... 4 
3 Designation System and Symbols ... 6 
4 Ordering Content ... 6 
5 Dimensions, Shape, Weight and Tolerances ... 7 
6 Specifications ... 7 
7 Test Methods ... 10 
8 Inspection Rules ... 11 
9 Rounding off of numerical values ... 11 
10 Packaging, Marking and Quality Certification ... 12 
This Standard was drafted in accordance with the rules given in GB/T 1.1-2009.
This Standard replaces GB/T 27691-2011, Wire Rod for Steel Cord.
Compared with GB/T 27691-2011, the major changes of this Standard are as follows.
-- it is confirmed that the nominal diameter of wire rod shall not be greater than 6.5
-- the designations of LX85B, LX90B and relevant specifications are added;
-- the requirements for the content of chemical component Mn of the designations
of LX70A, LX80A are modified;
-- the allowable grade of network cementite is confirmed;
-- strict control shall be exercised on centre segregation in accordance with grades
A and B;
-- the requirements for the maximum widths of longitudinal inclusions and the
maximum dimensions of lateral inclusions are modified;
-- the provisions on the surface scale of wire rod are changed into as-agreed
This Standard was proposed by China Iron and Steel Association.
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of the National Standardization Technical
Committee on Steels (SAC/TC 183).
The drafting organizations of this Standard. Angang Steel Co., Ltd., Zenith Steel Group
Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yonggang Group Co., Ltd., Qingdao Special Steel Co., Ltd., China
Metallurgical Information and Standardization Institute.
The main drafters of this Standard. Zhai Liping, Han Litao, Guo Dayong, Ren Cuiying,
Wang Lingjun, Huang Yongsheng, Liu Cheng, Wu Jinyuan, Hu Haiping, Wang Miao,
Liu He.
The previous edition of the standard replaced by this Standard is as follows.
-- GB/T 27691-2011.
Wire Rod for Steel Cord
1 Application Scope
This Standard specifies the designation system and symbols, ordering content, and
dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances, specifications, test methods, inspection
rules and packaging, marking and quality certification of wire rod for steel cord.
This Standard applies to wire rod for steel cord of nominal diameter not greater than
6.5 mm (hereinafter referred to as “wire rod”).
2 Normative References
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this
document. For dated references, only the edition dated applies to this document. For
undated references, the latest edition of the referenced documents (including all
amendments) applies to this Standard.
GB/T 222, Permissible Tolerances for Chemical Composition of Steel Products
GB/T 223.5, Steel and iron – Determination of Acid-Soluble Silicon and Total
Silicon Content – Reduced Molybdosilicate Spectrophotometric Method
GB/T 223.12, Methods for Chemical Analysis of Iron, Steel and Alloy – The Sodium
Carbonate Separation-Diphenyl Carbazide Photometric Method for the
Determination of Chromium Content
GB/T 223.19, Methods for Chemical Analysis of Iron Steel and Alloy – The
Neocuproine-Chloroform Extraction Photometric Method for the Determination of
Copper Content
GB/T 223.23, Iron, Steel and Alloy – Determination of Nickel Content – The
Dimethylglyoxime Spectrophotometric Method
GB/T 223.31, Iron Steel and Alloy – Determination of Arsenic Content – Distillation-
Molybdenum Blue Spectrophotometric Method
GB/T 223.37, Methods for Chemical Analysis of Iron, Steel and Alloy – The
Indophenol Blue Photometric Method for the Determination of Nitrogen Content
after Distillation Separation
GB/T 223.50, Methods for Chemical Analysis of Iron, Steel and Alloy – The
Phenylfuorone-CTMAB Direct Photometric Method for The Determination of Tin
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Acetate Extraction Photometric Method for the Determination of Phosphorus
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(Potassium) Periodate Photometric Method for the Determination of Manganese
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volumetric Method after Combustion in the Pipe Furnace
GB/T 223.72, Iron, Steel and Alloy – Determination of Sulfur Content – Gravimetric
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Boron Contents – Microwave Digestion-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass
Spectrometric Method
GB/T 224, Determination of Depth of Decarburization of Steels
GB/T 228.1, Metallic Materials – Tensile Testing – Part 1. Method of Test at Room
GB/T 2101, General Requirement of Acceptance, Packaging, Marking and
Certification for Section Steel
GB/T 2975, Steel and Steel Products – Location and Preparation of Test Pieces for
Mechanical Testing
GB/T 4336, Carbon and Low-alloy Steel – Determination of Multi-element Contents
– Spark Discharge Atomic Emission Spectrometric Method (Routine Method)
GB/T 6394, Metal – Methods for Estimating the Average Grain Size
GB/T 8170, Rules of Rounding off for Numerical Values and Expression and
Judgement of Limiting Values
GB/T 10561, Steel – Determination of Content of Nonmetallic Inclusions –
Micrographic Method Using Standards Diagrams
GB/T 13298, Inspection Methods of Microstructure for Metals
GB/T 14981-2009, Dimension, shape, mass and tolerance for hot-rolled round wire
GB/T 17505, Steel and Steel Products – General Technical Delivery Requirements
GB/T 20066, Steel and Iron – Sampling and Preparation of Samples for the
Determination of Chemical Composition
5 Dimensions, Shape, Weight and Tolerances
5.1 The dimensions, shape and tolerances of wire rod shall be as specified for
accuracy grade B or grade C of GB/T 14981-2009. When they are not specified, wire
rod shall be delivered as specified for accuracy grade B.
5.2 The weight of wire rod shall be as specified in GB/T 14981-2009.
6 Specifications
6.1 Designations and chemical compositions
6.1.1 The designations and chemical compositions (by ladle analysis) of steel for wire
rod shall be as specified in Table 1.
6.1.2 When the purchaser requires the analysis of chemical compositions of finished
products, the tolerances from the chemical compositions specified in Table 1 shall be
as specified in GB/T 222.
6.1.3 Without the consent of the purchaser, the chemical elements not listed in Table
1 shall not be added in steel.
6.1.4 Wire rod of other designations and chemical compositions may be supplied,
which shall be as agreed on by the supplier and the purchaser and stated in the
6.2 Smelting method
Steel shall be smelted in a converter or electric furnace and then refined outside of the
6.3 Delivery condition
Wire rod is delivered in the condition of hot rolling and controlled cooling. Each coil
consists of one pc of wire rod; wire rod shall be marked on both ends.
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