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GB/T 1804-2000 (GB/T1804-2000)

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GB/T 1804-2000English70 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto-delivery. General tolerances - Tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance indications

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GB/T 1804-2000: PDF in English (GBT 1804-2000)

GB/T 1804-2000
General tolerances Tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance indications
JlCS 17.040.10
National Standards of People's Republic of China
General tolerances
GB /1 '1804- 2000
eqv JlSO 2768-1. 1989
No individual tolerance of linear and angular dimensions tolerance
General tolerances
1Lolerances for linear and angular dimensions
without individual tolerance indications
2000--07--24 Post
2000-12--01 implementation
State Quality and Technical Supervision published
GB /D 1804-2GGO
This standard is based on international standards ISO 2768-1. 1 98 9 (E) ((General tolerances - Part 1. Not a single note out of linear and angular lambs
Where the degree of tolerance inch)) (1989-11-15 first version l) of GB/T 1804-1 992 ((general tolerances inch line sad children without individual tolerance "
. "Equivalent to the international standard Gß/T 11 335-1989 ((not note tolerance limit deviation angle" revision of technical content.
Thus, our country is not NOTE tolerances General tolerances as standard with the international agreement or equivalent, to accommodate international trade as soon as possible,
Technical and economic exchanges and the adoption of international standards required a leap of development.
The original standard GB/T 1804 and GB/T 11 335 increase compared to the reference standards, definitions, general and determined four chapters, and
The standard name for f changes.
This standard from the date of implementation, at the same time instead of GB/T 1 804-1992, GB/T 11335-1989 0
Appendix A of this standard is an informative annex.
; This standard L indiscriminately home Mountain Machinery Industry Bureau.
This standard dimensions and geometry of the National Technical Committee of Standardization Technical Specification.
This standard was drafted. Mechanical Science lock | study hospital.
The main drafters of this standard. Lixiao Pei, Yu Hanqing.
GB /D 1804-2GGO
Foreword ISO
lS0 (International Organization for Standardization) is the world is organized jointly by national standards bodies (lS0 member bodies) Wai. International standard
1S0 drafting general by the technical committees to complete. Each member of the task group has been set up technical committees sense Hing
Fun, right to be represented among job. And lS0 linked government or non-governmental international organizations, but also participate in the work. lS0 and from
Things Electrotechnical Standardization International Electrotechnical Commission (TEC) have close cooperation.
Before the approval of the Council lS0 as an international standard, draft international standard adopted by the technical committee shall be subject to the member bodies for voting by correspondence
vote. 1S0 according to guidelines, there must be more than 75% of the member bodies skill votes before they passed.
LS0 2768-} by the international standard lS0/TC3 "limits and fits" the Technical Committee drafting. The lS0 2768 -} (first edition) and lS0
2768-2 together instead of 1S0 2768. 1 9 73.
IS0 2768 under the "general tolerances" main title, consists of the following components.
Part l. not separately pouring linear and angular dimensions tolerance tolerance
Part 2. Not a single note out of tolerance feature geometrical tolerances
IS0 2768 this part of Appendix A is an informative annex.
National Standards of People's Republic of China
General tolerances
No individual tolerance of linear and angular dimensions tolerance
General tolerances
Tolerances for linear and angular dimensions
without individual tolerance indications
eqv ISO 2768-1. 1989
Generation Division (marsh/D 18 () [--1992
GB /D 11335-1989
This standard specifies the tolerances are not pouring out of line elements and angular dimensions General tolerance tolerance level rent limit deviation value.
This standard applies to metal cutting size, but also for the general size of the press working. Non-metallic materials and other methods work ι
Machining dimensions called reference use.
This standard applies only to the following non-injection tolerance dimensions.
a) Line sad dimension (such as outside dimensions, inside dimensions, the step size, diameter, radius, distance, rounding radius and chamfer height);
b) angular dimensions, including not usually spout angle Qiao angular dimensions, such as right-angle (900); GB/T 11 84 mentioned polygon or the like
Except for angle;
c) machining assembly of linear and angular dimensions.
This standard does not apply to the following dimensions.
a) other general line tolerances involved 'liver and angular dimensions;
b) in brackets refer to size;
c) the theory of the correct size within a rectangular grid.
2 References
The following standards contain provisions by; constitute provisions of the standard reference in this standard. At the time of publication, the editions are not
Valid. All standards are subject to revision, the standard parties should explore the possibility of using the latest version of the following standards.
GB/T 18 () () 1-1 997 limits and fits - Bases - Part 1. 11 words.
Gß/T 11 84- 1996 shape and position tolerances without individual tolerance value (Pat qv IS0 2768- 2. 1989)
Gß/T 4249-1996 tolerance principle Ceqv IS0 8015. 1985)
Gß/T 6403.4-1986 Part inverted solid chamfer
3 Definitions
3.1 Standard, GB/T 18C (). Terms and definitions given in 1.
3.2 General tolerances gcncral tDlcranccs
Refers to the shop typically processing conditions can guarantee tolerances. Using the general tolerances of size, after which its size without limit deviation Note
Note. do not mention Appendix Appendix AC) gives f show the general public the concept and interpretation.
Quality and Technical Supervision 2000--07--24 approved 2000-12--01 implementation
Gß/T 1804 2000
4 General
When you select not note tolerance of size on the general pattern of tolerance tolerance level should be considered a normal workshop accuracy by the relevant technical documents
Standard parts or specific provisions.
For any single dimension, such as functional "requires a smaller tolerance than the general tolerances allow for greater tolerance or well more economical, its corresponding
To limit deviations spout in the relevant basic size.
Using the same or related technical documents This standard specifies the general public the difference between linear and angular dimensions, should be the standard of Chapter 6
Labeling provisions.
No individual tolerance dimensions both surfaces of different types of processes (for example, cutting and casting) are processed to form between the two should be required
General tolerance values umbrella of a larger system of Plato.
In general tolerances specified angle control unit only watch the rain line or the total square pixel lines | sentence, do not control their shape errors. From the actual tables
The overall direction of the line obtained is the ideal geometry of the contact line direction. The maximum distance between the contact line and the head 'hairline between the smallest possible value (see
Gß/T 1219).
5 General tolerances tolerance grades and limit deviation value
General tolerances points precision f, medium m, rough c, most with a total of 4 v tolerance level. By not note tolerance of linear and angular dimensions points
Do not give the value of each limit deviation tolerance levels.
5.1 linear dimension
Table 1 shows the number of linear dimension limit deviations primary; Table 2 shows the rounding radius and chamfer height dimension limit deviations number of channels.
Table 1 linear size limit deviation value port 1 1
Basic size segment
Tolerance level
o.5 ~ 3> 3 ~ 6> 6 ~ 30> 30 ~ 120> 120 ~ 400> 400 ~ 1 000> 1 000 ~ 2 000> 2 000 ~ 4 000
Precision f .. 1 .. 0.0 ".. 1 .. 0.05 .. 1 .. 0.1 .. 1 .. 0.1" .. 1 .. 0.2 .. 1 .. 0.3 .. 1 .. 0.5
Moderate m .. 1 .. 0.1 Soil G.1 .. 1 .. () .2 .. 1 .. 0.3 .. 1 .. () .5 soil o.8 .. 1 .. 1.2 .. 1... 2
Rough c .. 1 .. 0.2 Soil () .3 .. 1 .. () .5 0.8 .. 1 .. 1 ... 1 1.2 ± 2 3 .. 1 .. 4
Thickest v disabilities. Disabled persons 1 .5 2.5 1.5 Disabled Disabled Disabled 4 Disabled G 8
Table 2 {limit deviation value to the country's port radius and chamfer the height of 1, 1,
) ,; Wood size segment
Tolerance level
O.5 ~ 3> 3 ~ 6> 6 ~ 30> 30
Precision f
Guests O.2 soil O..'i .. 1 .. 1 ± 2
Moderate m
Rough c
Guests O. /) .. 1 .. 1 ± 2 Soil 4
Thickest v
NOTE. Network inverted chamfer radius and height meanings see GB/T 6403 .4.
5.2 angular dimension
Table 3 shows the numerical limit deviation angle foot J, and its value is determined by the length of the short side of the angle of the cone angle of the conical element according to the line length is determined.
Tolerance level
Precision f
Soil l.
Moderate m
Rough disabilities c 1030 '
Thickest v ± 3.
6 General tolerances on drawings
Gß/T 1804 znnn VVlJ
Table 3 numerical limit deviation angle dimension
Length l Owner. segmentation, nlnl
> L O ~.) O> 50 ~ 120
Soil 30 '20 Soil'
Disabled l 'disabilities 30'
± 2. Shi l.
> 1 20 ~, 1 () ()>, l ü ()
Soil 10 '± 5'
15 persons' disabilities 10y
.. L. 30 '± 20'
According to this standard specifies general tolerances should note that this pattern in the title bar nearby or technical requirements, technical documentation (eg corporate standards) in
Standard and Tolerance class code. For example, when selecting the rating, marked.
GB/T 18C4-m
7 is determined
Unless otherwise specified, beyond the general tolerance of work {t fails to reach its function when the damage is usually not determined rejection (see A5).
Gß/T 1804 2000
Appendix A
(Tip of the Appendix)
Linear and angular dimensions General tolerances concepts and interpretation
All the elements of A1 component parts always have a certain size and geometry. Since the size of the error and geometry (shape, orientation, location
Set exists) errors, in order to ensure the use of functional parts must be limited to them, and beyond will impair its function. Thus, parts in FIG.
Like all the elements of expression has certain tolerances.
No specific requirements of the elements of the function can be given general tolerance. General tolerances can be applied to linear dimensions, angles size, shape and setting f
And other geometric elements.
Using elements of general tolerances on drawings can not only oil pouring its tolerance, but in the drawings, technical requirements or technical documents (such as enterprise
A general description of the standard) made.
General tolerances for linear and angular dimensions A2 under ordinary conditions shop, machine tools can guarantee tolerances. In normal maintenance and operation
Under circumstances as it represents workshop usual precision.
Tolerance value tolerance level of the general tolerance in line with the usual workshop accuracy. By Part requirements select the appropriate tolerance level.
General tolerances for linear dimensions mainly used for low-precision non-co-own size.
Using the general size tolerances to ensure accuracy in normal workshop conditions, the general port J is not checked.
A3 for determining certain tolerance values, increase in manufacturing tolerances usually not economical. Suitable example of "usual moderate accuracy" levels plus workshop
A feature Workers 35 mm in diameter, a predetermined limit deviations .. I .. Qian lmm generally in the manufacture of the workshop will not bring greater benefits, and use
.. 1 .. 0.3 mm General tolerance limit deviation (in rank) is sufficient.
When the tolerance allowed on the function equal or greater than the general tolerances, general tolerances should be used. Only when the elements than the general tolerance feature allows
Large tolerance when the tolerance in manufacturing Li is more economical than the general tolerance (for example, when assembling the drilled blind hole depth), the corresponding limits of deviation
Note the value in the size you want.
Due to functional needs, require the use of a feature than the "general tolerances" small tolerance values, you should note the size after which entry should limit bias
Difference values. However, this has to - not a category of general tolerances.
A4 using the general tolerance, opening J the following benefits.
a) to simplify the drawing, legible drawings, mouth l efficient exchange of information.
b) indiscriminately like saving design time. Designers do not have to be considered individually or calculating tolerances pretty, just to understand a feature in the function whether to allow
Equal to or higher than - tolerance values like tolerance.
c) when the pattern clear which elements is guaranteed by the general level of technology, port J simplify inspection requirements, contribute to the quality of management.
d) highlights the kind of tolerance indiscriminately pouring on the size of most of these dimensions are important and need to draw, causing processing and tests in importance
And make a schedule.
e) before signing the contract because the plant has been known for "normal workshop accuracy" between buyers and suppliers can more easily negotiate orders; with
When the pattern is the full debate can be avoided between the buyer and the supplier delivery.
Only precision workshop usually reliably meet specific workshop or less general tolerance conditions employed in order to complete more than reflect BU
Said these benefits. With this car j'ÉlJ should be done.
Eleven measurements to assess the accuracy of the workshop usually shop;
Only accept the general tolerance usually equal to or greater precision of workshop drawings;
Gß/T 1804 2000
Yao sampling inspection to ensure the accuracy of the workshop workshop usually are not reduced.
A5 parts function of tolerance is often greater than the general tolerance, so when any one element of the work beyond the (occasionally exceeded) General tolerances called. zero
Functional parts are usually not damaged. Only when the function of damaged parts, like tolerance beyond the two workpiece can l refused Chen.
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