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GB/T 15234-1994 (GB/T15234-1994)

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GB/T 15234-1994: PDF in English (GBT 15234-1994)

GB/T 15234-1994
UDC 621.869.88: 678.742
A 85
Plastics Flat Pallets
Issued by: State Bureau of Technical Supervision
Table of Contents
1 Theme Contents and Scope of Application ... 3
2 Normative References ... 3
3 Terms ... 3
4 Product Classification ... 3
5 Technical Requirements ... 5
6 Test Methods ... 6
7 Inspection Rules ... 12
8 Markings, Transportation and Storage ... 13
Additional Information: ... 13
Plastics Flat Pallets
1 Theme Contents and Scope of Application
This Standard specifies the basic requirements for product classification, technical
requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, transportation, and storage of
plastic flat pallets.
This Standard is applicable to single-sided and double-sided plastic flat pallets
(hereinafter referred to as pallets) that use high-density polyethylene, polypropylene,
etc. as the main raw materials, and can be used in 2-way or 4-way with a cross load P
of 1000 kg.
2 Normative References
GB 2918 Plastics - Standard atmospheres for conditioning and testing
GB 2934 Flat Pallets for through Transit - Series of External Dimensions
GB 3716 Vocabulary of Terms Relating to Pallets
GB 4996 Testing Methods of Wooden Flat Pallets for through Transit
3 Terms
It shall be implemented according to the provisions of GB 3716.
4 Product Classification
4.1 The categories of pallets can refer to Table 1.
4.2 The dimension of pallets can be implemented according to the provisions of GB
6 Test Methods
6.1 Conditioning of the specimen and standard environment for testing
The specimens in Sub-clauses 6.4, 6.5 and 6.7 shall be carried out conditioning for no
less than 48h in an environment with a temperature of 23±2°C and a relative humidity
of 45%~55% as specified in GB 2918; and the test shall be carried out under this
6.2 Test device
The size error of the test device is +2% ~ -2%;
The accuracy of the measuring instrument is 0.5 mm;
The position accuracy of each component including the test load is ±2 mm;
The total error of the test load is +1% ~ -1%.
6.3 Stacking test
6.3.1 Procedures
a. Place the pallet on a flat, hard horizontal surface as shown in Figure 1; and place
a test load block with an external dimension of 300 mm × 300 mm × 25mm on
the centre point of the outer pad;
b. The test load plate is placed on the test load block; and the test load is increased
to 0.25 P. The test load includes the mass of the test load block and the test load
plate. The test load must be evenly distributed, and record the Value y1 at this
c. Within 1~5 min, increase the test load to 1.1 P. The test load must be evenly
distributed. Keep the test load for 24h, and record the Value y2 at this time;
d. The deformation of point A is expressed by the average of the results measured
at A1 and A2;
e. Test the four corner pads in sequence.
6.7.2 Calculation
ϕ2 – deflection rate, in %;
δ – the deflection value when the test load is 1.1P, in mm;
L – length of the pallet, in mm.
6.7.3 Results
After unloading, the appearance shall be free of the cracks and deformation that affect
use. The test result is expressed by the arithmetic mean value.
7 Inspection Rules
7.1 Inspection classification
Exit-factory inspection: The products shall be inspected appearance one by one, and
it shall conform to the provisions of 5.3.
Type inspection: each batch of products shall be inspected item by item in accordance
with 5.3. When raw materials, formulas, and process conditions change, type
inspection must be carried out. The longest period of type inspection shall not exceed
three months.
7.2 Batching
The same raw material, the same formula, the same process conditions, and the same
specification of pallets constitute one batch; and the maximum quantity of each batch
shall not exceed 5000 pieces.
7.3 Sampling
Each test shall be carried out with no less than 3 pallets.
7.4 Judgment rules
When one appearance item is unqualified, the pallet shall be judged as unqualified.
When any item of the physical and mechanical properties is unqualified, double
sampling is required, and the unqualified items shall be re-inspected. After the re-
(Above excerpt was released on 2021-11-05, modified on 2021-11-05, translated/reviewed by: Wayne Zheng et al.)
Source: https://www.chinesestandard.net/PDF.aspx/GBT15234-1994