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GB/T 12541-1990 PDF in English

GB/T 12541-1990 (GB/T12541-1990, GBT 12541-1990, GBT12541-1990)
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GB/T 12541-1990English70 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto-delivery. Motor vehicles - Passing topography capacity - Test method Obsolete
GB/T 12541-2023English350 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto-delivery. Motor vehicles passing capacity test method Valid
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GB/T 12541-1990: PDF in English (GBT 12541-1990)

GB/T 12541-1990
UDC 629.113/.115.001.4
T 04
GB/T 12541-90
Replacing GB 1334-77
Motor Vehicles -
Passing Topography Capacity - Test Method
Issued by. State Bureau of Technical Supervision
Table of Contents
1    Subject Content and Application Scope ... 3 
2    Normative References ... 3 
3    Term ... 3 
4    Test Conditions ... 3 
5    Preparation of Test Vehicles ... 4 
6    Test Methods ... 4 
7    Test report ... 5 
Appendix A ... 6 
Appendix B ... 7 
Additional Explanation. ... 9 
GB/T 12541-90
Motor Vehicles -
Passing Topography Capacity - Test Method
1    Subject Content and Application Scope   
This Standard specifies test method of passing topography capacity of motor vehicles.
This Standard is applicable to cross-country vehicle. Other motor vehicles may refer
to this Standard.
2    Normative References   
GB/T 12534 Motor Vehicles - General Rules of Road Test Method
3    Term 
3.1 Passing topography capacity of motor vehicles
It refers to the capacity of motor vehicles to pass some topographies (such as vertical
obstacle, convex hills, level ditch, road ditch, shell hole, and wading pool etc.).
4    Test Conditions 
4.1 General test conditions shall meet the requirements of GB/T 12534.
4.2 Test instruments and equipment
a. Remote thermometer;
b. Tape (or steel tape);
c. Stopwatch;
d. Camera;
6.6 Test of passing road ditch
Drive the vehicle at a low speed according to the gear used in Article 6.2. The test
vehicle shall drive in 45°-angle and 90°-angle to the road ditch, when passing the road
ditch. After the test, inspect whether each component and connecting piece of motor
vehicles are loose; judge whether the working condition of each assembly is normal.
6.7 Test of passing shell hole
Drive the vehicle over shell hole at a low speed according to the gear used in Article
6.8 Wading test
Inspect and adjust the technical conditions of the motor vehicles according to
technical requirements for the wading of the vehicles.
In an artificial wading pool, the motor vehicle drives with all-wheels and over the pool
of which the water depth meets the design specification requirements. Determine the
passing time and engine outlet temperature, machine oil temperature; and observe
the water inflow and sealing conditions of cabs; perform 1 test of to-and-fro trip; use
camera to record the passing condition.
After the test is completed, immediately stop the vehicle and shut off the engine;
inspect the sealing condition after wading; after 5~15 min, restart the vehicles, and
observe whether the various components work normally.
6.9 Test results shall be filled into all the tables listed in Appendix B (supplementary).
7    Test report 
Test report shall usually include the following contents.
a. Test purposes;
b. Test contents;
c. Test topography facilities description or structure and schematic diagram;
d. Test results and assessment;
e. Test execution organization, participator and reporter;
f. Reporting date.
Table B5 Test of Passing Shell Hole mm
Test number Shell hole dimension Passing condition Remark
Table B6 Wading Performance Test
Test number
Test direction
Initial thermal conditions Ԩ
Engine water temperature
Engine oil temperature
Ending thermal
conditions Ԩ
Engine water temperature
Engine oil temperature
Starting time
Ending time
Passing time
Passing distance, km
Components’ working condition before wading
Components’ working condition after wading (starter, clutch, electric
accessories and braking system)
Seal condition after wading (cab, drive axle, transfer case, and front- and
back-wheel hub)
Additional Explanation.   
This Standard was proposed by China Automobile Industry Corporation.
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of the National Technical Committee on
Road Vehicles of Standardization Administration of China.
This Standard is responsibly drafted by the automotive test field of the General
Logistics Department of PLA.
Chief Drafting Staff of this Standard. Wu Ke.
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