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GB 7718-2011 PDF in English

GB 7718-2011 (GB7718-2011) PDF English
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GB 7718-2011: PDF in English

GB 7718-2011
National Food Safety Standard -
General Standard for the Labeling of
Prepackaged Foods
Issued by. Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 4 
2 Terms and Definitions ... 4 
3 Basic Requirements ... 5 
4 Label contents ... 6 
5 Others ... 13 
Appendix A Calculation Method of Maximum Surface Area of Packaging
Material or Container ... 14 
Appendix B Labelling Mode of Food Addictives in the Ingredient List ... 15 
Appendix C Recommended Labelling Mode of Partial Label Items ... 17 
This Standard replaced GB 7718-2004 General Standard for the Labeling of
Prepackaged Foods.
Compared with GB 7718-2004, this Standard mainly has the following changes.
--- Modify the applicable scope;
--- Modify the definition of prepackaged food and production date; add the
specification definition; cancel the definition of storage life;
--- Modify the labeling mode of the food addictives;
--- Add the labeling mode of specification;
--- Modify the labeling mode of the name, address and contact mode of the
manufacturer and dealer;
--- Modify the characters and symbols of the mandatory labeling contents, as well
as the digits of maximum surface area of packaged materials and packaged
container with height no less than 1.8mm;
--- Add the recommended labeling requirements for potentially allergenic
substances in food;
--- Modify the calculation method of maximum surface area in Appendix A;
--- Add Appendix B and C.
National Food Safety Standard -
General Standard for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods
1 Scope
This Standard is applicable to the label of prepackaged foods provided to the
consumers directly or indirectly.
This Standard is not applicable to the packaging label for the storage and
transportation of food, which provides protection against prepackaged foods during
the storage and transportation period; as well as the labels of bulk foods, and
instantly-produced-for-instantly-sale foods.
2 Terms and Definitions
2.1 Prepackaged foods
Pre-quantitative packaged or produced foods in the packaging materials and
containers, which include the pre-quantitative packaged and produced foods in the
packaging materials and containers that have the uniform mass or volume labels in
certain quantity limit scope.
2.2 Food label
The characters, graphics, symbols and all instruction matters on the food package.
2.3 Ingredients
Any substances in the products (including the modified form substances) used in the
producing or processing of the foods, which include the food addictives.
2.4 Production date (manufacture date)
The date on which the foods become the final products, which also includes the
packaging or filling date; namely, the date on which foods are packaged (filled) in the
packaging materials or containers, and form the final sales unit.
2.5 Guarantee period
The period that prepackaged foods maintain their quality under the storage condition
specified on the label. During this period, the product is fully fit for sales and retains
the unique qualities that are not stated or already described in the label.
2.6 Specification
When the same prepackage contains more than one prepackaged foods, the
relationship between the net quantity and the number of internal containing products.
2.7 Major displaying panel
The panel that can be easily observed on the packaging materials or containers of the
prepackaged foods.
3 Basic Requirements
3.1 The label shall conform to not only the provisions of laws and regulations, but
also the provisions of corresponding food safety standards.
3.2 The label shall be clear, eye-catching, and durable; it shall enable the
consumers to identify and read when buying the foods.
3.3 The label shall be easy to understand, have scientific basis; shall not be marked
with the following contents, such as feudal superstition, pornography, belittling other
foods, or violating the common sense of nutrition science.
3.4 The label shall be true and accurate; neither introduce the foods by the
characters and graphics that are false, exaggerated, and may mislead or deceive the
consumers; nor the characters size or color difference can be used to mislead the
3.5 The label shall not use the direct or implied language, graphics, symbols to
mislead the consumers to confuse the purchased foods or certain properties of the
foods with another product.
3.6 The label shall not mark or suggest the role of prevention or control diseases;
while the label of the non-health foods shall not express or imply the health benefits.
3.7 The label shall not be separated from the foods or their packaging materials
3.8 The label shall use the regulated Chinese characters (except the trademark).
For the characters with decorative role shall be written correctly, and easy to identify.
3.8.1 Pinyin and ethnic minority languages can be used at the same time; while the
Pinyin shall be no larger than the corresponding Chinese characters.
3.8.2 Foreign languages can be used at the same time, which shall have the
corresponding relationship with Chinese characters (excluding trademark, imported
food manufacturer and its address; foreign dealer name, its address and website). All Nutrition label The special dietary foods, primary and secondary food for infants and
young children shall be marked with main nutrients and their quantities; the labeling
mode shall be implemented as per GB 13432. If other prepackaged foods need mark the nutrition label, the labeling
mode shall be implemented as per the relevant regulations and standards. Quality grade
If the food quality grade is stipulated in the corresponding implemented product
standard, the quality grade shall be labeled.
4.2 Label contents of the prepackaged food provided to the consumers
The label of the prepackaged food provided to the consumers indirectly shall be
marked with food name, specification, net quantity, production date, guarantee period
and storage condition as per the corresponding requirements in 4.1; other contents
that are not marked on the label shall be instructed in the instruction manual or
4.3 Exemption of label contents
4.3.1 The following prepackaged food can be exempted from the guarantee period,
such as alcoholic drink with alcoholic strength equal to or more than 10%, vinegar,
edible salt, solid sugar, monosodium glutamate.
4.3.2 When the maximum surface area of the prepackaged food’s packaging
materials and containers is smaller than 10cm2 (the calculation of maximum surface
area can refer to Appendix A), then only product name, net quantity, name and
address of producer (or dealer) can be labeled.
4.4 Recommended labeling contents
4.4.1 Batch number
As per the product requirement, the product’s batch number can be labeled.
4.4.2 Edible method
As per the product requirement, the container opening method, edible method,
cooking method, rehydration re-production method and the like that are helpful to the
consumers shall be instructed.
4.4.3 Sensitizer
Appendix A
Calculation Method of Maximum Surface Area of Packaging Material or
A.1 Calculation method of rectangular packaging material or cuboid
packaging container
The height (cm) is multiplied by the width (cm) on the largest side surface of the
rectangular packaging material or cuboid packaging container.
A.2 Calculation method of cylindrical packaging material and container, or
approximate cylindrical packaging material and container
The height (cm) of packaging material or container is multiplied by 40% circumference
A.3 Calculation method of packaging material or container in other shapes
40% total surface area of packaging material or container.
If the packaging material or container has a predominant display panel, then the area
of which shall be regarded as the maximum surface area.
When calculating the surface are of packaging bag and etc., the size occupied by the
sealing edge shall be removed. When calculating the surface area of the bottle or can
package, the flanges of t he shoulder, neck, top and bottom shall be excluded.
Appendix C
Recommended Labelling Mode of Partial Label Items
C.1 General
This appendix provides, in the form of example, the recommended labelling mode of
partial label items of prepackaged foods, when marking the corresponding items,
these modes shall be selected but not limited to. If the recommended mode are
required to be adjusted as per the food characteristics and packaging features, which
shall be consistent with the basic meaning of recommended mode.
C.2 Labelling of net quantity and specification
For the benefit of presentation, the example of net quantity shall uniformly use mass
as the measurement mode; use colon as a separator. The label shall use the
measurement unit that is fit for the actual product; and the space o...
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