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GB 50924-2014 (GB50924-2014)

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GB 50924-2014: PDF in English
Code for Construction of Masonry
Structures Engineering
Jointly Issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of
the People's Republic of China and General
Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Quarantine of the People's Republic of China
National Standard of the People's Republic of China
Code for Construction of Masonry Structures Engineering
Chief Development Department.
Shaanxi Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction
Approval Department.
Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's
Republic of China
Implementation Date.
October 1, 2014
Beijing 2014
Announcement of the Ministry of Housing and
Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China
Announcement on Publishing the National Standard "Code for
Construction of Masonry Structures Engineering"
"Code for Construction of Masonry Structures Engineering" has been approved as a
national standard with serial number of GB 50924-2014, and shall be implemented from
October 1, 2014. Thereinto, Articles 4.2.2, 6.2.4 and 8.3.5 are mandatory ones and must be
enforced strictly.
Authorized by the Standard Rating Research Institute of MOHURD, this code is
published by China Architecture and Building Press.
Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China
January 29, 2014
According to the requirements of "Notice on Printing the Development and Revision
Plan of National Engineering Construction Standards and Codes in 2009 (the First Batch)"
(JIANBIAO [2009] No. 88) issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
of the People's Republic of China, this code is drafted by the code drafting group through
carefully summarizing practical experiences, referring to relevant international and foreign
advanced standards and widely soliciting for opinions.
Main technical contents in this code are. 1. general provisions; 2. terms; 3. basic
requirements; 4. raw material; 5 masonry mortar; 6 brick masonry engineering; 7 concrete
small-sized hollow block masonry engineering; 8. stone masonry engineering; 9. reinforced
masonry engineering; 10. filler wall masonry engineering; 11. winter and rain construction;
12. safety and environmental protection.
Provisions printed in bold type in this code are mandatory ones and must be implemented
Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is in charge of the administration of
this code and the explanation of the compulsory provisions; Shaanxi Academy of Building
Research is responsible for the explanation of specific technical contents. If there is any
comment or suggestion during the process of implementing this code, please send it to
Shaanxi Academy of Building Research (address. No. 272 North Section of Huancheng West
Road, Xi'an, 710082).
Chief development organizations of this code.
Shaanxi Academy of Building Research
The 5th Branch of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.
Participating development organizations of this code.
The 3rd Branch of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.
Sichuan Institute of Building Research
Liaoning Building Science Reach Institute
Tianjin Construction Engineering Main Contracting Co., Ltd.
Zhongtian Construction Group Co., Ltd.
China Northeast Architecture Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Tianzhu Building Materials Co., Ltd.
Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Weifang Construction Quality and Safety Supervision Station
Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Chief drafting staff of this code. Gao Zongqi, Sun Yongmin, Wang Shuanglin, Wang
Qiwei, Wu Ti, You Shiqi, Hao Baolin, Zhang Hongxun, Liu Bin, He Ping, Hu Changing, Zhao
Rui, Yang Shenwu, Hou Ruxin, Zhao Xiangdong, Wang Rong and Zhang Changxu.
Chief examining staff of this code. Xiao Xuwen, Zhou Jiuyi, Bai Shengxiang, Wang
Qinglin, Yuan Zhenfang, Wu Songqin, Zhang Yuanbo, Jin Rui, Lin Wenxiu, Huo Ruiqin and
Zheng Xiangbin.
Foreword ... I
1. General Provisions ... 1
2. Terms ... 2
3. Basic Requirements ... 4
3.1 Construction Preparation ... 4
3.2 Control Measures ... 5
3.3 Technical Requirements ... 5
4. Raw Materials ... 8
4.1 General Requirements ... 8
4.2 Cement ... 8
4.3 Sand ... 8
4.4 Block ... 9
4.5 Steel Bar ... 9
4.6 Lime, Lime Putty and Fly Ash ... 9
5. Masonry Mortar ... 11
5.1 General Requirements ... 11
5.2 Ready-mixed Mortar ... 11
5.3 On-site Mixing Mortar ... 11
5.4 Mixing Mortar ... 12
5.5 Mortar-cube Making and Curing ... 12
6. Brick Masonry Engineering ... 14
6.1 General Requirements ... 14
6.2 Masonry ... 14
6.3 Quality Inspection ... 19
7. Concrete Small-sized Hollow Block Masonry Engineering ... 21
7.1 General Requirements ... 21
7.2 Masonry ... 21
7.3 Concrete Core Column ... 23
7.4 Quality Inspection ... 24
8. Stone Masonry Engineering ... 25
8.1 General Requirements ... 25
8.2 Masonry ... 25
8.3 Earth-retaining Wall ... 27
8.4 Quality Inspection ... 28
9. Reinforced Masonry Engineering ... 29
9.1 General Requirements ... 29
9.2 Reinforced Brick Masonry Construction ... 29
9.3 Reinforced Block Masonry Construction ... 30
9.4 Quality Inspection ... 31
10. Filler Wall Masonry Engineering ... 32
10.1 General Requirements ... 32
10.2 Masonry ... 33
10.3 Quality Inspection ... 34
11. Winter and Rain Construction ... 36
11.1 Winter Construction ... 36
11.2 Rain Construction ... 38
12. Safety and Environmental Protection ... 39
12.1 Safety ... 39
12.2 Environmental Protection ... 40
Appendix A Grade Evaluation and Check of Masonry Engineering Construction Quality
Control ... 42
Appendix B Construction Method for Bonded Rebar of Steel Tie ... 44
Appendix C Quality Inspection for Rebar Planting Construction of Steel Tie ... 46
Explanation of Wording in this Code ... 47
List of Quoted Standards ... 48
Code for Construction of Masonry Structures Engineering
1. General Provisions
1.0.1 This code is formulated with a view to guaranteeing the construction quality of
masonry structure engineering and realizing advanced technology, reasonable process,
construction safety, energy conservation and environmental protection.
1.0.2 This code is applicable to the construction of masonry structure engineering, like brick,
stone and masonry block, of constructional engineering.
1.0.3 The construction of masonry structure engineering shall not only meet the
requirements stipulated in this code, but also complies with those in the current relevant ones
of the nation.
2. Terms
2.0.1 Masonry structure engineering
The structure engineering for which the wall and column constructed with block and
mortar are regarded as the primary load-bearing member and other member of the building.
2.0.2 Reinforced masonry engineering
The structure engineering for which the masonry reinforced with steel bar is regarded as
the primary load-bearing member of the building. Reinforced masonry engineering includes
reinforced brick masonry, brick masonry, composite masonry of reinforced concrete surface
layer or reinforced mortar surface layer, composite wall of brick masonry and reinforced
concrete structural column, reinforced block masonry engineering and etc.
2.0.3 Stretcher
The brick with outward side face during construction, also referred to as narrow brick.
2.0.4 Header
The brick with outward end face during construction.
2.0.5 Stepped racking
A kind of slope-shaped racking adopted for the temporary disconnection position during
the wall construction.
2.0.6 Serrated racking
The vertical racking type adopted for the temporary disconnection with the advance and
retreat size not less than 1/4 of the block length between the upper- and lower-layer blocks
during the wall construction.
2.0.7 Toothing indenting
A wall construction type in the structural column position of masonry structure, the
horizontal size of each advance and retreat is 60mm, and the size along height direction is not
greater than 300mm.
2.0.8 Story pole
The marker pole used to control the vertical size of each story of block masonry and the
elevation of each member.
2.0.9 Reinforced brick lintel
The lintel constructed with common brick and mortar and equipped with steel bar at the
2.0.10 Core column
The column formed through pouring concrete into the hole of small-sized hollow block
wall; it is classified into plain concrete core column and reinforced concrete core column.
2.0.11 Ready-mixed mortar
Wet-mixed mortar or dry-mixed mortar produced by professional manufacturer.
2.0.12 The method of thin-layer mortar masonry
A wall masonry method adopting special mortar; thereof, the thickness of horizontal
mortar seam and the width of vertical mortar seam are not greater than 5mm.
2.0.13 Wall beam
The composite load-bearing member composed of the reinforced concrete girder and the
masonry wall within the range of calculation height above the beam.
2.0.14 Cavity wall with insulation
The wall formed through filling insulation or thermal insulation material into the
consecutive cavities reserved in the wall and connecting the inner layer and outer layer of the
wall with rust-proof metal tie member, also known as sandwich composite wall or cavity wall.
2.0.15 Comparatively percentage of moisture
The ratio of moisture content to water absorption of blocks.
2.0.16 Transparent seam
The transparent vertical seam throughout the wall thickness generated due to the
insufficient masonry mortar in the vertical seam between adjacent blocks and failure of close
contact of adjacent bl...
(Above excerpt was released on 2017-12-02, modified on 2021-06-07, translated/reviewed by: Wayne Zheng et al.)
Source: https://www.chinesestandard.net/PDF.aspx/GB50924-2014