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GB 50198-2011 (GB50198-2011)

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GB 50198-2011: PDF in English

P GB 50198-2011
Technical Code for Project of Civil Closed
Circuit Monitoring Television System
Jointly Issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
(MOHURD) and the General Administration of Quality
Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) of the
People's Republic of China
According to the requirements of Documents Jian Biao [2006] No. 77 issued by the
former Ministry of Construction - "Notice on Issuing the Development and Revision Plan of
National engineering Construction Standards in 2006 (the first batch) ", this standard is
revised from the former standard "Technical Code for Requantation of Civil Closed Circuit
Monitoring TV System" GB/T 50198-1994 by Wuhan Bureau of Broadcast and Television
jointly with all the organizations concerned.
During the revision process of this code, the drafting group conducted extensive
investigation, summarized the practical implementation experience of the former code,
adopted the latest digital technology achievements, conducted tests repeatedly, and
extensively asked for the advice of relevant experts and departments, and finalized it upon
Main revised contents. digital system is added on the basis of the former analog system,
including video compression coded format, network transmission, system bandwidth, storage
and intellectualization, etc.; terms are added; system composition figures, the peak signal to
noise ratio corresponding to the subjective quality of image is obtained through subjective
assessment test; functionality inspection is added for the acceptance part; the optimal
monitoring scope for panel monitors are added.
This code comprises five Chapters and two appendixes, with the main contents as
follows. General Provisions, Terms, Project Design of System, Project Construction of
System and Project Acceptance of System.
The provisions printed in bold type are compulsory ones and must be enforced strictly.
Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development is in charge of the administration of
this code and the explanation of the compulsory provisions, State Administration of Radio,
Film and Television is responsible for the routine management and Wuhan Bureau of
Broadcast and Television is responsible for the explanation of the compulsory provisions of
the specific technical contents. During the implementation of this code, please send your
opinions or suggestions (if any)to Wuhan Bureau of Broadcast and television (address. No.
677, construction avenue, Wuhan, Hubei Province, post code. 430022, telephone.
Chief development organizations, participating development organizations, participating
organizations, chief drafting staffs and chief examiners of this code.
Chief development organization. Wuhan Bureau of Broadcast and Television
Participating development organization. National Engineering Research Center for
Multimedia Software, Wuhan Golden Bridge Internet Safe Co., Ltd., Central-South
Architectural Design Institute
Participating organizations. Jiangsu Yitong High-tech Co., Ltd. Changshu Yixincheng
Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.
Chief drafting staffs. Mi Xinying, Zheng Xiang, Gao Jian, Hu Minrui, Chen Jun, Feng
Zefang, Wang Jun, Jiang Hui
Chief examiners. Liu Zheng, Fu Mingdong, Yang Ming, Chen Jian, Liu Weizhong,
Zhang Dengyi, Chen Zhige, Xiao Bing, Chen Jun
1 General Provisions ... 1
2 Terms ... 2
3 Project Design of System ... 4
3.1 General Requirements... 4
3.2 Front End Part... 6
3.3 Transmission Part... 9
3.4 Surveillance & Control Center...11
3.5 Power Supply, Earthing and Safety Protection ... 14
4 Project Construction of the System ... 15
4.1 General Requirements... 15
4.2 Installation of Front-end Equipment... 16
4.3 Cable Laying... 18
4.4 Surveillance & Control Sub-Center ... 21
4.5 Power Supply and Earthing ... 23
5 Project Acceptance of System ... 24
5.1 General Provisions... 24
5.2 The Construction Quality of Systems Project... 24
5.3 Detection towards the Performance of System Functions... 25
5.4 Subjective Assessment towards the Image Quality... 26
5.5 Objective Test towards the Image Quality... 27
5.6 Files of Completion Acceptance ... 28
Appendix A The Test Sequence of the Digital Image... 29
Appendix B System Project Acceptance Certificate ... 30
Wording Explanation... 31
List of Quoted Standards ... 32
11 General Provisions
1.0.1 This code is formulated with a view to implementing the technical economy policy of
the nation, regulating the project design, construction and acceptance of civil closed
monitoring television system (hereinafter referred to as system), achieving advanced
technology, economy and rationality, safety and usability, guaranteed quality, energy
conservation and environmental protection .
1.0.2 This code is applicable to the design, construction and acceptance of new, renovation
and extension project of closed circuit television system with the main purpose of civil
1.0.3 The system should adopt digital, networked, intelligent and HD technology.
1.0.4 Design, construction and acceptance of project of civil closed monitoring television
system shall not only comply with the requirements of this code, but also comply with those
in the current relevant ones of the nation.
22 Terms
2.0.1 Closed circuit monitoring television system
The cable system displaying the real-time pictures of the monitored place or playing the
sound of the monitored place using video and audio technology, and recording scene pictures
or sound.
2.0.2 Surveillance & control sub-center
The joint in the closed circuit monitoring television system used for collecting,
processing and sharing the information of a certain level or a certain area. It is used to receive,
indicate, record and process the video and state information sent from the front end and
subsystems, and communicate with the surveillance & control center of the upper level, and
accept the management of surveillance & control center of the upper level.
2.0.3 Surveillance & control center
The central control room of closed circuit monitoring television system. It is used to
receive, indicate, record and process the video, audio and state information, etc. sent from the
front end, subsystems and surveillance & control sub-center, and give control command to the
relevant equipment in the system.
2.0.4 Intelligent video system(IVS)
It refers to the system using the technology of establishing mapping relationship between
image and image description to enable computer to understand the contents in video screen
through digital image processing and analysis, to acquire real-time key information, monitor
and search specific behaviors, discover abnormal conditions in monitoring screen, and alarm
and provide useful information in the fastest and optimal way.
2.0.5 Recording system
Recording system is mainly used to store pictures and sound acquired by video and audio
acquisition system for searching and playing.
2.0.6 Picture resolution
It is the capacity for characterizing image detail, and it is often referred to as information
source resolution, generally, it is represented by the number of pixels in horizontal and
vertical directions.
2.0.7 Picture definition
It refers to the clarity of video picture details which can be observed by human eye,
generally, it is represented by TV lines.
2.0.8 Peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR)
Peak signal to noise ratio is a major parameter of signal reconstruction quality evaluation
in video compression system; it is the signal peak power to noise power ratio and usually
expressed in decibel.
2.0.9 Vide...
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