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GB 14711-2013 (GB14711-2013) PDF English
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GB 14711-2013: PDF in English

GB 14711-2013
ICS 29.160.01
K 20
Replacing GB 14711-2006
General requirements for safety of small and
medium size rotating electrical machines
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection
and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China;
Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of
GB/T 14711-2013
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 4 
1. Scope ... 7
2. Normative references ... 7
3. Terms and definitions ... 9
4. Marks and instructions ... 10
5. Machine base and housing ... 12
6. Junction box (electrical machine with 750 V and blow) and wiring
device ... 13 
7. Conduit bushing and equivalent threaded opening ... 14
8. Mechanical assembly ... 15
9. Grounding ... 15
10. Connection of flexible cord (power flexible wire) ... 17
11. Electrical clearance and creepage distance ... 17
12. Components ... 20
13. Internal wiring ... 21
14. Connection part... 21
15. Electrical insulation ... 22
16. Insulation structure ... 23
17. Brush holder ... 25
18. Connection terminal ... 25
19 Non-metallic functional parts ... 27 
20 Rating test ... 29 
GB/T 14711-2013
21 Thermal test ... 31 
22 Contact current ... 32 
23 Insulation resistance ... 34 
24 Dielectric strength test ... 35 
25 Mechanical strength test ... 37 
26 Protective test ... 39 
27 Humidity test ... 39 
28 Corrosion resistant ... 40 
29 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) ... 40 
GB/T 14711-2013
All technical contents of this Standard are mandatory.
This Standard was drafted in accordance with GB/T 1.1-2009.
This Standard replaces GB 14711-2006 Requirements for safety of small and medium
rotating electrical machine.
Compared with GB 14711-2006, in addition to the editorial amendments, the main changes
are as follows.
- The name of standard was changed to “General Requirements of Safety of Small and
medium Rotating electrical machine”;
- Adjust the structure of standard; the sign and description sections were advanced to
Chapter 4; all tables are moved in the body text;
- The high-voltage motor, DC motor, variable-frequency and variable-speed motor and
other additional contents are not be presented separately; and all are included in
relevant structure and test chapter;
- In the grounding device requirements, add the requirements of assessment of
grounding resistance (see 9.11);
- Add the high frequency resistant pulse test of special electrical machine enamelled
wire of frequency control in the electrical insulation (see Chapter 15);
- Add the assessment contents of proof of insulation structure in the assessment of
insulation structure; and rank the insulation structure as the sine wave power supply
or DC power supply insulation structure and variable frequency power supply
insulation structure for assessment separately (see Chapter 16);
- Add the quota test item for the motor; and identify the assessment requirements for
identified voltage range and frequency range of electrical machine to verify the
consistent value on the electrical machine nameplate and actual value (see Chapter
- The ambient temperature in the heating test is modified to be 10°C ~ 40°C from the
original 0°C ~ 40°C (see Table 14, Table 1 of Edition 2006);
- Add the contact current assessment requirements (See Chapter 22);
- Add the impact withstand voltage test between the motor winding in the electrical
strength chapter (See 24.3);
- Add the EMC assessment requirements (See Chapter 29);
GB/T 14711-2013
- Delete the ball pressure test device schematic diagram in the heat resistance
deformation test chapter (See Diagram 1 of Edition 2006);
- Delete the portable and standby generator (Chapter 11 of Edition 2006).
This Standard was proposed by China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association.
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of National Rotating electrical machine
Standardization Committee (SAC/TC 26).
Responsible drafting organizations of this Standard. Shanghai Electrical Appliance
Research Institute (Group) Co, Ltd., National Quality Supervision and Inspection Centre
of Small and Medium Electrical Machine, Shandong Huali Electrical Motor Group Co., Ltd.,
Hebei Electrical Motor Co., Ltd., Wolong Electrical Group Co., Ltd., Changsha Electromotor
Factory Co, Ltd., Simon Electrical Machine (Hubei) Co., Ltd., Chongqing Electrical Machine
Federation Ltd., Yongji Xinshisu Electrical Equipment Co, Ltd., Wendeng Allwin Motors Mfg.
Co, Ltd., Jiangsu Jingjiang Electrical Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., jiangsu Xianda
Explosion-Proof Co., Ltd., Guangdong Dongguan Electrical Motor Co., Ltd., Nanchang
Kangfu Generators Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Jiangsheng Electrical Machinery
Works Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jinlong Electrical Machinery Stock Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Taizhou
Fuda Electromechanical Co., Ltd., Shandong Kaiyuan Electrical Motor Co., Ltd., Machinery
& Electrical Products Testing Centre of Shanghai CIQ, Lu'an Jiang Huai Motor Co., Ltd.,
and Shanghai CDQC Electrical Co., Ltd.
Participating drafting organizations of this Standard. Shanghai ABB Electrical Machine Co.,
Ltd., Anbo Electrical Machine Group Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Weite Motor Co., Ltd., Suzhou
Jiangnan Creativity Electromechanical Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., Nanyang
Explosion Protection Group Co. Ltd, Lilaisenma Electrical Machine Science and
Technology (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd., SEW- Electrical Machine (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xizi
Forward Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ilaiguang electromotor Co., Ltd., Boshan
Special Motor Co., Ltd., Shanghai Nanyang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanxi Anti-
explosion Motor (group) Co., Ltd., Xi'an Tech Full Simo Motor Co., Ltd., Kaifeng Electrical
Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Ningbo Donly Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu
dazhong Electromotor Stock Co., Ltd., Dalian Bodun Guanli Electrical Machine Co., Ltd.,
Zhejiang Zhonglong Electromotor Stock Co., Ltd, Anhui Wannan Electrical Machine Co.,
Ltd., Xiangtan Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hengshui Electrical Machine Co., Ltd.,
Zhejiang Huanian Electrical Machine Co., Ltd., Hunan Chaoyang Electromechanical Co.,
Ltd., Guangdong Huizhou Yuanli Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Leirun Electromechanical
Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Qionglai Electrical Machine Plant Co., Ltd. of Chengdu
Dongfang Industrial Group, Fujian Yuandong Electrical Motor Co., Ltd.. and No.21
Research Institute of China Electronics Science and Technology Group.
Main drafters of this Standard. Ni Lixin, Qiang Xiong, Zhou Lixin, Liu Xuebo, Li Xiuying,
Liang Bangjian, Wang Tongbin, Gao Mingzhen, Qiu Yuhong, Lu Jinsheng, Kang Jun,
Zhang Shengde, Liu Zhenggen, Kang Maosheng, Liu Quan, Ye Ye, Shen Yusheng, Wang
Qingdong, Yang Xiujun, Yan beilan, Ji Huigang, Li Fuguo, Deng Jin, Lu Cuiping, Li Suping,
GB/T 14711-2013
and Chen Xiangen.
Previous versions replaced by this Standard are as follows.
— GB 14711-1993, GB 14711-2006.
GB/T 14711-2013
General Requirements for Safety of Small and Medium
Size Rotating Electrical Machines
1. Scope
This Standard specifies the general requirements for safety of small and medium rotating
electrical machines (electrical machine and generator, hereinafter referred to as the
electrical machine) with the general purpose.
This Standard is applied to the small and medium rotating electrical machines with general
purpose. For small-power electrical machines that are manufactured according to GB/T
5171, it may use GB 12350 as the assessment basis.
The general requirement...
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