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FZ/T 20018-2010 PDF in English

FZ/T 20018-2010 (FZ/T20018-2010, FZT 20018-2010, FZT20018-2010)
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FZ/T 20018-2010: PDF in English (FZT 20018-2010)

FZ/T 20018-2010
ICS 59.080.01
W 20
Replacing FZ/T 20018-2000
Determination of dichloromethane-soluble
matter in wool textiles
(ISO 3074.1975, Wool-Determination of dichloromethane-soluble
matter in combed silver, MOD)
Issued by. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the
People's Republic of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1. Scope ... 5 
2. Normative references ... 5 
3. Theory ... 5 
4. Reagent ... 5 
5. Instrument ... 6 
6. Sample preparation ... 6 
7. Experimental procedures ... 6 
8. Calculating ... 7 
9. Test report ... 7 
This Standard is drafted according to the rules provided in GB/T 1.1-2009.
This Standard replaces FZ/T 20018-2000 Determination of dichloromethane-soluble
matter in wool textiles. Than main differences from FZ/T 20018-2000 are as follows.
─ Modified the English name of the standard;
─ Wool and brocade blending product is added in the scope of Chapter 1;
─ Illustration of reagent is added in Chapter 4 Reagent;
─ Chapter 7 is modified; the experimental procedures are described by steps;
─ 7.6 is modified; weighing balance weight is deleted;
─ Chapter 8 is modified; processing of experimental results is difference;
─ Chapter 9 is modified; name and specification of samples and Date of experiment
are added.
This Standard is modified by adopting ISO 3074.1975 Determination of dichloromethane-
soluble matter in combing wool silver. The main differences from ISO 3074.1975 are as
─ ISO foreword is deleted;
─ Introduction of ISO is deleted, and it is revised into the scope of standard;
─ Normative reference document is added;
─ Sample mass is modified (see in 6.2);
─ 10.1 extraction formula containing water in ISO is deleted;
─ Name and specification of samples and Date of experiment are added in experimental
This Standard was proposed by China National Textile And Apparel Council.
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of Wool-Textile Subcommittee of National
Textile Technical Committee of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC 209/SC
Drafting organization of this Standard. Shanghai Wool-Linen Textile Institute of Science
and Technology.
Determination of dichloromethane-soluble
matter in wool textiles
1. Scope
This Standard specifies the method to determine the dichloromethane-soluble matter
content in wool textiles by adopting dichloromethane as extraction reagent.
This Standard applies to the determination of the dichloromethane-soluble matter contents
in pure wools, wool/acrylic or wool/brocade blended combing silver, semi-finished products,
and finished products. For other plush products, it shall also implement this Standard.
2. Normative references
The following document is indispensable for application of this document. For the dated
documents so quoted, only the dated versions apply to this document. For the undated
documents so quoted, the latest versions (including all modification sheets) apply to this
GB/T 8170 Rules of rounding off for numerical values & expression and judgement of
limiting values
3. Theory
Extract the samples in a soxhlet extractor with dichloromethane; evaporate the reagent;
weigh the mass of the remaining matter to calculate the content of dichloromethane soluble
matter, which is the percent of the remaining matter mass in the extracted samples’ drying
4. Reagent
4.1 Dichloromethane. boiling point is between 39°C ~ 41°C, analytically pure or chemically
The matter remained after evaporating 100mL of this reagent does not exceed 1mg.
Note. This reagent is toxic and irritates eyes, please take complete protection measure
whining using it. And the operation shall be implemented in fuming cupboard.
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