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Industry Standard: YB, YB/T, YBT
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Std ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
YB 439-1964 (Convex shape steel varieties) YB 439-1964
YB 440-1964 (Double convex steel varieties) YB 440-1964
YB 4407-2014 Code for acceptance of standard specification for construction quality of metallurgy mine workings equipment installation YB 4407-2014
YB 4408-2014 Code for construction and acceptance of blast furnace TRT electric equipment installation engineering YB 4408-2014
YB 4409-2014 Code for quality inspection and acceptance of annular heating furnace brick-lining YB 4409-2014
YB 4410-2014 Code for construction and acceptance of gasholder YB 4410-2014
YB 441-1964 (Double concave steel varieties) YB 441-1964
YB 442-1964 (More concave steel varieties) YB 442-1964
YB 443-1964 (Oval-shaped steel varieties) YB 443-1964
YB 4441-2014 Code for construction and acceptance of dust collection project in iron and steel enterprises YB 4441-2014
YB 444-1964 (Pentagon plum-shaped steel varieties) YB 444-1964
YB 445-1964 (Equilateral triangle steel varieties) YB 445-1964
YB 446-1964 (Variety steel watch cases) YB 446-1964
YB 501-1982 Specification for terpenic oil YB 501-1982
YB 5013-1993 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 5013-1993
YB 523-1982 (Metallurgy of titanium dioxide technical conditions) YB 523-1982
YB 527-1965 (Forged (pressure) Ball technical conditions) YB 527-1965
YB 528-1965 (Oil drilling pipe) YB 528-1965
YB 53-1964 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 53-1964
YB 547-1967 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 547-1967
YB 551-1965 (Window screening) YB 551-1965
YB 558-1970 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 558-1970
YB 576-1965 (Phosphorus iron. Chemical analysis methods) YB 576-1965
YB 585-1965 (Methods for chemical analysis of ferrovanadium) YB 585-1965
YB 700-1970 (Anaerobic plate and belt) YB 700-1970
YB 702-1970 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 702-1970
YB 733-1970 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 733-1970
YB 734-1970 (Sulfur iron ore analysis) YB 734-1970
YB 735-1970 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 735-1970
YB 735-1977 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 735-1977
YB 736-1970 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 736-1970
YB 737-1970 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 737-1970
YB 738-1970 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 738-1970
YB 738-1982 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 738-1982
YB 740-1982 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 740-1982
YB 810-1977 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 810-1977
YB 818-1978 (Graphite Electrodes) YB 818-1978
YB 819-1955 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 819-1955
YB 821-1978 (Graphite anode) YB 821-1978
YB 822-1957 (Conical pipe thread) YB 822-1957
YB 897-1985 (Welding chain with round technical conditions) YB 897-1985
YB 9010-1998 Inspection. Acception Regulation and Quality Evaluation Standard of Geotechnical Engineering YB 9010-1998
YB 9051-1998 [YB/T 9051-1998] Technical Regulations on Energy Saving for Iron and Steel Enterprise Projects YB 9051-1998
YB 9056-1993 Technical Code for Design of Sintering Plant YB 9056-1993
YB 9057-1993 Technical Code for Process Design of Blast Furnace Ironmaking YB 9057-1993
YB 9058-1992 Technical Code for Design of Steelmaking Technology YB 9058-1992
YB 9059-1995 Regulations of Continuous Casting Engineering Design YB 9059-1995
YB 9063-2000 Code for Telecommunication Engineering Design of Iron and Steel Enterprises YB 9063-2000
YB 9065-1994 (Metallurgical and mining ground narrow gauge railway design specifications) YB 9065-1994
YB 9066-1995 Deslgn Regulations of Environmental Protection for Metallurglcal Industry YB 9066-1995
YB 9067-1995 Specification for Demarcation of Environment Protection Facilities in Metallurgical Industry YB 9067-1995
YB 9068-1995 Design Specifications for Standard-gage Railway of Electric Locomotive Traction in Ferrous Metallurgy Surface Mine YB 9068-1995
YB 9069-1996 (Coking process design requirements) YB 9069-1996
YB 9070-1992 Specification for Design Management of Pressure Vessels YB 9070-1992
YB 9070-2014 Code of pressure vessels design management for metallurgy industry YB 9070-2014
YB 9071-1992 Regulations on the Design Management of Waste Heat Utilization Facility YB 9071-1992
YB 9072-1992 (Reinforced concrete structures 400MPaIII level application of technical regulations) YB 9072-1992
YB 9073-1994 Technical regulation for design of steel pressure vessels YB 9073-1994
YB 9073-2014 Code for design of pressure vessels YB 9073-2014
YB 9075-1996 Design Regulation for Rolling Process of Small Section YB 9075-1996
YB 9078-1999 Code for Design of Railway Signaling in Iron and Steel Enterprises YB 9078-1999
YB 9079-1994 (Industrial furnace steel plant design requirements) YB 9079-1994
YB 9080-1997 (Iron and steel industry term General Plan and Transportation Engineering) YB 9080-1997
YB 908-1978 (Determination of carbon material bulk density, apparent porosity) YB 908-1978
YB 9082-1997 Specification for Design of Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structure YB 9082-1997
YB 9082-2006 Technical Specification of Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures YB 9082-2006
YB 917-1978 (Colorimetric determination of carbon materials of high purity graphite products Vanadium) YB 917-1978
YB 9-1959 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 9-1959
YB 9-1968 (Chromium bearing steel technical conditions) YB 9-1968
YB 9237-1991 (Pre-tensioned prestressed concrete pile centrifugal production technical regulations) YB 9237-1991
YB 9239-1992 Standard for engineering quality inspection and assessment of metallurgical electrical equipment installation YB 9239-1992
YB 9240-1992 (Beneficiation equipment installation engineering quality assessment standards) YB 9240-1992
YB 9241-1992 (Metallurgical coking equipment installation engineering quality inspection standards pacification) YB 9241-1992
YB 9242-1992 (Coking equipment installation engineering quality assessment standards) YB 9242-1992
YB 9243-1992 (Metallurgical machinery and equipment installation engineering quality inspection and assessment criteria (iron equipment)) YB 9243-1992
YB 9244-1992 (Metallurgical machinery and equipment installation engineering quality inspection and assessment criteria (steelmaking equipment)) YB 9244-1992
YB 9245-1992 (Metallurgical machinery and equipment installation engineering quality inspection and assessment criteria (Rolling Equipment)) YB 9245-1992
YB 9246-1992 (Metallurgical machinery and equipment installation engineering quality inspection and assessment criteria (hydraulic and lubrication equipment)) YB 9246-1992
YB 9248-1992 Technical specifications for compressive strength of hardened mortar by impact method YB 9248-1992
YB 9249-1993 Code for Equipment Installing and Acceptance of Metal Mechanical Steel Rolling Equipment YB 9249-1993
YB 9250-1993 Specification for the Technique and Inspection of the Extruded Connection of Reinforcement With Ribs YB 9250-1993
YB 9254-1995 (Steel production installation and construction specifications) YB 9254-1995
YB 9255-1995 (Building (structure) building materials grading standards of earthquake damage) YB 9255-1995
YB 9257-1996 Technical Specification for inspection, Assessment and Strengthening of Steel Structures YB 9257-1996
YB 9258-1997 Code for Technique of Building Foundation Pit Engineering YB 9258-1997
YB 942(1)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 942(1)-1978
YB 942(10)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 942(10)-1978
YB 942(11)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 942(11)-1978
YB 942(12)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 942(12)-1978
YB 942(13)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 942(13)-1978
YB 942(14)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 942(14)-1978
YB 942(15)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 942(15)-1978
YB 942(3)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 942(3)-1978
YB 942(4)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 942(4)-1978
YB 942(5)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 942(5)-1978
YB 942(6)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 942(6)-1978
YB 942(7)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 942(7)-1978
YB 942(8)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 942(8)-1978
YB 946(AG-8)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 946(AG-8)-1978
YB 946(AU-15)-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YB 946(AU-15)-1978