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Industry Standard: SY, SY/T, SYT
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Standard ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
SY 5266-1991 (Mechanical production wells system efficiency test method) SY 5266-1991
SY 5268-1991 (Calculation oilfield power grid network loss rate) SY 5268-1991
SY 5270-1991 (Chinese Industry Standard) SY 5270-1991
SY 5271-1991 (Card points to determine the explosion and loose buckle practice) SY 5271-1991
SY 5273-1991 (Oil field water corrosion evaluation methods) SY 5273-1991
SY 5274-1991 (Chinese Industry Standard) SY 5274-1991
SY 5275-1991 (Eccentric water Tools) SY 5275-1991
SY 5276-1991 (Chinese Industry Standard) SY 5276-1991
SY 5277-1991 (Oilfield chemical blocking agent classification and model designation) SY 5277-1991
SY 5279.1-1991 (Oil wellhead rated working pressure and nominal diameter range) SY 5279.1-1991
SY 5279.2-1991 (Oil wellhead flange type, size and technical requirements) SY 5279.2-1991
SY 5279.3-1991 (Oil wellhead flange gasket ring type, size and technical requirements) SY 5279.3-1991
SY 5280-1991 (Demulsifier quality acceptance testing rules) SY 5280-1991
SY 5284-1991 (Workover with split-type spear) SY 5284-1991
SY 5288-1991 (Drilling equipment is mainly connected to mention the long dimension) SY 5288-1991
SY 5290-1991 (Oil drill pipe joints) SY 5290-1991
SY 5311-1987 (Oil and gas exploration wells to fill the database data files specified) SY 5311-1987
SY 5312.11-1987 (Oil and gas exploration wells database coding cores, cuttings oil level code) SY 5312.11-1987
SY 5312.1-1987 (Oil and gas exploratory wildcat database file format database coding and data entry code) SY 5312.1-1987
SY 5312.15-1987 (Oil and gas exploratory drilling database coding killing fluid type and acidizing fluid, fracturing fluid Name Code) SY 5312.15-1987
SY 5312.2-1987 (Oil and gas exploration wells code database coding sedimentary basins) SY 5312.2-1987
SY 5312.3-1987 (Oil and gas exploration wells database coding exploratory category code) SY 5312.3-1987
SY 5312.4-1987 (Oil and gas exploratory drilling casing database code name code) SY 5312.4-1987
SY 5312.5-1987 (Oil and gas exploration well completion method code database coding wildcat) SY 5312.5-1987
SY 5312.6-1987 (Oil and gas exploration wells database encoding oil, gas, water level code) SY 5312.6-1987
SY 5312.7-1987 (Oil and gas exploratory stratigraphic contact database encoding code) SY 5312.7-1987
SY 5312.8-1987 (Oil and gas exploration wells database encoding test oil and gas production method code requirements) SY 5312.8-1987
SY 5312.9-1987 (Oil and gas exploration wells database coding gas measurement method code) SY 5312.9-1987
SY 5313-1988 (Chinese Industry Standard) SY 5313-1988
SY 5318-1988 (Chinese Industry Standard) SY 5318-1988
SY 5323-1988 (Chinese Industry Standard) SY 5323-1988
SY 5324-1988 (Chinese Industry Standard) SY 5324-1988
SY 5326-1988 (Chinese Industry Standard) SY 5326-1988
SY 5329-1988 (Clastic reservoir water quality of the recommended indicators and analysis methods) SY 5329-1988
SY 5332-1992 (Conventional two-dimensional seismic data processing procedures) SY 5332-1992
SY 5333-1988 (Drilling design format) SY 5333-1988
SY 5334-1988 (Casing centralizers recommended mounting pitch calculation method) SY 5334-1988
SY 5336-1988 (Recommended practice routine core analysis) SY 5336-1988
SY 5343-1988 (Determination of the amount of filtrate invasion of core) SY 5343-1988
SY 5344-1988 (Determination of capillary pressure curve centrifuge) SY 5344-1988
SY 5345-1989 (Determination of relative permeability of non-steady-state method) SY 5345-1989
SY 5346-1989 (Determination of capillary pressure curves mercury law) SY 5346-1989
SY 5347-1989 (Sealed coring drilling operations Recommended Practice) SY 5347-1989
SY 5352-1989 (Drillable bridge plug) SY 5352-1989
SY 5356-1989 (Self-locking coring coring tools Recommended Practice) SY 5356-1989
SY 5357-1989 (Annotations card was calculating and safe operation rules) SY 5357-1989
SY 5359-1989 (SP-169 demulsifier) SY 5359-1989
SY 5360-1989 (Digital single well logging data processing) SY 5360-1989
SY 5361-1989 (Practice salvage logging cable feedthrough) SY 5361-1989
SY 5362-1989 (Production logging simulation test device) SY 5362-1989
SY 5363-1989 (Division of oil, gas and rock series) SY 5363-1989
SY 5364-1989 (Rock oil level division) SY 5364-1989
SY 5365-1989 (Oil and gas geological core and cuttings management rules) SY 5365-1989
SY 5369-1989 (Use and maintenance of oil drilling kelly, drill pipe, drill collars) SY 5369-1989
SY 5399-1991 (Oil drilling and workover with tongs) SY 5399-1991
SY 5400-1991 (Oil drilling Casing Tongs) SY 5400-1991
SY 5404-1991 (Oil packer with the naked eye) SY 5404-1991
SY 5405-1991 (Hydrochloric acid corrosion test methods and performance evaluation) SY 5405-1991
SY 5406-1991 (Oil well cement β- naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate) SY 5406-1991
SY 5411-1991 (Cementing design format) SY 5411-1991
SY 5412-1991 (Casing operating procedures) SY 5412-1991
SY 5414-1991 (Sealed coring tool) SY 5414-1991
SY 5416-1991 (Wired drilling inclinometer rules) SY 5416-1991
SY 5424-1991 (Mechanical outer cutter) SY 5424-1991
SY 5426-1991 (Drillability Determination and Classification Methods) SY 5426-1991
SY 5431-1992 (Casing design method) SY 5431-1992
SY 5433-1992 (Drilling engineering code and unit of measure commonly used parameters) SY 5433-1992
SY 5434-1992 (Sandstone particle size analysis method) SY 5434-1992
SY 5436-1992 (Oil perforating and coring with explosives storage, transport and use) SY 5436-1992
SY 5436-1998 Safety rules storage, transportation and use of explosives for petroleum perforating and sidewall coring SY 5436-1998
SY 5436-2008 Regulations of civil explosion material in petroleum perforating and coring operation SY 5436-2008
SY 5436-2016 (Wellbore operations with civilian explosives safety regulations) SY 5436-2016
SY 5438.1-1992 (And coupling rod fisher fishing tube three-ball) SY 5438.1-1992
SY 5440-1992 (Gas Well Testing Technical Specification) SY 5440-1992
SY 5443-1992 (Device-specific component test methods BOP control) SY 5443-1992
SY 5445-1992 (Petroleum industry machinery (equipment, steel) production enterprise security norms) SY 5445-1992
SY 5445-1999 Safety production rules for petroleum machinery manufacturing enterprises SY 5445-1999
SY 5445-2010 Safety production code for petroleum machinery manufacturing enterprises SY 5445-2010
SY 5453-1992 (Results of seismic data processing with archival recording format) SY 5453-1992
SY 5455-1992 (Onshore 3D seismic exploration data acquisition Technical Specification) SY 5455-1992
SY 5456-1992 (Chinese Industry Standard) SY 5456-1992
SY 5466-1992 (Before drilling engineering and technical conditions) SY 5466-1992
SY 5470-1992 (Petroleum workover winch) SY 5470-1992
SY 5474-1992 (Gyro single and multi-point measurement procedures photographic inclinometer) SY 5474-1992
SY 5483-1992 (Conventional drill pipe tester rules) SY 5483-1992
SY 5484-1992 (Drill stem test design format) SY 5484-1992
SY 5486-1992 (Tubing-conveyed perforating - technical regulations for drill testing linked) SY 5486-1992
SY 5488-1992 (Anti-mill operating procedures set out) SY 5488-1992
SY 5497-1992 (Oil industry supplies unified classification and coding system supplies oil industry classification and code) SY 5497-1992
SY 5507-1992 (Vibroseis seismic exploration work quota) SY 5507-1992
SY 5514-1992 (Surface Read test design format) SY 5514-1992
SY 5516-1992 (Carbonate chemical analysis methods) SY 5516-1992
SY 5518-1992 (Oil and gas exploration and development wells measurement specification) SY 5518-1992
SY 5575-1993 (Drill stem test data processing method) SY 5575-1993
SY 5599-1993 (Chinese Industry Standard) SY 5599-1993
SY 5620-1993 (Drill stem testing technical regulations) SY 5620-1993
SY 5623-1993 (By dc Index forecast pore pressure monitoring practices) SY 5623-1993
SY 5624-1993 (Magnetic single and multi-point measurement procedures photographic inclinometer) SY 5624-1993
SY 5629-1993 (Chinese Industry Standard) SY 5629-1993
SY 5631-1993 (Marine Well Test winch) SY 5631-1993

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