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Industry Standard: Miscellaneous
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Standard ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
AQ 3051-2015 Technical requirements for automation control system of liquid chlorine cylinder filling AQ 3051-2015
AQ 3053-2015 Safety technical code for vertical cylindrical steel welded tank AQ 3053-2015
AQ 4101-2008 Safety monitoring system for fireworks enterprise general technical specifications AQ 4101-2008
AQ 4102-2008 Flow direction of registrar system for fireworks general specifications AQ 4102-2008
AQ 4103-2008 Fireworks and firecracker. Method for identifying pyrotechnics AQ 4103-2008
AQ 4104-2008 Fireworks and firecracker-safety requirement and test of pyrotechnics AQ 4104-2008
AQ 4105-2008 Fireworks and firecracker. Determination methods of TNT equivalent of pyrotechnics AQ 4105-2008
AQ 4106-2008 Guide for measuring ground impedence of a ground system in firecracker working place AQ 4106-2008
AQ 4107-2008 Fireworks and firecrackers machinery. The roller machine of make-pills AQ 4107-2008
AQ 4108-2008 Fireworks and firecrackers machinery. The fuse machine AQ 4108-2008
AQ 4109-2008 Fireworks and firecrackers machinery. Firecrackers machine for inserting fuse AQ 4109-2008
AQ 4110-2008 Fireworks and firecrackers machinery. The whip machine AQ 4110-2008
AQ 4111-2008 Safety specifications of machinery and electrical equipment for use in workplace of fireworks and firecrackers AQ 4111-2008
AQ 4112-2008 Examination regulations for leaving factory, s packing of fireworks and firecrackers AQ 4112-2008
AQ 4113-2008 Detailed guideline for safety assessment of fireworks and firecrackers enterprises AQ 4113-2008
AQ 4114-2011 Fireworks and firecrackers-production safety signs AQ 4114-2011
AQ 4115-2011 Fireworks and firecrackers-general guideline for preventing electrostatic AQ 4115-2011
AQ 4121-2012 The safe conditions for aerial shell production AQ 4121-2012
AQ 4125-2014 Safety Requirements of Single-base Propellant for Fireworks AQ 4125-2014
AQ 4201-2008 Technology code of dust and poison control for electronic industry AQ 4201-2008
AQ 4202-2008 Administrative standard for personal exposure concentration of respirable coal dust in the air of workplace AQ 4202-2008
AQ 4203-2008 Administrative standards for personal exposure concentration of respirable rock dust in the air of workplace AQ 4203-2008
AQ 4204-2008 Personal sampler for respirable dust AQ 4204-2008
AQ 4205-2008 Determination of personal respirable dust in mine AQ 4205-2008
AQ 4209-2010 Technology code of poison control for municipal wastewater treatment plant AQ 4209-2010
AQ 4210-2010 Technical code of dust and poison control for leather processing industry AQ 4210-2010
AQ 4211-2010 Technical guideline of dust and poison control for furniture industry AQ 4211-2010
AQ 4213-2011 Technology code of dust and poison control for coal bed methane exploitation AQ 4213-2011
AQ 4214-2011 Guidelines of dust and poison prevention and control AQ 4214-2011
AQ 4215-2011 Occupational safety and health regulation for the leather manufacture AQ 4215-2011
AQ 4217-2012 Technical requirements for dust sampler AQ 4217-2012
AQ 4220-2012 Technical code of dust control for stone processing AQ 4220-2012
AQ 4221-2012 Technical code of dust and poison control for grain processing AQ 4221-2012
AQ 4222-2012 Technical requirement of dust and poison control for wine production enterprises AQ 4222-2012
AQ 4223-2012 Technical code of dust and poison control for water production and supply enterprises AQ 4223-2012
AQ 4224-2012 Guidelines of dust and poison prevention and control for warehousing trade AQ 4224-2012
AQ 4225-2012 Technical code of dust and poison control for printing enterprise AQ 4225-2012
AQ 4226-2012 Technical specification of dust and poison control for city gas industry AQ 4226-2012
AQ 4228-2012 Safety code for dust explosion prevention in wood processing systems AQ 4228-2012
AQ 4229-2013 Safety specification for the protection of dust explosion for grain silos AQ 4229-2013
AQ 4230-2013 Safety specification for the protection of dust explosion for grain storehouse AQ 4230-2013
AQ 4231-2013 Safety specification for construction and handling equipment maintenance of explosive dust environment in bulk grain port AQ 4231-2013
AQ 4232-2013 Safety specification for dust explosion protection and prevention in plastic processing system AQ 4232-2013
AQ 4237-2014 General Technical Standards of Welding Fume Purifiers AQ 4237-2014
AQ 4238-2014 Technical Requirements for Dust and Poisoning in Household Chemical Products Manufacturer AQ 4238-2014
AQ 4241-2015 Technical specifications for dust explosion protection of dust removal equipment in textile industry AQ 4241-2015
AQ 4242-2015 Technical specification of dust and poison prevention and control for textile industry AQ 4242-2015
AQ 4243-2015 Technical specification of dust and poison control for AQ 4243-2015
AQ 4245-2015 Technical specification of dust and poison control for AQ 4245-2015
AQ 4246-2015 Technical specification of dust for building materials logistics AQ 4246-2015
AQ 4250-2015 Technical specification of dust and poisoning prevention and control for electroplating process AQ 4250-2015
AQ 4254-2015 Technical specification of occupational health for coatings enterprises AQ 4254-2015
AQ 4272-2016 Safety specifications for prevention of dust explosions from the mechanical processing of aluminum and magnesium products AQ 4272-2016
AQ 4273-2016 Safety specifications for dedusting system used in dust explosion hazardous area AQ 4273-2016
AQ 5201-2007 Checking code for painting engineering safety device AQ 5201-2007
AQ 5202-2008 Safety code for electroplating manipulation AQ 5202-2008
AQ 5203-2008 Safety technical condition for electroplating equipment AQ 5203-2008
AQ 5204-2008 The safety technical specification of coating manufacturer AQ 5204-2008
AQ 5205-2008 Safety code for paint and rendering application AQ 5205-2008
AQ 5206-2011 Guideline for safety assessment of painting engineering AQ 5206-2011
AQ 5208-2011 General requirement of occupational health and safety for painting AQ 5208-2011
AQ 5210-2011 General safety code for building surface coating application AQ 5210-2011
AQ 5211-2011 Safety technical condition for arc thermal spraying equipment AQ 5211-2011
AQ 5212-2011 Test requirements and methods for safety performance of ventilation and purification equipment AQ 5212-2011
AQ 5213-2011 Safety code for printing of flake Zincic or Aluminium powder anticorrosive coating AQ 5213-2011
AQ 5214-2013 Safety performance test method of drying oven AQ 5214-2013
AQ 5215-2013 Safety performance testing method for spray booth AQ 5215-2013
AQ 5216-2013 General rule for safety of coating and auxiliary materials AQ 5216-2013
AQ 5217-2015 Occupation safety and health rules of wood painting AQ 5217-2015
AQ 6101-2007 Oil resistance rubber gloves AQ 6101-2007
AQ 6102-2007 Acid and Alkali Resistant Gloves AQ 6102-2007
AQ 6103-2007 Protective gloves for welders AQ 6103-2007
AQ 6104-2007 X-ray protective gloves AQ 6104-2007
AQ 6105-2008 Foot protection. Safety boot for miners AQ 6105-2008
AQ 6106-2008 Foot protection. Protective boot used in food and medicine industries AQ 6106-2008
AQ 6109-2012 Fall protection. Climbing irons for poles AQ 6109-2012
AQ 6201-2006 General technical requirements of coal mine safety AQ 6201-2006
AQ 6202-2006 Coal mina carrier catalytic element for methane detection AQ 6202-2006
AQ 6203-2006 Coal mine low-concentration carrier catalytic methane transducer AQ 6203-2006
AQ 6204-2006 Thermal-conduction high concentration methane transducer for gas drainage AQ 6204-2006
AQ 6205-2006 Coal mine electrochemical carbon monoxide transducer AQ 6205-2006
AIMC 0001-2006 General Technical Specifications for Barcode readers AIMC 0001-2006
AQ 6207-2007 Portable Carrier Catalytic methane alarm detector AQ 6207-2007
AQ 6208-2007 Coal Mine Stationary Methane. Monitor Breaker AQ 6208-2007
AQ 6209-2007 Digital methane detecting and alarm miners lamp AQ 6209-2007
AQ 6210-2007 General technical conditions of the system for the management of the underground personnel in a coal mine AQ 6210-2007
AQ 6211-2008 Coal mine non-dispersive infrared methane transducer AQ 6211-2008
AQ 7001-2007 Safety requirements for the use of mechanical press AQ 7001-2007
AQ 7002-2007 Safety Management Criterion for Textile Industrial Enterprise AQ 7002-2007
AQ 7003-2007 Requirement of safety in production for cotton textile enterprise AQ 7003-2007
AQ 7004-2007 Safety Technical regulations for the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning AQ 7004-2007
AQ 7005-2008 Safety requirements for the use of woodworking machinery AQ 7005-2008
AQ 7007-2013 Technical specifications for safety of ship building and repairing AQ 7007-2013
AQ 8001-2007 Cencral principle of safety assessment AQ 8001-2007
AQ 8002-2007 Cuidelines for Safety Assessment prior to start AQ 8002-2007
AQ 8003-2007 Guidelines for safety assessment upon completion AQ 8003-2007
AQ 8004-2007 Safety pre-evaluation standard of urban rail transit AQ 8004-2007
AQ 8005-2007 Safety evaluation standard on project completion of urban rail transit AQ 8005-2007
AQ 8006-2010 General requirements for the competence of work safety testing and inspecting organizations AQ 8006-2010
AQ 8007-2013 Safety evaluation standard on trial operation of urban rail transit AQ 8007-2013

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