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GB/T 16767-2010 (GBT16767-2010)

GB/T 16767-2010_English: PDF (GBT 16767-2010, GBT16767-2010)
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Standard ID GB/T 16767-2010 (GB/T16767-2010)
Description (Translated English) Service quality in the amusement park
Sector / Industry National Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard A12
Classification of International Standard 03.080
Word Count Estimation 18,152
Date of Issue 2011-01-14
Date of Implementation 2011-06-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) GB/T 16767-1997
Quoted Standard GB 2893; GB 2894; GB 3096; GB 5749; GB 8408; GB 9664; GB 9665; GB 9667; GB 9670; GB/T 10001.1; GB/T 10001.2; GB/T 11651; GB 13495; GB 15630; GB/T 17775; GB/T 18973; GB 20286; CJJ 48-1992; JGJ 46; WH 0201
Drafting Organization Comprehensive Coordination Department of the National Tourism Administration
Administrative Organization National Standardization Technical Committee tourism
Regulation (derived from) National Standard Approval Announcement 2011 No.2
Proposing organization China National Tourism Administration
Issuing agency(ies) Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China; Standardization Administration of China
Summary This standard specifies the amusement park (field) of the relevant terms and definitions, provides amusement park (field) facilities management, safety management, quality of service and sanitation requirements. This standard applies to the theme park has rides and various amusement park (field).

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GB/T 16767-2010
ICS 03.080
A 12
Replacing GB/T 16767-1997
Service quality in the amusement park
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Standardization Administration of PRC.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
Introduction ... 6 
1 Scope ... 7 
2 Normative references ... 7 
3 Terms and definitions ... 8 
4 General ... 9 
5 Facilities management ... 10 
6 Safety management ... 17 
7 Quality of service ... 24 
8 Environmental hygiene ... 30 
This standard replaces GB/T 16767-1997 “Safety and service quality in the
amusement park”.
The main differences between this standard and GB/T 16767-1997 are.
a) Clause 3 Terms and definitions
- ADD the definition of events, high-risk operations, rides services;
- DELETE the definitions of amusement facilities, water amusement
facilities and effective complaints from visitors;
- MODIFY the definitions of amusement parks, cultural and entertainment
facilities and waterparks.
b) Clause 4 General
- ADD the conditions for the establishment of the amusement park
business unit and the hardware facilities requirements of the amusement
park itself;
- DELETE the order requirements;
- MODIFY the safety, service and environmental sanitation requirements
of amusement parks.
c) CHANGE the title of the clause 5 “Service facilities” in the original standard
to “Facilities management”;
- ADD the facility classification and facility operational requirements;
- ADD the specification requirements for the introduction of new
amusement facilities (water-based amusement facilities) and the rental
amusement facilities;
- ADD the monitoring facilities, barrier-free facilities, in-park roads and fire
facilities in the infrastructure;
- DELETE the requirements for hygiene and order;
- Modified content. CHANGE “information indication facility” to “guiding
identification facilities”; COMBINE “reception” and “inquiry service
facilities” into “visitor center”; CHANGE “common facilities” to
“infrastructure”; INCREASE infant service facilities to the service center;
INCREASE the direct dialing long-distance function to the public
telephone and the reception of mobile signals to the park; INCREASE the
Service quality in the amusement park
1 Scope
This standard defines the terms and definitions of amusement parks, and
specifies the requirements for facility management, safety management,
service quality and environmental hygiene of amusement parks.
This standard applies to theme parks with rides and various amusement parks
with amusement facilities.
2 Normative references
The provisions in following documents become the provisions of this standard
through reference in this standard. For the dated references, the subsequent
amendments (excluding corrections) or revisions do not apply to this standard;
however, parties who reach an agreement based on this standard are
encouraged to study if the latest versions of these documents are applicable.
For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document applies.
GB 2893 Safety color
GB 2894 Safety sign
GB 3096 Environmental quality standard for noise
GB 5749 Standards for drinking water quality
GB 8408 Amusement device safety code
GB 9664 Hygienic standard for public place of entertainment
GB 9665 Hygienic standard for public bathroom
GB 9667 Hygienic standard for swimming place
GB 9670 Hygienic standard for shopping center and book store
GB/T 10001.1 Public information graphical symbols for use on sign - Part 1.
Common symbols
GB/T 10001.2 Public information graphical symbols for use on sign - Part 2.
Symbols for touring facilities and services
5 Facilities management
5.1 Configuration requirements for facility
5.1.1 Basic requirements Amusement parks shall scientifically plan and design, rationally allocate
amusement facilities, reception facilities, guiding signage facilities and
infrastructure in accordance with the theme characteristics of the park, taking
into account the current situation of the terrain, land coverage, investment scale,
construction stage, content layout and other factors. If possible, it can increase
cultural and entertainment facilities and water amusement facilities. Special equipment in amusement parks shall comply with relevant
national regulations.
5.1.2 Amusement facilities (including water amusement facilities) The purchase, installation, operation, modification, maintenance, use
management, supervision management of amusement facilities (including
water amusement facilities) shall be in accordance with the provisions of GB
8408 and the safety supervision and management measures for amusement
facilities (including water amusement facilities) formulated by relevant state
departments. To use these facilities, it shall obtain a certificate of conformity
issued by the statutory technical inspection department. For the introduction of new amusement facilities (including water
amusement facilities), if there is no corresponding national or industry standard,
it shall use the standards of the equipment introduction country or region on this
equipment for management, establish the corresponding enterprise standards
and operational procedures, report to the relevant authorities for standard
5.1.3 Cultural and entertainment facilities and cultural themes The construction and installation of various cultural and entertainment
facilities and their supporting devices shall comply with the relevant national
laws and regulations, to ensure good performance, safe and reliable use. Stages, lighting, sound and other performance facilities shall be
installed and placed neatly and satisfactorily, to meet the performance
requirements. The anti-drop device of the equipment in the stage shall be safe and
effective. The selection and production of curtains, props, etc. shall comply with
the requirements of GB 20286.
with the size of the reception tourists in the amusement park, which can meet
the basic requirements of different levels of tourists. The facilities of the restaurant shall comply with the relevant national
hygiene standards, the tableware used shall meet the hygiene and
environmental protection requirements. It shall be equipped with necessary disinfection and mosquito-
repellent equipment, which shall meet the requirements of the national health
and epidemic prevention department. Shopping facilities The architectural shape, color and material of the tourist shopping
place shall be coordinated with the landscaping environment, without
destroying the main landscape or hindering the tourists’ visit, the layout is
reasonable; the advertising sign does not affect the sightseeing effect. It can provide tourism products related to the theme of the amusement
park or with local characteristics.
5.1.6 Infrastructure Basic requirements
The public infrastructure of the amusement park shall comply with relevant
national regulations and consider the safety and service needs in the operation
of the facility. Safety signs Where it is necessary to remind people of safety in certain places and
locations, it shall set the safety signs in accordance with GB 2894. The safety sign shall be set up in an eye-catching position, which is
clearly legible and shall not be placed on a movable object. All safety signs shall be inspected at any time. If any deformation,
damage or discoloration is found, it shall be refurbished or replaced in time. Monitoring facilities
In the amusement park, it shall install closed-circuit television monitoring
equipment at the entrances and exits, main passages and personnel-intensive
places in accordance with the regulations of the public security department, it
shall ensure that it works normally without interruption during the opening of the
personnel shall pass the training and pass examination before going to post.
5.2.2 Operating requirements for amusement facilities Safety inspections shall be carried out before daily operation, the
inspection items shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant rules and
regulations of each unit. Before operation every day, the number of test run without load shall be
not less than two, it can only be started for operation after confirming that
everything is normal. In daily operations, it shall carry out work in strict accordance with the
operating procedures of each post, pay attention to safety. After daily operation, it shall clean, organize and inspect the various
carriers, auxiliary equipment and playgrounds, to ensure that they are clean
and orderly, and there are no safety hazards; at the same time, record the
operation of the daily amusement facilities and sign it for confirmation.
5.2.3 Waterpark operation requirements The waterpark shall have a special management department and shall
be equipped with sufficient lifeguards, medical personnel and first aid facilities
as required. All water recreation items shall be equipped with monitoring stations,
with dedicated personnel on duty, the number and location of monitoring
stations shall be able to see the full range of water recreation items. The amusement rules of various water amusement items shall be
announced in obvious positions. The video or broadcasting system shall make
repeated publicity to remind visitors to pay attention to safety and prevent
accidents. Before the daily operation, the water play facilities with certain risks shall
be put into trial operation. The surface floats and pool bottom debris shall be removed once a day
before operation. The water quality shall be checked regularly every day. The water
quality criteria shall meet the requirements of GB 9667, GB 5749 and GB 9665.
5.2.4 Cultural and entertainment facilities operation requirements The use of various cultural and entertainment facilities shall strictly abide
by the corresponding operational specifications, to ensure the performance
the safety explanation and training for foreign tourists, with graphic
representation. During the amusement process, it shall pay close attention to the
safety status of the tourists as well as the operation status of the amusement
facilities, to eliminate the safety hazards in time. When the facility is temporarily shut down due to sudden bad weather
or mechanical breakdown of the amusement facilities, it shall have emergency
and contingency measures, and notice the tourists in time. Amusement parks shall recommend buying personal accident
insurance for visitors who participate in special thrill rides.
6.2.2 Tourist safety Amusement activities that require physical conditions for visitors or that
are not suitable for patients with certain diseases shall be announced in a
“warning” manner at the entry point of the activity. Visitors who do not meet the seating conditions shall be rejected to
participate in the corresponding amusement activities.
6.2.3 Employee safety If the professional technical qualification certificate is not held, it shall
not operate the electrical equipment and facilities in the park. Employees’ dress, hair, and jewelry shall meet safety requirements;
safety equipment such as safety helmets and safety ropes shall be worn during
high-altitude or engineering operations, and shall be operated in strict
accordance with safety regulations.
6.2.4 Safety inspection Amusement parks shall have safety inspection systems such as
amusement facilities, cultural and entertainment facilities and waterparks. The amusement facilities shall be subject to routine inspection before
the day, week, month, holiday and peak season. It shall make thorough
overhauling once every year. The rides that exceed the validity period of the
safety inspection shall not be operated with passengers. It is strictly forbidden
to operate the equipment with malfunction. The amusement facilities shall be routinely inspected before they are
operated daily and shall be put into operation after being signed and confirmed
by the safety inspectors. When ambulances and fire engines enter the park, the staff along the
route shall actively guide the tourists, eliminate roadblocks and ensure the
smooth passage of vehicles.
6.6 Event safety
6.6.1 The safety work of events shall follow the principle of “the organizer
undertaking the event shall be responsible for its safety”. The main person in
charge of the organizer is the person responsible for the safety of the event.
6.6.2 Before the event is held, the organizer shall formulate corresponding
safety emergency plans and report them to the public security, fire control and
superior authorities for review and approval.
6.6.3 The amusement park activity area shall have a safe passage and a safe
entrance and exit, and set clear and obvious safety guidance signs. If necessary,
it can set a safety buffer and a one-way line at the entrance and exit.
6.6.4 During the events, when the number of tourists in the amusement park
exceeds the design capacity of the park, it shall promptly report to the relevant
departments, and initiate emergency plans to take effective measures to guide
6.7 High-risk operation safety
6.7.1 Amusement parks are not allowed to carry out high-risk operations during
the business hours.
6.7.2 If it is necessary to carry out high-risk operations under special
circumstances, it shall be approved by the amusement park safety
management department before implementation. The safety management
department shall send professional and technical personnel to the operation
site for safety supervision and management.
6.7.3 High-risk operations shall be handled by professional institutions and
6.8 Emergency treatment
6.8.1 Basic requirements The amusement park shall formulate emergency plans for fires, natural
disasters, amusement equipment accidents, holidays and festivals. The
emergency plan shall include at least the following contents.
- Emergency organization system and its responsibilities;
- Emergency plan initiation procedure; It shall be proficient in Mandarin and with simple English listening and
speaking skills. It shall be familiar with business service information and shall be able to
provide basic information consultation. It shall be familiar with emergency rescue calls and methods, and shall
provide basic emergency services. It shall master the basic use method of digital products such as
photographs and camera.
7.3 Post service requirements
7.3.1 Rides service Service personnel shall be familiar with the safety matters of this post
and the operation procedures of the item. The host shall introduce the safety precautions and rules of the ride to
the tourist. At the end of the item, the service personnel shall remind the tourists to
take personal items and guide the tourists to participate in other amusement
items in the park.
7.3.2 Waterpark service Service personnel shall be familiar with the characteristics of each area
of the waterpark and have basic rescue lifesaving knowledge and skills. Lifeguards shall comply with the regulations of relevant departments,
be specially trained, be proficient in life-saving knowledge and skills, and be
certified to work. Service personnel shall report the weather changes to tourists at any
time, and guide tourists to lightning protection and other protective measures in
case of inclement weather.
7.3.3 Cultural and entertainment services Amusement parks shall develop entertainment products and hold
events in accordance with market demand, to enrich the amusement activities. The content of cultural and entertainment activities shall be elegant and
civilized, which is beneficial to the physical and mental health of young people
and the public. The participants of cultural and entertainment activities shall be subject
tickets, and correctly guide the tourists into the park. Group reception services shall be available to facilitate the access of
group visitors. Special services shall be provided when dealing with the elderly,
children, patients and people with disabilities.
7.3.12 Catering services The opening hours of restaurants and catering outlets shall be adapted
to the opening hours of the amusement park. The restaurant shall set up a special diet or buffet service in
accordance with the environment, characteristics, background and events of
the amusement park. Catering service personnel shall be familiar with the business service
information of the restaurant, have the knowledge of hygiene, safety, production
and sales required for the work of the restaurant, and master the use and
maintenance method of catering equipment, appliances, tools. Children's chairs shall be provided for guests with children.
7.3.13 Shopping service The windows and counters of tourist malls (shops) and kiosks shall be
reasonably arranged and firmly structured. The merchandise display shall be
both artistic and convenient for tourists to purchase. Service personnel shall be familiar with and master the performance,
origin and characteristics of the products being promoted, actively introduce the
products to the tourists, and try to meet the requirements of the tourists during
service. All types of goods shall be clearly marked of the prices and the quality
7.3.14 Medical emergency services After an accidental accident occurs in the park, it shall be ensured that
the tourist receives emergency medical assistance within 10 minutes after the
accident. For the setting up of the infirmary, medical personnel with medical
qualifications shall be provided. The number of medical personnel shall be
equivalent to the size of the amusement park.