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QB/T 1327-1991 PDF in English

QB/T 1327-1991 (QB/T1327-1991, QBT 1327-1991, QBT1327-1991)
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QB/T 1327-1991: PDF in English (QBT 1327-1991)

QB/T 1327-91
Test method for color rubbing fastness of leather surface
Approved by. Ministry of Light Industry of the People’s Republic of China
Table of contents
1 Contents and scope of application ... 3 
2 References ... 3 
3 Terminology ... 3 
4 Principles ... 3 
5 Equipment and materials ... 4 
6 Samples ... 5 
7 Test methods and result judgment ... 5 
8 Test report ... 6 
Additional information... 7 
Test method for color rubbing fastness of leather surface
1 Contents and scope of application
This standard specifies the method for determination of the color rubbing
fastness of leather surface or use surface in case of dry friction and wet
This standard applies to light leather.
2 References
GB 406 Technical requirements for natural color cotton cloth
GB 251 Grey scale for assessing staining
GB 4689.1 Leather - Laboratory sample - Location and identification
GB 4689.2 Leather - Physical an mechanical tests - Sample preparation and
3 Terminology
3.1 Gray scale. a color comparison card used to determine the staining degree
by the comparison method.
3.2 Lining cloth. a cloth used to wrap the friction head, which shall comply with
the requirements of 5.3.
3.3 Friction head. a part of instrument which directly abrades the sample,
which shall comply with the requirements of 5.1b.
4 Principles
In the process of reciprocating friction on the surface of the leather at the
specified pressure, part of color from is transferred from the leather surface to
the lining cloth, AND the staining degree is determined using grey scale
through visual observation.
7.2.2 MAKE the lining cloth wetted by the distilled water as specified in Clause
5.4, AND its moisture shall be 70% ~ 75% if weighed by balance.
7.2.3 The lining cloth after being subjected to wet rubbing shall be placed in the
dark in room temperature air for natural drying, AND then the grey scale is
used to conduct judgment in accordance with the provisions of 7.1.5.
Note. It is allowed to conduct test for the entire piece of leather at the location
as specified in Clause 6.1.
8 Test report
The report includes the following information.
8.1 Various characteristics of the sample.
8.2 Whether or not it is tested in accordance with this standard.
8.3 Each test result.
8.4 Special cases that occur during the test.
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