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GB/T 18011-2008 PDF in English

GB/T 18011-2008 (GB/T18011-2008, GBT 18011-2008, GBT18011-2008)
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GB/T 18011-2008: PDF in English (GBT 18011-2008)

GB/T 18011-2008
ICS 83.060
B 72
GB/T 18011-2008 / ISO 498:1992
Replacing GB/T 18011-1999
Natural rubber latex concentrate - Preparation of dry films
浓缩天然乳胶 干胶膜制备
(ISO 498:1992, IDT)
ISSUED ON: MAY 15, 2008
Issued by: General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Quarantine of PRC.
Standardization Administration of PRC.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative references ... 4
3 Equipment ... 4
4 Sampling ... 5
5 Operation steps ... 5
This standard is identically translated from ISO 498:1992 "Natural rubber latex
concentrate - Preparation of dry films" (English version).
For ease of use, this standard has made the following editorial changes:
- CHANGE the words "this International Standard" into "this Standard";
- DELETE the foreword of the International Standard.
- MAKE references to GB/T 8290 and GB/T 8298 in the normative references in
Chapter 2. There is no technical difference between these two standards and the
corresponding parts of ISO 498:1992.
This standard replaces GB/T 18011-1999 "Natural rubber latex concentrate -
Preparation of dry films".
The main differences between this standard and GB/T 18011-1999 are as follows:
- DELETE the ISO foreword;
- MAKE editorial revisions, in accordance with the provisions of GB/T 1.1-2000 and
GB/T 20001.4-2001.
This standard was proposed by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association.
This standard shall be under the jurisdiction of the Natural Rubber Subcommittee of the
National Rubber and Rubber Standardization Technical Committee.
Drafting organizations of this standard: Institute of Agricultural Products Processing of
Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, Food Quality Supervision,
Inspection and Testing Center (Zhanjiang) of Ministry of Agriculture.
The main drafters of this standard: Lu Guang, Huang Maofang, Chen Chenghai, Yu
This standard was first issued in November 1999.
Natural rubber latex concentrate - Preparation of dry films
WARNING: Personnel using this standard shall have practical experience in
formal laboratory work. This standard does not address all possible safety issues.
It is the user's responsibility to take appropriate safety and sanitation measures
and ensure compliance with the conditions, which are stipulated in the relevant
national laws and regulations.
1 Scope
This standard specifies the method for preparing a homogeneous dry rubber film
without air bubbles, from natural rubber latex concentrate.
This standard applies to Hevea brasiliensis latex. It is not necessarily suitable for other
natural latex, compound latex, vulcanized latex, water cement, synthetic latex.
2 Normative references
The provisions in following documents become the provisions of this Standard through
reference in this Standard. For the dated references, the subsequent amendments
(excluding corrections) or revisions do not apply to this Standard; however, parties who
reach an agreement based on this Standard are encouraged to study if the latest versions
of these documents are applicable. For undated references, the latest edition of the
referenced document applies.
GB/T 8290 Natural rubber latex concentrate - Sampling (GB/T 8290-1987, eqv ISO
GB/T 8298 Natural rubber latex concentrate - Determination of total solids content
(GB/T 8298-2008, ISO 124:1997, MOD)
3 Equipment
3.1 Mold: It can be made by bonding glass or hard plastic sheets, which have a width
of 6 mm and a thickness of 1.5 mm, to a glass plate. The adhesive is epoxy resin or
polyvinyl acetate solution in methyl ethyl ketone. The size of the mold cavity depends
on the requirements of the test sample, for example, the length is 150 mm ~ 200 mm,
the width is 110 mm ~ 120 mm. When the mold is filled with latex, which has a total
solid content of 62% (mass fraction), the thickness of the prepared dry film is about 1
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