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GB 50661-2011 PDF in English

GB 50661-2011 (GB50661-2011) PDF English
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GB 50661-2011: PDF in English

GB 50661-2011
P GB 50661-2011
Code for Welding of Steel Structures
Issued by. Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development;
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection
and Quarantine (AQSIQ) and the Standardization
Administration (SAC) of the People's Republic of China.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 6 
1 General Provisions ... 8 
2 Terms and Symbols ... 9 
2.1 Terms ... 9 
2.2 Symbols ... 9 
3 Basic Requirement ... 11 
4 Materials ... 13 
5 Design of Welding Connections ... 15 
5.1 General Requirements ... 15 
5.2 Form and Size of Weld Groove ... 16 
5.3 Theoretical Throat of Weld ... 18 
5.4 Welding Nodal Points of Combined Welding Member ... 27 
5.5 Technics for Avoiding the Nodal Point of Lamellar Tearing ... 30 
5.6 Welding Connection Design of Member Production and Field Installation ... 32 
5.7 Design of Welding Connections Bearing Dynamic Load and Anti-earthquake ... 38 
6 Welding Procedure Qualification ... 41 
6.1 General Requirement ... 41 
6.2 Substitute Principles of Welding Procedure Qualification ... 43 
6.3 Requalification ... 46 
6.4 Preparation of Test Pieces and Samples ... 48 
6.5 Testing ... 56 
6.6 Prequalification of WPS ... 60 
7 Welding Procedures ... 64 
7.1 Preparation of Base Metal ... 64 
7.2 Requirement of Welding Consumables ... 65 
7.3 Assemble Requirement of Welding Joint ... 67 
7.4 Tack Weld ... 68 
7.5 Welding Environment ... 68 
7.6 Preheat and Interpass Temperature Control ... 68 
7.7 Post-weld Hydrogen Relief Heat Treatment ... 70 
7.8 Post-weld Stress Relief Treatment ... 70 
7.9 Weld Tab and Backing ... 70 
7.10 Technic Requirement of Welding Procedure ... 71 
7.11 Control of Welding Deformation ... 72 
7.12 Repairs ... 73 
7.13 Correction ... 74 
7.14 Back Gouging ... 74 
7.15 Temporary Welds ... 74 
7.16 Striking and Extinguish of Arc ... 75 
7.17 ESW and EGW ... 75 
8 Inspection ... 76 
8.1 General Requirement ... 76 
8.2 Weld Inspection of Structure Bearing Static Load ... 79 
8.3 Weld Inspection of Structure Requiring Fatigue Assessment ... 82 
9 Weld Strengthening and Reinforcement ... 86 
Appendix A Form, Size and Marking Method for Welding Joint Groove of Steel
Structure ... 89 
Appendix B Format of WPQR ... 100 
Appendix C Testing of ESW Weld of Box Members ... 119 
Explanation of Wording in This Code ... 120 
List of Quoted Standards ... 121 
This code was jointly prepared by the Central Research Institute of Building and
Construction of MCC Group Co., Ltd. and organizations concerned according to the
requirements of the Ministry of Construction "Notice on Printing and Publishing
'Development and Revision Plan of National Engineering Construction Standards and
Codes (second batch) in 2005' " (Jianbiao [2007] No.126).
This code provides the technical requirements on design of welding connections,
manufacture, materials, procedure and quality control of steel structures as well as
staffing. Meanwhile, in order to implement technical and economic policies of the
nation and reflect the sustainable development concept in the steel structure
construction field, this code not only controls the welding quality of steel structures,
but also strengthen the requirements on energy conservation, material saving and
environmental protection, etc.
During the preparation process this code, we summarized the practical
experience and research achievements on steel structure welding in China in recent
years, the drafting group conducted multiple monographic studies, sufficiently
adopted the new technology, new procedure and new materials practically used in
works, and used the international and foreign advanced standards for reference,
solicited opinions from all sides, discussed and modified the specific contents
repeatedly and finalizes it upon review.
The main contents of this code are. General Provisions, Terms and Symbols,
Basic Requirement, Materials, Design of Welding Connections, Welding Procedure
Qualification, Welding Procedures, Inspection, Weld Strengthening and
Reinforcement, etc.
Provisions printed in bold type in this code are compulsory ones, and must be
enforced strictly.
The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is in charge of the
administration of this standard and the explanation of the compulsory provisions of
this code, and Central Research Institute of Building and Construction of MCC Group
Co., Ltd. is in charge of the explanation of specific technical contents. All relevant
organizations are kindly requested to sum up and accumulate your experiences in
actual practice during the process of implementing this code. The relevant opinions
and advice, whenever necessary, can be fed back to "Code for Construction of
Concrete Structures" Administrative Group of Central Research Institute of Building
and Construction of MCC Group Co., Ltd. (Address. No.33, Xitucheng Road, Haidian
District, Beijing, 100088; E-mail. jyz3408@263.net) for future reference.
Chief development organizations of this code. Central Research Institute of
Building and Construction of MCC Group Co., Ltd. and China Second Metallurgy
Group Corporation Limited
Participating development organizations. National Engineering Research Center
for Steel Structures, China Jingye Engineering Corporation Limited, China
1 General Provisions
1.0.1 This code is formulated with view to implementing national technical and economic
policies in the steel structure welding, to achieving technical advancement, economic
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