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SB/T 10018-2017 (SBT 10018-2017)

SB/T 10018-2017_English: PDF (SBT10018-2017)
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Standard ID SB/T 10018-2017 (SB/T10018-2017)
Description (Translated English) Hard candy
Sector / Industry Domestic Trade Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard X33
Classification of International Standard 67.180.10
Word Count Estimation 9,979
Date of Issue 2017-01-13
Date of Implementation 2017-10-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) SB/T 10018-2008
Drafting Organization (Fujian) Food Co., Ltd., Shishi Li Xiang Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai Golden Monkey Food Co., Ltd., Beijing Kang Beier Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai Sweet Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kang Food Co., Ltd., (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Guangdong Zhenmei Foodstuff Co., Ltd., You Haweiwei Sugar Food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., extraordinary emperor (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., (China) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zidan Consulting Co., Ltd., China Food Industry Association Confectionery Professional Committee, China Bakery Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Want Want Group, Wrigley Candy (China) Co., Sugar Industry Association
Administrative Organization National Confectionery and Chocolate Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC 375)
Regulation (derived from) Ministry of Commerce Announcement No. 2 of 2017
Proposing organization China Chamber of Commerce
Issuing agency(ies) People Republic of China Ministry of Commerce

SB/T 10018-2017
ICS 67.180.10
X 33
Registration No.: 58123-2017
Replacing SB/T 10018-2008
Hard candy
糖果 硬质糖果
Issued by: Ministry of Commerce of PRC
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 5 
2 Normative references ... 5 
3 Terms and definitions ... 6 
4 Categories... 6 
5 Technical requirements ... 7 
6 Inspection method ... 9 
7 Inspection rules ... 9 
8 Judgment rules ... 10 
9 Labels, markings, packaging, storage, transportation and sales... 10 
Appendix A (Normative) Testing method for loss on drying ... 12 
References ... 14 
Hard candy
1 Scope
This standard specifies the terms and definitions, classification, technical
requirements, inspection methods, inspection rules, judgment rules, labeling,
marking, packaging, storage, transportation and sales requirements for hard
candy products.
This standard is applicable to the production, inspection and sales of hard
candy series products as defined in 3.1.
2 Normative references
The following documents are essential to the application of this document. For
the dated documents, only the versions with the dates indicated are applicable
to this document; for the undated documents, only the latest version (including
all the amendments) are applicable to this standard.
GB/T 191 Packaging - Pictorial marking for handling of goods
GB/T 317 White granulated sugar
GB 2760 National food safety standard - Standards for uses of food additives
GB 2762 Food safety national standard - Contaminant limits in food
GB 5009.7-2016 National food safety standard - Determination of reducing
sugar in foods
GB 7718 National food safety standard - Standard for nutrition labelling of
prepackaged foods
GB 14880 National food safety standard for the use of nutritional
fortification substances in foods
GB 17399 Hygienic standard for chewing gum
GB/T 20881 Isomaltooligosaccharide
GB/T 20883 Maltose
GB/T 20885 glucose syrup
GB 28050 National food safety standard - Nutrition label standards of
pre-packaged food
GB/T 31120-2014 Candy terminology
GB 31621 Food safety national standard - Code of hygienic practice in food
b) Granulated sugar hard candy;
c) Filled hard candy;
d) Coating hard candy, coating and polishing hard candy;
e) Other hard candies.
5 Technical requirements
5.1 Raw and auxiliary materials
5.1.1 White sugar
It shall meet the requirements of GB 317.
5.1.2 Isomalto-oligosaccharide
It shall meet the requirements of GB/T 20881.
5.1.3 Maltose
It shall meet the requirements of GB/T 20883.
5.1.4 Glucose syrup
It shall meet the requirements of GB/T 20885.
5.1.5 Other raw materials
It shall comply with requirements of relevant national standards or industry
5.1.6 Food additives
The quality shall comply with the requirements of relevant national standards
or industry standards.
5.1.7 Food nutrition fortifier
The quality shall comply with the requirements of relevant national standards
or industry standards.
5.2 Sensory requirements
It shall meet the requirements of Table 1.
5.5 Net content
It shall comply with the provisions of the "Measures for Supervision and
Administration of Quantitative Packaging Commodities"
6 Inspection method
6.1 Senses
Place the sample in a clean, dry white container; peel off all packaging materials;
check the color, shape, composition, taste, flavor and impurities.
6.2 Loss on drying
Make determination according to the method specified in Appendix A.
6.3 Reducing sugar
Make determination according to the first method specified in GB 5009.7-2016.
6.4 Food safety indicators
Make determination according to the method specified in the corresponding
national food safety standards.
6.5 Negative deviation of net content
It shall be inspected according to JJF 1070.
7 Inspection rules
7.1 Group-batch
Products of the same shift or the same shift team, the same variety, the same
production line form a batch.
7.2 Sampling
Randomly select 0.2% of each batch in the production line, or not less than 1
kg in each batch.
7.3 Exit-factory inspection
7.3.1 The products shall be inspected batch by batch; it can exit-factory after
passing the inspection.
7.3.2 The exit-factory inspection items of prepackaged products include
sensory requirements, net content, loss on drying and reducing sugar. The exit-
factory inspection items of quantity-based bulk products for sales include
sensory requirements, mass, loss on drying and reducing sugar.
7.3.3 For products of the same variety and different packages, the inspection
9.1.2 Products containing fruit/juice ingredients (fruit pulp, fruit powder, jam,
juice, concentrated juice) in the ingredients not less than 2.5% of the total mass
fraction of the candy (calculated as the original fruit or original juice) may be
marked as ××(fruit/juice) candy; when a variety of fruit/juice ingredients (fruit
pulp, fruit powder, jam, fruit juice, concentrated juice) are added to the candy, if
the fruit/juice ingredients is not less than 1.5% of the total mass fraction of the
candy (calculated as the original fruit or original juice), it can be named by the
fruit represented by the fruit/juice, marked as ××(fruit/juice) candy.
9.2 Marking
The storage and transportation marking shall meet the requirements of GB/T
9.3 Packaging
9.3.1 Packaging materials shall comply with relevant national standards or
industry standards.
9.3.2 The packing box shall be tight, tidy and free from damage.
9.4 Storage
9.4.1 Products shall be stored in a clean and dry warehouse.
9.4.2 The products shall be stacked on the stacking mat; it shall be not less
than 10 cm above the ground and from the wall.
9.5 Transport
9.5.1 Transport vehicles shall meet sanitary requirements.
9.5.2 It shall not be mixed or transported with toxic and polluting materials.
Avoid squeezing, sun exposure or rain during transportation. Handle with care
when loading and unloading.
9.6 Sales
Products shall be sold in a clean and hygienic environment. The bulk products
sold based on quantity shall comply with the provisions of GB 31621 and the
"Code of hygienic management of bulk food".