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SB/T 10018-2008 (SBT10018-2008)

SB/T 10018-2008_English: PDF (SBT 10018-2008, SBT10018-2008)
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Standard ID SB/T 10018-2008 (SB/T10018-2008)
Description (Translated English) Hard candy
Sector / Industry Domestic Trade Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard X33
Classification of International Standard 67.180.10
Word Count Estimation 10,146
Date of Issue 2008-07-03
Date of Implementation 2008-12-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) SB 10018-2001
Quoted Standard GB 317; GB 2760; GB/T 5009.7-2003; GB 7718; GB 9678.1; GB 14880; GB/T 20881; GB/T 20885; SB/T 10346-2008; bulk food hygiene management specification MOH Health Law Regulatory Commission [ 2003 ] No. 180; prepackaged State administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine supervision and Administration commodity metering Decree [ 2005 ] No. 75
Drafting Organization China Chamber of Commerce Business Standard Center
Administrative Organization Ministry of Commerce
Regulation (derived from) ?Ministry of Commerce Announcement 2008 No.48
Proposing organization China Chamber of Commerce
Issuing agency(ies) People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce
Summary This standard specifies the classification of hard candy products, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, labels, packaging, transport, storage requirements. This standard applies to SB/T 10346-2008 referred to in 3. 1 of candy production, inspection and sales.

SB/T 10018-2008
ICS 67.180.10
X 33
Record Number. 24733-2008
Domestic Trade Industry Standard
of the People's Republic of China
Replacing SB/T 10018-2001
Hard candy
糖果 硬质糖果
Issued by. Ministry of Commerce, the People's Republic of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 5
2 Normative references ... 5
3 Terms and definitions ... 6
4 Product type ... 6
5 Technical requirements ... 6
6 Test methods ... 8
7 Inspection rules ... 9
8 Label ... 10
9 Packaging ... 11
10 Transport ... 11
11 Storage ... 11
Appendix A ... 12
This Standard is the new revision to SB 10018-2001 “Hard Candy”.
This Standard replaces SB 10018-2001 “Hard Candy".
Compared with SB 10018-2001 “Hard Candy”, the major changes of this Standard are
as follows.
- SB 10018-2001 was partial mandatory industry standard, this Standard is
recommended industry standard;
- DELETE "starch syrup type hard candy", ADD "sandwich type hard candy" and
"coating, coating polishing type hard candy";
- Loss on drying (g/100 g). For sugar type, it is changed from ≤6.0 to ≤3.0;
- Reducing sugar (g/100 g). It is changed from “not required” to 10.0-20.0;
- SPECIFY the drying test method "according to Appendix A”. Test method of
reducing sugar is change from "Determined by the second method of GB/T 5009.7” to
“Determined by the first method of GB/T 5009.7”;
- ADD "For products containing less than 1.5% of fruit solid substances, it must not be
labeled as fruit candy XX”;
- ADD pigment test.
Appendix A of this Standard is normative.
This Standard was proposed by China Chamber of Commerce.
This Standard shall be administered by Ministry of Commerce, the People's Republic
of China.
Drafting organizations of this Standard. Business Standard Center of China Chamber
of Commerce, China Food Industry Association Candy Committee, Shanghai Golden
Monkey Food Co., Ltd., Fujian Yake Food Co., Ltd., Shishi Li Xiang Food Co., Ltd.,
Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai WoWo (Group) Co., Ltd.,
Beijing Campbell Food Co., Ltd. (Ma Da Jie company), Dongguan Xu Ji Food Co.,
Ltd., Guangdong Smiles Food Co., Want Group, Crayon (Fujian) Food Industry Co.,
Ltd., China Food Sugar Products Industry Association, National Food Quality
Supervision and Inspection Center, Wrigley Confectionery (China) Co., Ltd., Perfetti
Van Melle Confectionery (China) Co., Ltd., Fujian Wellcome Food Industry Co., Ltd.,
Cadbury (China) Food Co., Ltd., Beijing Yili Food Co., Ltd., Beijing Oriental Howe
Food Co., Jinjiang Qi Feng Food Co., Nestle (China) Ltd, and Orion Food Co., Ltd.
The main drafters of this Standard. Ding Shaohui, Chen Guoxing, Le Wenxiang, Jing
Bing, Dong Yansheng, Weng Yanjun, Liang Biao, Fan Wenhua, Wei Jianhua, Ma Hao,
Chen Yishan, Yu Mingda, Hua Benyuan, Zhao Yanping, Yuan Xiaomei, Xu Minqing,
Ma Zhanming, Shi Weizhen, Du Chunli, Zhang Bin, Mi Guoliang, Liu Dong, Wu
Chunzhu, Dong Kun, Cheng Xiangdong, Yan Bing, and Shi Yue.
Hard candy
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the hard candy’s product classification, technical
requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, labels, packaging,
transportation, and storage requirements.
This Standard is applicable to production, testing and marketing of candy as
specified by Article 3.1 in SB/T 10346 2008.
2 Normative references
The following documents contain provisions which, through reference in this
Standard, become provisions of this Standard. For dated references, their
subsequent amendments (excluding corrections) or revisions do not apply to this
Standard. However, the parties who enter into agreement based on this Standard
are encouraged to investigate whether the latest versions of these documents are
applicable. For undated reference documents, the latest versions apply to this
GB 317 White granulated sugar
GB 2760 Hygienic standard for use of food additives
GB/T 5009.7-2003 Determination of reducing sugar in foods
GB 7718 National food safety standards - General Principles of
pre-packaged food labels
GB 9678.1 Hygienic standard for candy
GB 14880 Hygienic standard for the use of nutritional fortification
substances in foods
GB/T 20881 Isomaltooligosaccharide
GB/T 20885 Glucose syrup
9 Packaging
9.1 Packaging materials shall comply with the relevant standards.
9.2 Packaging boxes shall be tight, neat, and without damage.
10 Transport
10.1 Transport vehicles shall meet the health requirements.
10.2 It must not be mixed and transported with toxic, contaminated goods. During
transport, it shall prevent extrusion, sunlight and rain. When loading and unloading,
it shall be handled carefully.
11 Storage
11.1 The products shall be stored in a clean, cool, dry warehouse.
11.2 The product shall be stacked on stack-pads; off the ground and away from
the wall not less than 10 cm.
Appendix A
Test method of loss on drying
A.1 Principle
PLACE the candy samples of known mass in a vacuum drying-oven. DRY it to
constant weight. DETERMINE the mass of volatiles.
A.2 Instruments
A.2.1 Analytical balance. sensitivity of 0.0001g.
A.2.2 Dryer. with effective desiccant.
A.2.3 Vacuum drying-oven. 80 ºC ± 2 ºC.
A.2.4 Weighing bottles. bottle depth of 20 mm; diameter of 60 mm; with
appropriate dish cover, flat, aluminum-made or glass-made weighing bottle; it is
required to be corrosion-resistant under the test conditions.
A.2.5 Vacuum pump. vacuum degree shall reach 0.09 MPa.
A.3 Operation method
A.3.1 Sample preparation
USE grinder to break the samples. USE quartation method to sample diagonally.
TAKE about 25 g. PLACE in a clean, dry, with-lid wide-mouth bottle. MIX well and
SET aside for spare use.
A.3.2 Determination
Accurately WEIGH the weighing bottle which has been dried to constant weight.
Accurately WEIGH the sample of about 3 g - 5 g. PLACE in a vacuum drying-oven.
MAKE the vacuum degree to be 0.09 MPa. Temperature shall be controlled at 80
ºC ± 2 ºC. DRY for 4 h and TAKE out the weighing bottle. COVER it and PLACE
into dryer. COOL it to room temperature and TAKE out for weighing, accurate to
0.0001 g. REPEAT the operation - HEAT for 1 h and WEIGH, until the mass
difference between two consecutive weighings is not more than 0.001 g. Content
of loss on drying in candy shall be calculated according to formula (A.1).
In the formula.
X - Content of loss on drying in candy, in unit of grams per hundred grams
m1 - The total mass of the weighing bottle containing the sample, in units of grams
m2 - The total mass of the after-dried sample and weighing bottle, in units of
grams (g);
m - The mass of weighing bottle, in unit of grams (g).