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CQC-C0401-2014_English: PDF (CQC-C0401-2014)
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CQC-C0401-2014English145 Add to Cart 0--10 minutes. Auto-delivered. China Compulsory Certification Implementation Detailed-Rules - Small power motors CQC-C0401-2014 CQC-C0401-2014

Standard ID CQC-C0401-2014 (CQC C0401-2014; CQC-C04-01-2014; CQC-C0401-2014)
Description (Translated English) China Compulsory Certification Implementation Detailed-Rules - Small power motors
Sector / Industry China Quality Certification Center - CCC Implementation Detailed-Rules
Classification of Chinese Standard CQC
Word Count Estimation 36,372
Date of Issue 2014/7/16
Date of Implementation 2014/9/1
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) CQC-01C-013-2007
Drafting Organization China Quality Certification Center
Administrative Organization CQC
Regulation (derived from) Notice No. 23 of the State Certification and Accreditation Administration, No. 23 of the State Certification and Accreditation Administration
Summary This document specifies the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) implementation Detailed-Rules for Small power motors. This document defines the Small power motors's certification unit; certification entrusting; document requirements; sample requirements;

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Translated English. CQC‐C0401.2014 
Serial No.. CQC-C0401.2014
Detailed Implementation Rules for
China Compulsory Certification
Small-power Motor
China Quality Certification Center
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This Detailed Implementation Rules is formulated on the basis of
Implementation Rules for China Compulsory Certification – Small-power Motor
(CNCA-C04-01.2014). It is issued by China Quality Certification Center.
Copyright is owned by China Quality Certification Center. No organization or
individual shall use in whole or part of this Detailed Implementation Rules in
any form without the permission from China Quality Certification Center.
Formulating organization. China Quality Certification Center
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Table of Contents
0.1 Terms and definitions ... 4 
0.2 Classification management requirements of manufacturing enterprise ... 5 
1. Application Scope ... 7 
2. Standards for certification ... 7 
3. Certification mode ... 7 
3.1 Basic mode ... 7 
3.2 Details of certification mode ... 7 
3.3 Applicability of certification mode ... 7 
4. Division of certification-unit ... 8 
5. Certification entrusting ... 8 
5.1 Certification application and acceptance ... 8 
5.2 Application materials ... 8 
5.3 Implementation arrangement ... 9 
6. Certification implementation ... 9 
6.1 Type test ... 9 
6.2 Initial factory inspection ... 11 
6.3 Certification evaluation and approval ... 14 
6.4 Certification time limit ... 14 
7. After-certification supervision ... 14 
7.1 After-certification follow-up inspection ... 14 
7.2 On-site sampling inspection ... 15 
7.3 Market sampling inspection ... 15 
7.4 Frequency and time of after-certification supervision ... 16 
7.5 Record of after-certification supervision ... 16 
7.6 Evaluation of result of after-certification supervision ... 16 
8. Certificate ... 16 
8.1 Certificate maintenance ... 16 
8.2 Change of certificate for covered products ... 16 
8.3 Expansion of covered products ... 17 
8.4 Cancellation, suspension and withdrawal of certificate ... 17 
8.5 Use of certificate ... 17 
9. Certification marks ... 17 
10. Charge ... 17 
11. Certification responsibilities ... 18 
12. Process and time-limit requirements related to technical disputes, complaints
and appeal ... 18 
Attachment 1 Requirements for certification-unit division and sending-sample of
compulsory certification for small-power motor ... 19 
Attachment 2 Change requirements and list of critical components, materials and
non-metal parts ... 23 
Attachment 3 Requirements for factory’s quality assurance capacity ... 27 
Attachment 4 Manufacturing Enterprise Quality Control Test Requirements for
Small-power Motor ... 34 
0. Introduction
                                                                                                          Page 4 of 38 
Detailed Implementation Rules for China Compulsory Certification - Small-
power Motor (hereafter referred to as Detailed-Rules) is formulated according
to the provisions of Implementation Rules for China Compulsory Certification -
Small-power Motor (CNCA-C04-01.2014) (hereafter referred to as
Implementation Rules). Detailed-Rules is used together with Implementation
Rules as a supportive document.
The product scope, certification basis and all other contents of this Detailed-
Rules shall comply with relevant provisions of Implementation Rules. It shall
also be adjusted according to the Notices such as defined directory and
directory adjustment that are issued by Certification and Accreditation
Administration of China (hereafter referred as to CNCA).
In accordance with the provisions of Implementation Rules, following the
principles of maintaining the effectiveness of product certification, improving
quality of product, serving certification companies, and controlling risk of
certification, CQC formulates and issues this Detailed-Rules. Through
establishing the classification management requirements of manufacturing
enterprises, and combining the classification of manufacturing enterprises, this
Detailed-Rules determines the implementation requirements for China
Compulsory Certification of small-power motor.
0.1 Terms and definitions
0.1.1 Testing at Manufacturer’s Premises (abbreviated as TMP mode)
It means that the engineers of designated laboratory use the testing equipment
in the factory laboratory to conduct testing. The factory shall dispatch test
personnel to provide assistance. The designated laboratory will examine,
approve and issue the test report.
0.1.2 Witnessed Manufacturer’s Testing (abbreviated as WMT mode)
It means that the engineer of designated laboratory witnesses the factory
laboratory’s test conditions and all tests completed by using the laboratory’s
equipment or according to the test plan submitted; or witnesses part of the test
conditions and the test items. Test personnel of the factory laboratory shall
provide the original records and draft up the test report together with the
engineer of designated laboratory according to relevant provisions. The
designated laboratory shall audit, approve and issue the test report.
0.1.3 ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) manufacturing enterprise
The factory that utilizes the same-quality assurance capability requirements,
same-product design, same-production process control, and same inspection
requirements etc., to design, process, manufacture the same-product for a
manufacturer or multiple manufacturers.
                                                                                                          Page 5 of 38 
0.1.4 Holder of ODM initial certificate
The organization that holds the initial product certificate of ODM product.
0.1.5 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufacturing enterprise
The manufacturing factory that manufactures the certification product in
accordance with the entrusting party’s design, process control and inspection
requirements. The entrusting party can be the c...