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CJ/T 393-2012 (CJT 393-2012)

Chinese Standard: 'CJ/T 393-2012'
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Standard ID CJ/T 393-2012 (CJ/T393-2012)
Description (Translated English) Cock assembly for domestic gas appliance
Sector / Industry Urban Construction Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard P45
Classification of International Standard 91.140
Word Count Estimation 34,327
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) CJ/T 3072-1998
Quoted Standard GB/T 191-2008; GB/T 3091; GB/T 7306.1; GB/T 7306.2; GB/T 7307; GB/T 8733; GB/T 9114; GB/T 9144; GB/T 13611; GB 14536.1- 2008; GB 15092.1; GB/T 15530.6; GB/T 15530.1; GB/T 15530.5; GB/T 15530.4; GB/T 15530.2; GB/T 15530.3; GB/T 15530.8; GB/T 15530.7; GB 16
Adopted Standard EN 1106-2010, MOD
Drafting Organization Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Jiang Xintao
Administrative Organization Ministry of Housing and Urban standard technical focal point of city gas
Regulation (derived from) Bulletin of the Ministry of Housing and Urban No. 1295; industry standard filing Notice 2012 No. 4 (No. 148 overall)
Summary This standard specifies the domestic gas appliance plug assembly (hereinafter referred to as valve assembly) of the terms and definitions, classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, labeling and instructions for use, packaging, transpor

CJ/T 393-2012
ICS 91.140
Replacing CJ/T 3072-1998
Cock assembly for domestic gas appliance
Issued by. Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 6 
2 Normative references ... 6 
3 Terms and definitions ... 7 
4 Classification ... 11 
5 Requirements ... 11 
6 Test methods ... 22 
7 Inspection rules ... 32 
8 Marks and instructions for use ... 33 
9 Packaging, transport and storage ... 33 
Annex A ... 35 
Annex B ... 36 
Annex C ... 38 
Annex D ... 41 
This Standard was drafted in accordance with the rules given in GB/T 1.1-2009.
This Standard replaces CJ/T 3072-1998 Cock assembly for domestic gas
This Standard is the revision to CJ/T 3072-1998 Cock assembly for domestic
gas appliance. Compared with CJ/T 3072-1998, the main technical differences
are as follows.
- Added the maximum working pressure and nominal size applicable to this
Standard (see 1);
- Added application range of temperature (see 5.6.1);
- Added requirements for gas connection (see 5.4 of this edition; 5.3.6 of
1998 edition);
- Modified classification method (see Clause 4 of this edition; Clause 4 of
1998 edition);
- Modified airtight pressure and leakage values (see 5.6.2 of this edition;
5.2.1 of 1998 edition);
- Modified flow test content (see 5.6.4 of this edition; 5.2.2 of 1998 edition);
- Modified requirements for operating characteristics (see 5.6.6 of this
edition; 5.2.3 and 5.2.4 of 1998 edition);
- Modified requirements for additional functions (see 5.6.7 of this edition;
5.2.8~5.2.11 of 1998 edition);
- Deleted content of resistance to vibration (see 5.2.12 of 1998 edition);
- Deleted content about nozzle in structure (see 5.3.10~5.3.12 of 1998
This Standard uses redrafting method to modify and adopt EN 1106.2010
Manually operated taps for gas burning appliances.
Compared with EN 1106.2010, this Standard made more modifications in
structure. Annex A listed out the comparison in serial number.
Considering Chinese national conditions, this Standard made some
modifications to EN 1106.2010. Annex B gives out the technical changes and
reasons for reference.
Cock assembly for domestic gas appliance
1 Scope
This Standard specifies terms and definitions, classification, requirements, test
methods, inspection rules, marks and instructions for use, packaging, transport
and storage of cock assembly for domestic gas appliance (hereafter
abbreviated as cock assembly).
This Standard is applicable to cock assembly used for urban gas appliance
stipulated in GB/T 13611, of which the maximum working pressure is less than
10 kPa, nominal size is not greater than DN25.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of
this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated
references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any
amendments) applies.
GB/T 191-2008 Packaging - Pictorial Marking for Handling of Goods (ISO
780.1997, MOD)
GB/T 3091 Welded Steel Tubes for Low Pressure Liquid Delivery
GB/T 7306 (All parts) Tube threads with 55 degree thread angle where
pressure-tight joints are made on the threads (ISO 7-1.1994)
GB/T 7307 Food safety management system - Requirements for quick
frozen fruits and vegetable product establishments (GB/T 7307-2001, eqv
ISO 228-1.1994)
GB/T 8733 Aluminum alloy ingots for casting
GB/T 9114 Hubbed screwed steel tube flanges
GB/T 9144 General purpose metric screw threads - Preferable plan (GB/T
9114-2003, ISO 262.1998, MOD)
GB/T 13611 Classification and essential property of city gas
GB 14536.1-2008 Automatic electrical controls for household and similar
use [IEC 60730-1.2003 (Ed3.1), IDT]
GB 15092.1 Switches for appliances - Part 1. General requirements
GB/T 15530 (All parts) Copper alloy welding neck flanges
GB 16470 Palletized unit loads
GB/T 16411-2008 Universal test methods of gas burning appliances for
domestic use
GB/T 17241 (All parts) Hubbed threaded cast iron tube flanges
CJ 30 Thermocouple electromagnetic protector of extinguishment for gas
CJ/T 222-2006 Quality assessment procedures and test rules for gas-
burning appliances for domestic use
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
3.1 cock assembly for domestic gas appliance
An integral control device which takes manual adjustable cock with off-function
as main body, equipped with corresponding additional device in accordance
with applicable special function requirements for domestic gas appliance.
Schematic diagrams of common components on cock assembly are shown in
Figure 1 ~ Figure 3.
3.2 additional device
device that meets special function of domestic gas appliance, including
piezoelectric igniter, micro switch, thermoelectric flameout protection device,
mechanical thermostat, etc.
3.3 mechanical thermostat
a temperature control device of which the temperature is adjusted by
temperature sensor so as to make temperature remained in specified range,
including temperature-setting adjustable type and temperature-setting fixed
3.4 closure member
movable part to cut off gas flow in cock assembly.
4 Classification
4.1 Classify in accordance with number of operations
Classify according to predictable number of operations within period of use of
gas appliance.
- 5000 times (e.g. cock assembly for outdoor gas appliance);
- 10000 times (e.g. cock assembly for small heating stove);
- 40000 times (e.g. cock assembly for domestic gas appliance).
4.2 Classify in accordance with bending stress
In accordance with bending stress that is required to withstand (see Table 5),
cock assembly is divided into group 1 and group 2.
- group 1. cock assembly mounted on gas appliance which is not affected
by bending stress caused by tubeline equipment installation (e.g., use
rigid support);
- group 2. used in any situation inside or outside gas appliance, usually
without mounting bracket.
4.3 Classify in accordance with gas category used
It can be divided into liquefied petroleum gas (Y) cock assembly, natural gas (T)
cock assembly, artificial gas (R) cock assembly.
5 Requirements
5.1 General requirements
5.1.1 When it is mounted and used according to manufacturer’s instructions,
the design, manufacturing and assembly of cock assembly shall ensure correct
operation of each function.
5.1.2 All pressure-withstanding parts of cock assembly shall be able to
withstand mechanical and thermal stress it may withstand without any
deformation to affect safety.
5.1.3 Before connected with cock body, each additional device is required to
comply with this Standard and following conditions before formed to cock
- Thermoelectric flameout protection device shall meet requirements of CJ
5.2.6 Removing and re-mounting All components required removing during maintenance and
adjustment, shall be able to be removed and mounted by general tool. The
structures or marks of these components shall ensure that they are not easily
mounted wrongly in the manufacturer’s method. For closure component which may be removed during maintenance
and adjustment, including components for measuring and testing, the structure
shall ensure that it meets tightness requirements mechanically (e.g. connection
between metals, O-ring). It shall not use jointing compound like sealing liquid,
sealant or sealing tape. Closing component that are not allowed to b......
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