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TSG 23-2021 (TSG23-2021)

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TSG 23-2021English1405 Add to Cart 0--3 minutes. Auto immediate delivery. Regulation on Safety Technology for Gas Cylinder TSG 23-2021 Valid TSG 23-2021

Standard ID TSG 23-2021 (TSG23-2021)
Description (Translated English) Regulation on Safety Technology for Gas Cylinder
Sector / Industry Special Equipment Industry Standard
Word Count Estimation 116,180
Date of Issue 2021-01-04
Date of Implementation 2021-06-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) TSG R0009-2009; TSG R4001-2006; TSG R0006-2014; TSG R7003-2011; TSG R7002-2009; TSG R1003-2006; TSG RF001-2009

TSG 23-2021: PDF in English
TSG 23-2021
Regulation on safety technology for gas cylinder
Issued by: State Administration for Market Regulation
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 5
1 General ... 7
2 Materials ... 13
3 Design ... 16
4 Manufacturing ... 32
5 Type test ... 40
6 Supervisory inspection ... 44
7 Gas cylinder accessories ... 59
8 Filling and use ... 66
9 Regular inspection ... 78
10 Supplementary provisions ... 83
Appendix A Classification, type, code of gas cylinders ... 84
Appendix B Classification of cylindered gases and physical parameters of common gas
... 87
Appendix C ... 94
Comparison of basic safety requirements between gas cylinder enterprise standards and
this Regulation ... 94
Appendix D Sign of gas cylinders ... 98
Appendix E Imported and exported gas cylinders ... 108
Appendix F ... 113
Application form for appraisal of gas cylinder design documents... 113
Appendix G ... 114
Appraisal report for gas cylinder's design documents... 114
Appendix H ... 115
Datasheet of gas cylinder product ... 115
Appendix J Application for type test of special equipment (gas cylinder) ... 116
Appendix K Sampling and management requirements of type test samples for gas
cylinders and gas cylinder valves ... 118
Appendix L Type test items for gas cylinders and gas cylinder valves ... 121
Appendix M Type test report of special equipment (gas cylinders, gas cylinder valves)
... 125
Appendix N Type test certificate for special equipment (gas cylinders, gas cylinder
valves) ... 132
Annex n Numbering method and descriptions for type test certificate of gas cylinder (gas
cylinder valve) ... 133
Appendix P Liaison list for supervisory inspection of special equipment ... 135
Appendix Q Notice on supervisory inspection opinions of special equipment ... 136
Appendix R Supervisory inspection certificate for (manufacturing) special equipment
(gas cylinder) ... 137
Appendix S Supervisory inspection certificate of safety performance of imported
special equipment (gas cylinder) ... 139
Appendix T Pattern of protective shell of gas cylinder ... 140
Appendix U ... 141
Regular inspection items for gas cylinders ... 141
Appendix V Regular inspection report of gas cylinder ... 142
Attached Table va List of qualified gas cylinders for regular inspection ... 143
Attached Table vb List of scrapped gas cylinders ... 144
Previous formulations (revisions) of relevant rules and regulations ... 145
Regulation on safety technology for gas cylinder
1 General
1.1 Purpose
In order to regulate the safety work of gas cylinders, protect the safety of people's lives
and properties, promote economic and social development, this Regulation is
formulated, in accordance with the "Special Equipment Safety Law of the People's
Republic of China" and the "Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment".
1.2 Scope of application
(1) This Regulation is applicable to the seamless gas cylinders, welded gas cylinders,
low temperature thermally insulated gas cylinders, wrapped fiber reinforced
cylinder, gas cylinders with fillers, bundles of gas cylinders (Note 1-3), which
have an ambient temperature of -40 °C ~ -60 °C (Note 1-1), a nominal volume
of 0.4 L ~ 3000 L, a nominal working pressure of 0.2 MPa ~ 70 MPa (gauge
pressure, the same below), the product of pressure multiplied by volume of
greater than or equal to 1.0 MPa · L; contains compressed gas, high (low)
pressure liquefied gas, low temperature liquefied gas, dissolved gas, adsorbed
gas, mixed gas (Note 1-2), the liquid which has a standard boiling point equal to
or lower than 60 °C;
(2) For the large-capacity gas cylinders for long-tube trailers and tube-bundle
containers, as well as the gas cylinders for firefighting, they shall meet the
relevant provisions of the general rules, materials, design, manufacture of this
Regulation. For the long-tube trailers and tube-bundle containers, they shall also
meet the requirements of the "Regulations on the Safety Technical Supervision
of Mobile Pressure Vessel". For the large-volume gas cylinders, which are
greater than 3000 L and less than or equal to 5000 L, it may refer to the relevant
provisions of this Regulation.
The gas cylinders, which are referred to in this Regulation, include the cylinder body
and gas cylinder accessories. The classifications, varieties, codes of main gas cylinders
covered are as shown in Appendix A.
Note 1-1: The applicable ambient temperature of vehicle gas cylinders (Note 1-4) and
fire extinguishing gas cylinders shall meet the requirements of relevant standards
Note 1-2: For the classifications of the cylindered gas, such as compressed gas, high
(low) pressure liquefied gas, low temperature liquefied gas, dissolved gas, adsorbed gas,
mixed gas, etc., as well as the physical properties of commonly used gases, refer to
Appendix B.
Note 1-3: Gas cylinder bundle device refers to a cylinder-group type container device,
that bundles several gas cylinders together, for road transportation or temporary fixed
use, which generally consists of gas cylinders, pipelines, frames.
Note 1-4: Vehicle gas cylinders refer to the gas cylinders, which are fixed on the motor
vehicles, to hold automobile fuels (such as natural gas, hydrogen, liquefied petroleum
gas, liquid dimethyl ether, etc.).
1.3 Scope of nonapplication
This Regulation does not apply to the fire-fighting gas cylinders that only withstand
instantaneous pressure during fire-fighting, the portable dry powder fire-extinguishing
gas cylinders, the water-based fire-extinguishing gas cylinders, the solder-structured
gas cylinders, as well as the gas cylinders used for the equipment which is dedicated
for the military equipment, the nuclear facilities, the aviation spacecraft, the railway
locomotives, the marine facilities and ships, the open pit and underground mines, mines
are used by underground, civil airport.
1.4 Relationship with standards and management systems
(1) This Regulation specifies the basic safety requirements, for the design,
manufacture, type test, supervisory inspection, filling and use, regular inspection
of gas cylinders. The relevant standards for gas cylinders AND the safety
management requirements for gas cylinders of relevant organizations shall not
be lower than the provisions of this Regulation;
(2) Gas cylinder products shall generally be designed and manufactured, according
to national or industrial standards. If national or industrial standards have not
yet been formulated, group standards or corporate standards shall be formulated.
The developer of corporate standards shall also provide a comparison table, that
complies with the basic safety requirements of this Regulation. See Appendix C
for the format.
1.5 Handling of special cases
If the relevant organizations adopt new materials, new technologies, new processes,
which are inconsistent with the requirements of this Regulation; OR, if it is not required
by this Regulation AND may have a significant impact on safety performance, they
shall report to the State Administration for Market Regulation. The State Administration
for Market Regulation shall carry out the technical review and approval, in accordance
with the review and approval procedures on the new materials, new technologies, new
1.6 Coordinated standards and reference standards (Note 1-5)
(1) The gas cylinder's manufacturing sign is the basis for identifying gas cylinders;
the content of the sign shall comply with the provisions of Appendix D of this
Regulation, as well as relevant standards. The content of the manufacturing sign
of small volume gas cylinders may refer to the provisions of Appendix D of this
(2) The manufacturer shall make a stamped sign, a label sign or a printed sign, as well
as other manufacturing signs, on each gas cylinder;
(3) The manufacturer shall stamp the concave signs, on the head of steel gas cylinder
(Note 1-7), which indicate the contained medium, the year of manufacture, the
organization with property rights; stamp the words "Prohibited in densely
populated indoors” on the cover. For the gas cylinders of composite materials,
it shall pressure-cast the signs, which indicate the contained medium, the year
of manufacture, the organization with property rights, as well as the words
"Prohibited in densely populated indoors” on the jacket.
Note 1-7: Gas cylinders refer to the gas cylinders, which contain liquefied petroleum
gas, liquefied dimethyl ether and other civil fuel gas. They are divided into steel gas
cylinders and composite gas cylinders. Electronic recognition signs
Manufacturers of hydrogen gas cylinders, fully-wrapped carbon fiber reinforced
cylinders, fuel gas cylinders, gas cylinders for vehicles shall set traceable permanent
electronic recognition signs, on the gas cylinders that leave the factory. Other gas
cylinder manufacturers are encouraged to set traceable a......