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QC/T 1143-2021: PDF in English (QCT 1143-2021)
QC/T 1143-2021
ICS 43.040.50
CCS T 22
Test Method of Static Bending Rigidity for Automobile
Issued by: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 5
1 Scope ... 6
2 Normative References ... 6
3 Terms and Definitions ... 6
4 Test Sample ... 6
5 Test Equipment ... 7
6 Test Procedures ... 7
7 Data Processing ... 9
Appendix A (Normative) Determination of the Force Arm Deflection (δA) ... 11
Test Method of Static Bending Rigidity for Automobile
1 Scope
This Document specifies the terms and definitions, test samples, test equipment, test
procedures and data processing of the test method of static bending rigidity for
automobile wheels.
This Document is applicable to the automobile wheels.
2 Normative References
The provisions in following documents become the provisions of this Document
through reference in this Document. For the dated documents, only the versions with
the dates indicated are applicable to this Document; for the undated documents, only
the latest version (including all the amendments) is applicable to this Document.
GB/T 2933 Wheels/Rims for Pneumatic Tyres - Nomenclature, Designation and
3 Terms and Definitions
For the purposes of this Documents, the terms and definitions given in GB/T 2933 and
the following apply.
3.1 Static bending rigidity
The deformability of the wheel against static bending moments.
3.2 Total deflection
The total displacement of the loading point of the force arm along the direction of the
loading force under the action of the bending moment of the wheel and the force arm.
4 Test Sample
The test sample shall be a qualified new wheel completed through all the processing
6.3 Connect the measuring system to the end of the force arm. The measuring point
can be a certain point in the direction of the force.
6.4 Before starting the test, the residual displacement of each wheel to be tested shall
be calibrated according to the following requirements:
a) Load from 0 and continue to increase the load until 50% of the specified bending
moment (M), and the displacement is measured;
b) Remove the load, measure and check the residual displacement;
c) Repeat procedures a) and b) until the residual displacement is no greater than
0.03 mm. If the displacement after 3 calibrations still exceeds 0.03mm, the wheel
shall be re-clamped and adjust the initial displacement.
6.5 Apply a load, measure and record the total displacement of the wheel and the force
arm under each load; and define this displacement as the total deflection δ. The
recommended total number of loads is 8 times; each time it is increased by the (M/8)
N • m (rounded-off) force arm until reaching the specified bending moment value. The
total deflection during the first load is recorded as δ1; the total deflection during the nth
load is recorded as δn; and the total deflection under bending moment M is recorded
as δM. The measurement method for the deflection of the force arm shall be carried
out in accordance with the provisions of Appendix A.
6.6 Enter the total deflection δn and force arm deflection δAn measured according to
the procedures in 6.5 into the "Bending Moment-Deflection Curve Graph". The
resulting curve shall be a set of curves that approximate the regression line (linear
fitting y = αx + b), as shown in Figure 2.

Standard ID QC/T 1143-2021 (QC/T1143-2021)
Description (Translated English) Test Method of Static Bending Rigidity for Automobile Wheels
Sector / Industry Automobile & Vehicle Industry Standard (Recommended)
Word Count Estimation 10,173
Date of Issue 2021-03-05
Date of Implementation 2021-07-01