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JJG 517-2016English150 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto delivery. Verification Regulation of Taximeters JJG 517-2016 Valid JJG 517-2016
JJG 517-2009EnglishRFQ ASK 7 days Verification Regulation of Taximeters JJG 517-2009 Obsolete JJG 517-2009
JJG 517-1998English999 Add to Cart 6 days Verification Regulation of Taxi Meter JJG 517-1998 Obsolete JJG 517-1998
JJG 517-1988EnglishRFQ ASK 3 days (Chinese Industry Standard) JJG 517-1988 Obsolete JJG 517-1988
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JJG 517-2016
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Table of Contents
Introduction .. 6 
1 Scope .. 8 
2 Normative references ... 8 
3 Terms .. 8 
4 Overview ... 10 
5 Metrological performance requirements .. 10 
5.1 Maximum allowable error and switching speed response time of taximeter
not installed in the vehicle ... 10 
5.2 Maximum allowable error of taximeter after loading ... 11 
6 General technical requirements ... 11 
6.1 Appearance and structure .. 11 
6.2 Nameplate ... 11 
6.3 Display screen ... 12 
6.4 Distance measurement transducer ... 13 
6.5 For hire - hired switching device .. 13 
6.6 Permanent (real time) clock ... 13 
6.7 Pricing mode ... 13 
6.8 Basic principle of charging program design .. 13 
6.9 Pricing function .. 14 
7 Measuring tool control ... 14 
7.1 Verification of taximeter not installed in the vehicle ... 14 
7.2 Taximeter verification after loading ... 19 
7.3 Verification result processing ... 23 
7.4 Verification cycle ... 24 
7.5 Arbitration verification of taximeter after loading ... 24 
Annex A Applicability conditions for distance measurement transducer and
taximeter ... 25 
Annex B Measurement method for tire correction value ... 26 
Annex C Technical requirements for metrological verification card interface . 28 
Annex D Page information of verification certificate of taximeter not installed in
the vehicle .. 31 
Annex E Page information of verification result notice of taximeter not installed
in the vehicle ... 32 
Annex F Page information of verification certificate of taximeter after loading
... 33 
Annex G Page information of verification result notice of taximeter after loading
... 34 
This Regulation is a revision to JJG 517-2009. It relies on International Legal
Metrology Organization (OIML) international recommendation OIML R21-2007
"Taximeters" as the technical basis and combines the current status of the
taximeter industry in China. As required by the work, JJG 517-2009
"Taximeters" is divided into "Taximeters" verification regulation and "Type
evaluation outline for taximeters".
Compared with JJG 517-2009, in addition to editorial modifications, the main
technical modifications in this Regulation are as follows.
- added Introduction;
- modified the terms of "taximeter", "taximeter constant k" and "distance
measurement transducer" to make them more meaningful;
- modified the unit of "taximeter constant k" to make it consistent with
international recommendation;
- according to the international recommendations, added "constant meter
control requirements" in "meter measurement performance requirements
after loading";
- modified the requirements for timing error, permanent clock error
measurement performance;
- modified the provisions on "start mileage" and "switching speed" in pricing
- modified the meter local verification items;
- added two items of "distance measurement transducer" and "display
screen" in meter verification after loading;
- added "driving distance measuring method" in meter counting error
verification after loading;
- added data processing method;
- added Annex C "Technical requirements for metrology card interface";
- deleted the related content to type evaluation and tax control functions;
- deleted Annex M "Legal identifier".
Versions of regulation substituted by this Regulation are.
Verification Regulation of Taximeters
1 Scope
This Regulation is applicable to taximeter (hereinafter referred to as meter) not
installed in the vehicle as well as the first verification, follow-up verification and
inspection during use after loading.
2 Normative references
This Regulation referred to the following documents.
OIML R21-2007, Taximeters. Metrological and technical requirements, test
procedures and test report format
For dated references, subsequent amendments (excluding corrections) or
revisions do not apply to this Regulation. For undated reference documents,
the latest versions apply to this Regulation.
3 Terms
3.1 taximeter
taximeter is a measuring instrument used to measure the mileage when the taxi
is operating and the timing of the low-speed status; it is a measuring instrument
that take the measured mileage and timing as reference to calculate and display
passenger car rental fees
3.2 taximeter constant k
the number of pulses received when taximeter correctly displays taxi strokes
per kilometer
3.3 distance measurement transducer
a transducer that can directly convert the rotation signal of the taxi transmission
or driving wheel into a meter-recognizable pulse signal and input it to taximeter
3.4 for hire
a status of taxi for renting
3.5 hired
3.17 one-way
an operation charging method of hiring taxi from start point to destination
3.18 for a taximeter not installed in the vehicle
taximeter before loading
3.19 equidistance method
charging program design method of taximeter that takes unit mileage as a set
value, rent as a variable
3.20 roller ranging method
a method that in the wheel-type meter verification device, the roller, through a
friction drive method, drives taxi's drive wheel to rotate and measure the actual
mileage of taxi, verifying taximeter distance-counting error after loading
3.21 driving distance measuring method
a method that on the specific road, using verification device to measure the
actual mileage of taxi, verifying taximeter distance-counting error after loading
4 Overview
A taximeter mainly consists of host, distance measurement transducer, for hire
- hired switching device. It is installed on the taxi. The time measuring units of
distance measurement transducer and host respectively input the measured
mileage signal and low-speed driving time signal into metering microprocessor.
The metering microprocessor shall display the charging amount that is
processed and other parameters on the display screen.
5 Metrological performance requirements
5.1 Maximum allowable error and switching speed response time of
taximeter not installed in the vehicle
5.1.1 Maximum allowable error of distance-counting. ±0.5%.
5.1.2 Maximum allowable error of time-counting. ±0.2%.
5.1.3 Maximum allowable error of switching speed. ±0.5 km/h.
5.1.4 Response time of switching speed. not greater than 5s.
5.1.5 Maximum allowable error of permanent clock. ±5s/d.
6.3 Display screen
6.3.1 Pricing item of display screen
The display screen of taximeter shall at least set price, distance-counting, time-
counting and amount. The price screen, distance-counting screen, time-
counting screen shall be arranged in an order from left to right or a top-bottom
design method.
The pricing item must have a unit of measurement, specified as follow.
price. yuan/kilometer; distance-counting. kilometer; time-counting. hour, minute,
second; amount. yuan (RMB).
6.3.2 Operating status item of display screen
The display screen of taximeter shall display the operating status of taxi. The
operating status displayed shall at least contain five statuses. "round-trip", "one-
way", "low-speed", "night" and "pause".
6.3.3 Display requirements for hired status
a) The amount screen shows the total amount.
b) The price screen shows the current operating status of the rent per
c) The meter screen shows operating mileage, from "0.0 kilometer".
d) The time-counting screen shows the cumulative value of low-speed
operation, from "0 second".
e) The status screen shall show the current operating status.
6.3.4 Display requirements for "for hire" status
a) The clock screen (can be used with the timekeeping screen) displays real
b) The distance-counting shows the deadhead kilometers, from "0.0
6.3.5 Display requirements for display screen
The contents of each display on the meter shall have clear writing, and no
missing codes shall be displayed. Check of pricing function
The check of pricing function and verifications of distance-counting error, time-
counting error shall be performed simultaneously. The results shall meet the
requirements of 6.9. Distance-counting error verification
(1) Selection of verification point
The verification of distance-counting error shall be carried out under four
operating statuses. daytime round-trip, daytime one-way, night round-trip,
night one-way, respectively.
The daytime round-trip, night round-trip shall at least select four
verification points, including start mileage point, two increase mileage
points and one-way price increase mileage point. The daytime one-way,
night one-way shall ...

Standard ID JJG 517-2016 (JJG517-2016)
Description (Translated English) Verification Regulation of Taximeters
Sector / Industry Metrology & Measurement Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard A52
Word Count Estimation 24,273
Date of Issue 2016-11-30
Date of Implementation 2017-05-30
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) JJG 517-2009
Regulation (derived from) State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Notice No.119 of 2016