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JJF 1087-2002 (JJF1087-2002)

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JJF 1087-2002: PDF in English
JJF 1087-2002
Control of Measurement Processes for Heavy Direct Current
National Metrology Technical Specification of the People's Republic
DC high current measurement process control
Released on.2002-09-13
Implementation of.2002-12-13
The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued
This specification was approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine on September 13,.2002, and
Implemented on December 13,.2002.
Focal Point. National DC Electricity Measurement Technical Committee
Main drafting unit. China Institute of Metrology
Participated in drafting unit. Beijing Machinery Industry Automation Research Institute
Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Design and Research Institute
Chinese Chlor-alkali Association
Qingtongxia Aluminum Factory
This specification is interpreted by the focal point
The main drafters of this specification.
Hu Chongguang (China Metrology Technology Development Corporation)
Zhang Shezhen (China Institute of Metrology)
Tian Feng (China Institute of Metrology)
Participate in the drafters.
Chen Yan (Beijing Institute of Machinery Industry Automation)
Song Guangfu (Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Design and Research Institute)
Liao Xiuhua (China Chlor-Alkali Association)
Fan Xianglai (Qingtongxia Aluminum Factory)
table of Contents
1 range (1)
2 Citations (1)
3 terms (1)
4 Overview (4)
5 DC high current measurement process control requirements (4)
6 Metrological performance requirements for DC high current measuring equipment (6)
7 Measurement confirmation of DC high current measuring equipment (7)
7.1 Confirmation of the difference between the working standard and the transmission standard current ratio under laboratory conditions (8)
7.2 Establishing working standard process parameters under laboratory conditions (9)
7.3 Verification of working standard process parameters under field conditions (9)
7.4 Measurement confirmation of single current measuring device for on-site power rectifier equipment (9)
7.5 Measurement confirmation of on-site total measurement system (10)
7.6 Measurement confirmation of total current measuring device (10)
7.7 Establishing the current measurement device operating process parameters (11)
7.8 Establishing the operating parameters of the total current measuring device (12)
7.9 Establishing the running current x--R control chart (12)
7.10 Verification of working standard quantity procedures (13)
8 Monitoring and measurement quality control of current measuring device operation process (14)
9 Measurement confirmation report and record of DC high current measurement system (15)
Appendix A DC High Current Measuring Equipment Measurement Confirmation Data Sheet Format (16)
Appendix B Schematic diagram of wiring principle of on-site current measurement method and voltage measurement method (18)
Appendix C Error Correction Method for Total Measurement System (19)
Appendix D DC High Current Measurement System Measurement Confirmation Report Format (20)
Appendix E DC High Current Measurement System Working Standard Verification Report Format (22)
DC high current measurement process control
The accurate measurement of DC large current plays an important role in the production management of electrochemical and electrometallurgical industries. At ISO ,
In the IEC and China standards, there is no corresponding technical standard and measurement technology for DC high current measuring equipment.
specification. Since there is no uniform standard, the DC current in the electro-chemical and electro-metallurgical industry cannot be accurately and consistently measured.
The economic indicators related to DC power consumption are not comparable, and the technical conditions of electrolytic production processes cannot be optimized, thus reducing electricity.
The utilization rate and economic benefits seriously restrict the progress of production management technology.
Due to DC high current measuring equipment (including measurement standards and current measuring devices) only under laboratory conditions
Calibration does not guarantee that the measurement results under field conditions are consistent with the results measured in the laboratory. for
Solve the problem that the field DC large current value is not comparable with the laboratory value, according to GB/T 19022.2-
2000 Quality assurance requirements for measuring equipment - Part 2. Guide to measurement process control (idt ISO 10012-2.1997)
The measurement process concept, that is, the measurement as a complete process, from the scientific basis of the measurement and measurement
The traceability of the quasi-quantity and the start of calibration, as well as the determination of the maximum allowable error of the current measuring device,
The measurement confirmation, verification or adjustment, the objective data is presented, and the measurement standard and the measurement given by the current measuring device are finally confirmed.
The results meet the expected usage requirements, and at the same time confirm the DC high current magnitude to the laboratory DC
The flow ratio reference standard is traceable, and the magnitude of the current is comparable under different conditions. DC high current measurement
The process validation and process control are standardized and managed, so that the measurement quality of the current can be effectively controlled.
1 Scope
This specification is applicable to the measurement of DC high current measurement systems of the order of 1kA to 300kA in the electrochemical and electrometallurgical industries.
Quantity process control.
DC high current measuring device supply and demand sides can refer to this specification for product quality requirements when signing an agreement.
2 Citations
GB/T 19022.1-1994 "Quality assurance requirements for measuring equipment" Part 1 "Measurement of measuring equipment"
Recognition system
GB/T 19022.2-2000 "Quality Assurance Requirements for Measuring Equipment" Part 2 "Guidelines for Measurement Process Control"
JJF 1047-1994 "Magnetic Coupling DC Current Measurement Converter Calibration Specification"
JJF 1059-1999 "Measurement and Expression of Measurement Uncertainty"
JJF 1001-1998 General Terms and Definitions
ISO 8258.1991 "Hugh Hart Control Chart" (English version)
GB/T 19000-2000 "Quality Management System"
GB/T 18293-2001 "Online measurement of operating efficiency of power rectifier equipment"
3 terms
3.1 Measurement process control controlofmeasurementprocesses

Standard ID JJF 1087-2002 (JJF1087-2002)
Description (Translated English) Control of Measurement Processes for Heavy Direct Current
Sector / Industry Metrology & Measurement Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard A55
Word Count Estimation 28,267
Date of Issue 2002-09-13
Date of Implementation 2002-12-13
Quoted Standard GB/T 19022.1-1994; GB/T 19022.2-2000; JJF 1047-1994; JJF 1059-1999; JJF 1001-1998; ISO 8258-1991; GB/T 19000-2000; GB/T 18293-2001
Drafting Organization China Institute of Metrology
Administrative Organization National Technical Committee on Metering DC
Issuing agency(ies) State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
Summary This standard applies to the measurement process electrochemical, electrical and metallurgical industries 1kA to 300kA middleweight DC Current Measurement Systems. Direct current measuring device in the supply and demand sides signed an agreement on product quality requirements refer to the specification.