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JJF 1059.1-2012 (JJF1059.1-2012)

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JJF 1059.1-2012English755 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto delivery. [Including 2013XG] Evaluation and Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement JJF 1059.1-2012 Valid JJF 1059.1-2012
JJF 1059-1999EnglishRFQ ASK 9 days Evaluation and Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement JJF 1059-1999 Obsolete JJF 1059-1999

Standard ID JJF 1059.1-2012 (JJF1059.1-2012)
Description (Translated English) Evaluation and Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement
Sector / Industry Metrology & Measurement Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard A50
Classification of International Standard 17.020
Word Count Estimation 61,697
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) JJF 1059-1999
Quoted Standard JJF 1001-2011; GB/T 70-2008; GB 3101-1993; ISO/IEC GUIDE 98-3-2008; ISO 3534-1-2006; GB/T 4883-2008
Drafting Organization Jiangsu Province Institute of Metrology
Administrative Organization National Technical Committee of Legal Metrology management
Regulation (derived from) New version of " Evaluation and Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement Technical specifications" released; AQSIQ Announcement No. 199 of 2012
Issuing agency(ies) State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
Summary This standard applies to the level of accuracy of measurement of various fields. Required by this specification Evaluation and Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement general method, for example: a) Basis of measurement and at all levels of national meas

JJF 1059.1-2012: PDF in English
JJF 1059.1-2012
Evaluation and expression of uncertainty in
[Including Amendment 2013XG1]
Issued by: General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Table of Contents
Introduction ... 7 
1 Scope ... 10 
2 Normative references ... 11 
3 Terms and definitions ... 12 
3.1 Measured [JJF 1001,4.7]... 12 
3.2 Measurement results, result of measurement [JJF 1001,5.1] ... 13 
3.3 Measured quantity value [JJF 1001,5.2] ... 13 
3.4 Measurement precision [JJF 1001, 5.10] ... 14 
3.5 Measurement repeatability [JJF 1001, 5.13] ... 14 
3.6 Measurement repeatability condition of measurement [JJF 1001, 5.14] ... 14 
3.7 Measurement reproducibility [JJF 1001, 5.16] ... 15 
3.8 Measurement reproducibility condition of measurement [JJF 1001, 5.15] ... 15 
3.9 Intermediate precision condition of measurement [JJF 1001, 5.11] ... 15 
3.10 Experimental standard deviation [JJF 1001, 5.17] ... 16 
3.11 Measurement error, error of measurement [JJF 1001, 5.3] ... 17 
3.12 Measurement uncertainty, uncertainty of measurement [JJF 1001, 5.18] ... 17 
3.13 Standard uncertainty [JJF 1001, 5.19] ... 18 
3.14 Type A evaluation of measurement uncertainty [JJF 1001, 5.20] ... 18 
3.15 Type B evaluation of measurement uncertainty [JJF 1001, 5.21] ... 18 
3.16 Combined standard uncertainty [JJF 1001, 5.22] ... 19 
3.17 Relative standard uncertainty [JJF 1001, 5.23] ... 19 
3.18 Expanded Uncertainty [JJF 1001, 5.27] ... 19 
3.19 Coverage interval [JJF 1001, 5.28] ... 20 
3.20 Coverage probability [JJF 1001, 5.29]... 20 
3.21 Coverage factor [JJF 1001, 5.30] ... 20 
3.22 Measurement model, model of measurement [JJF 1001, 5.31] ... 21 
3.23 Measurement function [JJF 1001, 5.32] ... 21 
3.24 Input quantity in in a measurement model [JJF 1001, 5.33] ... 21 
3.25 Output quantity in the measurement model [JJF 1001, 5.34] ... 22 
3.26 Definitional uncertainty [JJF 1001, 5.24] ... 22 
3.27 Instrumental measurement uncertainty [JJF 1001, 7.24] ... 22 
3.28 Null measurement uncertainty [JJF 1001, 7.25] ... 23 
3.29 Uncertainty budget [JJF 1001, 5.25] ... 23 
3.30 Target uncertainty [JJF 1001, 5.26] ... 23 
3.31 Degrees of freedom... 23 
3.32 Covariance ... 24 
3.33 Correlation coefficient ... 25 
4 Evaluation method of measurement uncertainty ... 25 
4.1 Analysis of sources of measurement uncertainty ... 26 
4.2 Establishment of measurement model ... 27 
4.3 Evaluation of standard uncertainty ... 30 
4.4 Calculation of combined standard uncertainty ... 42 
4.5 Determination of extended uncertainty ... 50 
5 Report and expression of measurement uncertainty ... 51 
5.1 Report of measurement uncertainty ... 51 
5.2 Expression of measurement uncertainty ... 53 
5.3 Other requirements when reporting uncertainty ... 55 
6 Application of measurement uncertainty ... 56 
6.1 Requirements for reporting measurement uncertainty in calibration certificate
... 56 
6.2 Laboratory calibration and expression of measurement capability ... 57 
6.3 Application in other situations ... 58 
Appendix A Examples of evaluation methods of measurement uncertainty
(reference) ... 59 
Appendix B Table of tp(ν) values (t values) for t distributions with different
probabilities p and degrees of freedom ν (supplementary) ... 92 
Appendix C Summary of symbols related to quantities (supplementary) ... 94 
Appendix D English-Chinese contrast of terms (reference) ... 97 
Amendment No.1 to JJF 1059.1-2012 "Evaluation and expression of
uncertainty in measurement" ... 99 
Evaluation and expression of uncertainty in
1 Scope
a) The general method for evaluating and expressing measurement
uncertainty specified in this specification is applicable to measurement
fields of various accuracy levels, such as:
1) The establishment of national measurement standards and
measurement standards at all levels and the comparison of values;
2) The setting value of standard substance and the release of standard
reference data;
3) Preparation of technical documents such as measurement methods,
verification procedures, verification system tables, calibration
specifications, etc.;
4) Expression of measurement results and measurement capabilities in
measurement qualification recognition, measurement confirmation,
quality certification, laboratory accreditation;
5) Calibration, verification and other measurement services of measuring
6) Measurement in the fields of scientific research, engineering, trade
settlement, medical and health care, safety protection, environmental
monitoring, resource protection.
b) This specification mainly concerns the measurement uncertainty of the
measured estimated value that is clearly defined and can be characterized
by a unique value. As for the measured quantity value that appears as a
distribution of a series of values or depends on one or more parameters
(for example, with time as the parameter variable), the description of the
measured quantity value shall be a set of values, the distribution and
relationship shall be given.
c) This specification is also applicable to the evaluation and expression of
uncertainties in the design and theoretical analysis of experiments,
measuring methods, measuring devices, complex components and
3 Terms and definitions
The metrology terminology in this specification adopts JJF 1001-2011, which is
based on the revision of international standard ISO/IEC GUIDE 99:2007 (the
third edition of VIM). The probability and statistical terms used in this
specification basically adopt the terms and definitions of the international
standard ISO 3534-1:2006.
3.1 Measured [JJF 1001,4.7]
The amount to be measured.
1 The description of the measured requires an understanding of the type of
quantity and the description of the phenomena containing the quantity,
objects or substance status, including relevant components and chemical
2 In the second edition of VIM and IEC 60050-300:2001, the measured is
defined as the measured quantity.
3 The measurement includes the measurement system and the conditions
under which the measurement is carried out. It may change the
phenomenon, object substance in the study, so that the measured quantity
may be different from the defined measured. In this case, it needs
necessary corrections to be made.
1 When measuring with a voltmeter with insufficient internal resistance, the
potential difference between the two ends of the battery will decrease; the
open circuit potential difference can be calculated based on the internal
resistance of the battery and the voltmeter.
2 The length of the steel bar when it is in equilibrium with the ambient
temperature of 23 °C is different from the length when the specified
temperature to be measured is 20 °C. In this case, it must be corrected.
3 In chemistry, the name of “analyte” or substance or compound is
sometimes called “measured”. This usage is wrong because these terms
do not involve quantity.
measurement is not too small compared with the measurement
uncertainty, the measured quantity value is usually an average or median
estimate of a set of true values.
4 In the Guide to Measurement Uncertainty (GUM), the terms used for the
measured quantity values are "measurement results" and "estimated
measured quantity value" or "estimated measured quantity value".
3.4 Measurement precision [JJF 1001, 5.10]
Referred to as precision
Under the specified conditions, the degree of agreement between the
measured indication value and the measured quantity value through
repeated measurement of the same or similar measured object.
1 Measurement precision is usually expressed in numerical form with
imprecision, such as standard deviation, variance or coefficient of variation
under specified measurement conditions.
2 The prescribed conditions may be repetitive measurement conditions,
intermediate precision measurement conditions or reproducible
measurement conditions.
3 Measurement precision is used to define measurement repeatability,
intermediate measurement precision or measurement repeatability.
4 The term "measurement precision" is sometimes used to refer to
"measurement accuracy", which is wrong.
3.5 Measurement repeatability [JJF 1001, 5.13]
Referred to as repeatability.
Measurement precision under a set of repeatable measurement conditions.
3.6 Measurement repeatability condition of measurement [JJF
1001, 5.14]
Referred to as repeatability condition.
A set of measurement conditions of repeated measurement on the same or
3.11 Measurement error, error of measurement [JJF 1001, 5.3]
Abbreviated as error.
The measured quantity value minus the reference value.
1 The concept of measurement error can be used in the following two......