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HG/T 2584-2010 (HGT 2584-2010)

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HG/T 2584-2010English115 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto delivery. Rubber industry gloves HG/T 2584-2010 Valid HGT 2584-2010
HG/T 2584-2002English359 Add to Cart 3 days Rubber Industry Gloves HG/T 2584-2002 Obsolete HGT 2584-2002
HG/T 2584-1994English239 Add to Cart 2 days (Rubber industrial gloves) HG/T 2584-1994 Obsolete HGT 2584-1994

Standard ID HG/T 2584-2010 (HG/T2584-2010)
Description (Translated English) Rubber industry gloves
Sector / Industry Chemical Industry Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard G45
Classification of International Standard 83.140.99; 11.140
Word Count Estimation 9,938
Date of Issue 2010-11-22
Date of Implementation 2011-03-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) HG/T 2584-2002
Quoted Standard GB/T 528-2009; GB/T 2828.1-2003
Adopted Standard JIS T8116-2005, NEQ
Drafting Organization Latex Co., Ltd. Jiang Yin Miaojie
Administrative Organization National Rubber and rubber products rubber Dairy Standardization Technical Committee Technical Committee
Regulation (derived from) Engineering (2010) No. 126
Summary This standard specifies the technical requirements of rubber industrial gloves, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation, storage and so on. This standard applies to natural rubber latex as the main material engineering, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, use of labor protection gloves.

HG/T 2584-2010: PDF in English (HGT 2584-2010)
HG/T 2584-2010
ICS 83.140.99; 11.140
G 45
Filing No.. 30132-2011
Replacing HG 2584-2002
Rubber industry gloves
Issued by. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
of the People’s Republic of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 5
2 Normative references ... 5
3 Terms and definitions ... 5
4 Technical requirements ... 6
5 Test methods ... 7
6 Sampling and specimen selection ... 9
7 Packaging and marking ... 10
8 Transportation and storage ... 10
Appendix A ... 11
Appendix B ... 13
This Standard non-equivalently adopts Japanese Industrial Standard JIS T 8116.
2005 "Chemical protective gloves".
This Standard replaces HG/T 2584-2002 “Rubber industry gloves".
Compared with HG/T 2584-2002, the major changes of this Standard are as follows.
- MODIFY the normative references (Chapter 2);
- ADD the English definition of the terms (3.1, 3.2);
- ADD the appearance requirements (4.1);
- ADD glove size for extra-small and extra-large specifications (Table 1);
- ADD measurement diagram for glove size (Figure 1);
- The "pinhole, and pinhole leaks" are unified as "pinhole" (Table 2, Appendix A);
- Appendix A, and Appendix B are revised as normative;
- ADD filled-water amount for extra-small and extra-large size gloves, REVISE the
filled-water amount for large, medium and small size gloves (A.3 1.);
- The "timer clock" is revised as "timer clock with accuracy of 1 min" (B.1.3);
- ADD "test result expression" (B.5).
Appendix A and Appendix B of this Standard are normative.
This Standard was proposed by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association.
This Standard shall be administered by Latex Products Sub-Technical Committee of
the National Rubber and Rubber Products Standardization Technical Committee
Main drafting organizations of this Standard. Jiangyin Miaojie latex Co., Bengbu
Ruijie Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau,
Shenzhen Medical Device Testing Center, Zhuzhou Research Institute of Chemical
Rubber, and Changsha Tianfu Latex Products Co., Ltd.
Main drafters of this Standard. Xu Guoqing, Geng Jiwen, Mao Jiehong, Liu Hongwei,
Wang Xiaowei, Zhao Guangwu, Deng Yizhi, and Wang Jingyin.
The previous versions replaced by this Standard are as follows.
- HG B 4075-1963, HG 4-1455-1982, HG/T 2584-1994, HG/T 2584-2002.
Rubber industry gloves
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the rubber industry gloves’ technical requirements, test
methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation, storage and so on.
This Standard applies to labor protection gloves (hereinafter referred to as gloves)
of which the main material are made of natural rubber latex and which are used in
industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industry.
2 Normative references
The provisions in following documents become part of this Standard, through
reference in this Standard. For dated documents, subsequent amendments
(excluding corrections) or revisions shall not apply to this Part. However, all parties
who enter into agreement according to this part are encouraged to study if the latest
versions of these documents are applicable. For undated documents, the latest
version applies to this Part.
GB/T 528-2009 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic. Determination of tensile
stress-strain properties (GB/T 528-2009, idt ISO 37.2005)
GB/T 2828.1-2003 Sampling procedures - Part 1. retrieval by acceptance
quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection sampling plan (GB/T
2828.1-2003, idt ISO 2859-1.1999)
3 Terms and definitions
The following terms and definitions apply to this Standard.
3.1 Tensile load
The force applied per unit of width on the testing position, when the test specimen is
ruptured during tensile. Unit. N/cm.
6.4 If there is one test result exceeding the AQL value specified in Table 2, the
unqualified item may be re-inspected one more time. If the re-inspection still fails,
then the batch of products or the products manufactured in the period are deemed as
7 Packaging and marking
7.1 Gloves shall have specification mark.
7.2 Product name, specifications, trademark, manufacturer name, production date,
valid date or expiry date shall be indicated in glove internal packaging.
7.3 Product name, size, quantity, manufacturer's name, batch number, standard
number shall be indicated on glove external packaging.
7.4 When there is special requirement to packaging and marks, it may be negotiated
by purchaser and supplier.
8 Transportation and storage
8.1 During transportation, gloves shall be prevented from sunlight and rain, and it
shall not be damped or heated.
8.2 Gloves shall be stored in a well-ventilated, cool and dry warehouse. The products
shall be placed on shelves where is more than 20 cm from the ground. Appropriate
stacking distance shall be maintained. It shall avoid sunlight or strong artificial light
with high UV components. It shall be placed more than 1 m away from heat sources.
And it shall not be contacted with substances harmful to rubber, such as oils, acids,
bases, copper, and manganese.
B.4.3 REPEAT above test 3 times.
B.4.4 CLEAN the glove, WEAR it to hand, after performing 30 times of clenching and
releasing, USE visual inspection method to check whether there is any anomalies
such as significant expansion, extraction, and hardening.
B.5 Test result expression
For glove passing B.3 and B.4 tests, penetration resistance shall be indicated as
"qualified", on the contrary, it shall be indicated as "unqualified".