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GB 50688-2011 (GB50688-2011)

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GB 50688-2011English155 Add to Cart 0--10 minutes. Auto immediate delivery. Code for design of urban road traffic facility GB 50688-2011 Valid GB 50688-2011

Standard ID GB 50688-2011 (GB50688-2011)
Description (Translated English) Code for design of urban road traffic facility [Quasi-Official / Academic version - scanned PDF, translated by Standard Committee / Research Institute in China]
Sector / Industry National Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard P66
Classification of International Standard 93.080.01
Word Count Estimation 124,116
Date of Issue 2011-05-12
Date of Implementation 2012-05-01
Quoted Standard GBJ 124; GB 50220; GB 1589; GB 5768; GB/T 18833; GB 3096; GB/T 23827; GB 14886; CJJ 37; CJJ 11-1993; CJJ 69; CJJ 129; CJJ 45; JGJ 50; JTG D70; JTG D60; JTG D81; JT/T 431; HJ/T 90; SZ-C-B03-2007
Drafting Organization Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group)Co., Ltd.
Administrative Organization Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.
Regulation (derived from) Bulletin of the Ministry of Housing and Urban No. 1034
Summary This Chinese standard applies to urban construction, reconstruction, expansion of road traffic facilities located a design. Urban road transport facilities should include traffic signs, traffic markings, protective facilities, traffic lights, traffic monitoring systems, services and facilities, road lighting and power distribution and management of premises and equipment.

GB 50688-2011: PDF in English
GB 50688-2011
P GB 50688-2011
Code for Design of Urban Road Traffic Facility
ISSUED ON: MAY 12, 2011
Jointly issued by: Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of
the People's Republic of China;
General Administration of Quality Supervision,
Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 4
1 General Provisions ... 9
2 Terms and Symbols ... 10
2.1 Terms ... 10
2.2 Symbols ... 12
2.3 Designation ... 13
3 Traffic Survey ... 14
4 Overall Design ... 15
4.1 General Requirements ... 15
4.2 Grading of Traffic Facility ... 15
4.3 Overall Design Requirements ... 16
4.4 Design Interface ... 17
5 Traffic Signs ... 19
5.1 General Requirements ... 19
5.2 Classification and Arrangement ... 19
5.3 Layout Design... 20
5.4 Material ... 22
5.5 Supporting Mode and Structure Design ... 23
6 Traffic Marking ... 24
6.1 General Requirements ... 24
6.2 Marking Arrangement ... 24
6.3 Material ... 26
6.4 Delineator ... 26
7 Protection Facilities ... 28
7.1 General Requirements ... 28
7.2 Crash Guardrail ... 28
7.3 Crash Cushion ... 32
7.4 Delimitation Structure of Collision Protection Facility ... 34
7.5 Pedestrian Guardrail ... 34
7.6 Separate Facility ... 36
7.7 Guard Fence and Anti-fall Net ... 37
7.8 Anti-glare Facility ... 38
7.9 Acoustic Barrier ... 38
8 Traffic Signal Lamp ... 39
8.1 General Requirements ... 39
8.2 Arrangement of Signal Lamp ... 39
8.3 Traffic Signal Control System ... 40
9 Traffic Surveillance and control System ... 41
9.1 General Requirements ... 41
9.2 Management Mode ... 42
9.3 Traffic Surveillance and control Center ... 42
9.4 Message Collection Facility ... 43
9.5 Message Display and Control Facility ... 43
9.6 Message Transmission Network ... 44
9.7 System Link and Safety ... 44
9.8 Main Performance Index of Surveillance and control System ... 45
9.9 Foundation and Piping of Out-field Equipment, Power Supply, Lightning Protection and
Earthing ... 45
9.10 Service Message Facility ... 46
9.11 Changeable Message Sign ... 46
10 Service Facility ... 48
10.1 General Requirements ... 48
10.2 Pedestrian Guide Facility ... 48
10.3 Pedestrian Crossing Facility ... 49
10.4 Parking Facility for Non-motor Vehicle ... 51
10.5 Parking Facilities for Motor Vehicle ... 52
10.6 Bus Stop ... 53
11 Road Lighting and Power Transformation and Distribution ... 56
11.1 Road Lighting ... 56
11.2 Lighting Control ... 59
11.3 Power Transformation and Distribution System ... 59
11.4 Energy Conservation ... 60
12 Management Office and Equipment ... 62
12.1 General Requirements ... 62
12.2 Management Office ... 62
12.3 Management Equipment ... 63
Explanation of Wording in This Code ... 64
List of Quoted Standards ... 65
1 General Provisions
1.0.1 With a view to maintaining order operation, security, smoothness and low
public nuisance of urban road traffic, unifying technical standards of urban road
traffic facility design, guiding engineering construction, and achieving
comprehensive function of urban road traffic facility, security and practical
advanced technology as well as economy and rationality, this code was
1.0.2 This code is applicable to design of traffic facilities for constructed,
renovated and extended roads. Urban road traffic facilities shall include traffic
signs, traffic markings, protection facilities, traffic signal lamps, traffic
surveillance and control systems, service facilities, road lighting and power
transformation and distribution as well as management offices and equipment.
1.0.3 Urban road traffic facility shall be designed according to road nature,
environment along the line and traffic flow characteristics; and in addition, it
shall meet the requirements of relevant planning, overall design of road and
energy conservation and environmental protection in the project location area.
1.0.4 The overall dimensions and load of the design vehicle adopted in the
urban road traffic facility design shall meet the requirements of the current
national standard "Limits of Dimensions, Axle load and Masses for Road
Vehicles" (GB 1589).
1.0.5 The urban road traffic facility shall be designed synchronously with the
principal part of the road engineering; and the design is carried out according
to the principles of overall design and phased implementation. For the relevant
foundation engineering and piping of the principal part of the engineering, they
shall be reserved and embedded during implementation of the principal part of
the engineering.
1.0.6 The urban road traffic facility design shall meet the requirements of this
code as well as those specified in the current national standards.
2 Terms and Symbols
2.1 Terms
2.1.1 Right of way
Right of road user to carry out traffic activities in certain space at certain time
according to the requirements of traffic laws and regulations.
2.1.2 Warning sign
The sign used to warn the vehicles and pedestrians for noticing the road traffic.
2.1.3 Prohibition sign
The sign for prohibit or restrict traffic of vehicles and pedestrians.
2.1.4 Mandatory sign
The sign used to direct vehicles and pedestrians.
2.1.5 Guide sign
The sign used to deliver message on road direction, place and distance.
2.1.6 Changeable message sign
Changeable message sign can change its displayed content according to the
change of traffic, road and climate.
2.1.7 Active luminous sign
The sign with figures and symbols and can give out light from inside through
electric energy or other energy resources; under relatively dark environment, it
can be clearly identified.
2.1.8 Retro-reflection
The reflection which the reflecting light reflects from the opposite direction near
the opposite direction and returns to the light source.
2.1.9 Delineator
It is used for indicating heading direction of the road and the edge contour, and
is designed with retro-reflection characteristics or initiative lighting function.
2.1.10 Roadside clear zone
2.1.20 Delimitation structure
Major structure surrounding clearance of carriage way.
2.1.21 Collision protection facilities for main structure
Collision protection member enhanced on the major structure easy to be
2.1.22 Collision protection facilities for subsidiary structure
Collision protection facility arranged independently ahead of the major structure
easy to be collided for protecting the major structure.
2.1.23 Guard fence
Fence arranged for preventing pedestrians and non-motor vehicles from
entering into the expressway, ramp or other prohibited area.
2.1.24 Acoustic barrier
A specially designed acoustical baffle placed between the noise source and the
sound receiving point.
2.1.25 Traffic surveillance and control
A kind of technical measure for operation and management of road traffic
provided for the traffic manager through collection, treatment and launching of
traffic message.
2.2 Symbols
Eav - average illuminance
Emin - minimum illuminance
Evmin - minimum vertical illuminance
SR - surround ratio
TI - increase of glare limitation value
UE - uniformity of illuminance
UL - longitudinal uniformity of luminance
UO - overall uniformity of luminance
3 Traffic Survey
3.0.1 Traffic survey shall be carried out for urban road traffic facility design.
3.0.2 Traffic survey content shall cover the road network state in the location
area, the current state of land use along the line, the environment along the line,
the road and traffic conditions, the urban planning and the road network
planning. Except the design road itself, the surrounding area having effect on
the design road shall also be covered.
3.0.3 The following conditions shall be analyzed on the basis of investigation
and data collection in design of constructed road traffic facilities:
1 Social economy, traffic development, topography, climate and weather in
the located area of the project as well as the land development and utilization
conditions along the line of the project;
2 Relevant surrounding road grade, alignment, cross section arrangement
and traffic facility arrangement conditions;
3 Main road traffic characteristics, traffic organization and management
situation surround the project;
4 Status, function and road grade of the project in the planning of road
5 Forecast traffic volume, traffic organization and traffic characteristics of
the project.
3.0.4 For design and investigation content of traffic facilities in renovated and
extended road engineering, except the information required by the new
engineering, the following contents shall also be supplemented in case of need:
1 Conditions of the existing road traffic facilities;
2 Conditions of the existing roa......