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GB/T 36943-2018 Add to Cart Designation and marking requirements of lithium-ion batteries for electric bicycle GB/T 36943-2018
GB/T 36959-2018 Add to Cart Information security technology -- Capability requirements and evaluation specification for assessment organization of classified protection of cybersecurity GB/T 36959-2018
GB/T 36971-2018 Add to Cart Textiles -- Tests for colour fastness -- Assessment of migration of textile colours into polyvinyl chloride coatings GB/T 36971-2018
GB/T 36975-2018 Add to Cart General requirements for footwear GB/T 36975-2018
GB/T 36990-2018 Add to Cart Classification of automotive service lubricating greases GB/T 36990-2018
GB/T 37036.1-2018 Add to Cart Information technology -- Biometrics used with mobile devices -- Part 1: General requirement GB/T 37036.1-2018
GB/T 37040-2018 Add to Cart Limit and determination of carcinogenic dyes in dye products GB/T 37040-2018
GB/T 37122-2018 Add to Cart Non-destructive testing -- Phantom of maximum detectable steel thickness for industrial computed tomography (CT) GB/T 37122-2018
GB/T 37123-2018 Add to Cart Electrically driven motor vehicle air-conditioning unit GB/T 37123-2018
GB/T 37132-2018 Add to Cart General requirements and test methods of electromagnetic compatibility for wireless power transmission equipment GB/T 37132-2018
GB/T 37158-2018 Add to Cart Non-destructive testing -- Test method for measuring the maximum detectable steel thickness by industrial computed tomography (CT) GB/T 37158-2018
GB/T 37170-2018 Add to Cart Technical code for safety of stationary gas engine GB/T 37170-2018
GB/T 37178-2018 Add to Cart Coal-based synthetic natural gas for vehicle GB/T 37178-2018
GB/T 37224-2018 Add to Cart Drum brake linings for automobile GB/T 37224-2018
GB/T 37245-2018 Add to Cart General technical requirements for centre-axle trailer GB/T 37245-2018
GB/T 37269-2018 Add to Cart Brake pad assembly for automobile GB/T 37269-2018
GB 37300-2018 Add to Cart Specifications for video and image information collection in public security key areas GB 37300-2018
GB/T 5293-2018 Add to Cart Solid wire electrodes, tubular cored electrodes and electrode/flux combinations for submerged arc welding of nonalloy and fine grain steels GB/T 5293-2018
GB 5768.7-2018 Add to Cart Road traffic signs and markings -- Part 7: Non-motor vehicles and pedestrians GB 5768.7-2018
GB 5768.8-2018 Add to Cart Road traffic signs and markings -- Part 8: School zone GB 5768.8-2018
GB/T 609-2018 Add to Cart Chemical reagent -- General method for the determination of total nitrogen GB/T 609-2018
GB/T 6891-2018 Add to Cart Aluminium and aluminium alloy profiled sheet GB/T 6891-2018
GB 8953-2018 Add to Cart National food safety standard -- Hygienic specification for soy sauce production GB 8953-2018
GB/T 9074.1-2018 Add to Cart Bolt or screw and washer assemblies with plain washers GB/T 9074.1-2018
GB/T 9764-2018 Add to Cart Tyre valve core chambers GB/T 9764-2018
GB/Z 34541-2017 Add to Cart Safety operation management regulation for hydrogen fuelling facilities of hydrogen vehicles GB/Z 34541-2017
GB/T 10414-2017 Add to Cart Synchronous belt drives -- Automotive synchronous pulleys GB/T 10414-2017
GB/T 10574.11-2017 Add to Cart Methods for chemical analysis of tin-lead solders -- Part 11: Determination of phosphorus content -- Crystal violet phosphorus-vanadium-molybdenum heteropoly acid spectrophotometry GB/T 10574.11-2017
GB/T 11069-2017 Add to Cart High purity germanium dioxide GB/T 11069-2017
GB/T 11070-2017 Add to Cart Reduced germanium ingot GB/T 11070-2017
GB 12021.6-2017 Add to Cart Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for electric rice cookers GB 12021.6-2017
GB/T 12536-2017 Add to Cart Coast down test method of motor vehicles GB/T 12536-2017
GB/T 12631-2017 Add to Cart Test method for resistance of conductors of printed boards GB/T 12631-2017
GB 13015-2017 Add to Cart Standard for pollution control on Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) -contaminated wastes GB 13015-2017
GB/T 13487-2017 Add to Cart Synchronous belts for general drive GB/T 13487-2017
GB/T 13869-2017 Add to Cart General guide for safety of electric user GB/T 13869-2017
GB/T 14531-2017 Add to Cart Office furniture -- Tables, chairs and stools for reading GB/T 14531-2017
GB/T 14532-2017 Add to Cart Office furniture -- Wooden cabinets and shelves GB/T 14532-2017
GB/T 14732-2017 Add to Cart Wood adhesives: urea-formaldehyde, phenol-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde resins GB/T 14732-2017
GB/T 15108-2017 Add to Cart Raw sugar GB/T 15108-2017
GB/T 1596-2017 Add to Cart Fly ash used for cement and concrete GB/T 1596-2017
GB/T 1703-2017 Add to Cart Cycle inner tubes GB/T 1703-2017
GB/T 17587.3-2017 Add to Cart Ball screws -- Part 3: Acceptance conditions and acceptance tests GB/T 17587.3-2017
GB/T 17638-2017 Add to Cart Geosynthetics -- Synthetic staple fibers needle punched nonwoven geotextiles GB/T 17638-2017
GB/T 17819-2017 Add to Cart Determination of vitamin B12 in additive premix -- High performance liquid chromatography GB/T 17819-2017
GB/T 1796.3-2017 Add to Cart Tyre valves -- Part 3: Snap-in valves GB/T 1796.3-2017
GB/T 18183-2017 Add to Cart Fatigue test method for automotive synchronous belt GB/T 18183-2017
GB/T 18271.1-2017 Add to Cart Process measurement and control devices -- General methods and procedures for evaluating performance -- Part 1: General considerations GB/T 18271.1-2017
GB/T 18364-2017 Add to Cart Filling receptacle of LPG vehicle GB/T 18364-2017
GB/T 18490.1-2017 Add to Cart Safety of machinery -- Laser processing machines -- Part 1: General safety requirement GB/T 18490.1-2017
GB/T 18881-2017 Add to Cart Catalyst for light-duty petrol vehicle exhaust purification GB/T 18881-2017
GB/T 18916.31-2017 Add to Cart Norm of water intake -- Part 31: Sintering and pelletizing for iron and steel industry GB/T 18916.31-2017
GB/T 19070-2017 Add to Cart Stall regulation wind turbines -- Control system -- Test method GB/T 19070-2017
GB 20074-2017 Add to Cart External projections for motorcycles and mopeds GB 20074-2017
GB/T 20314-2017 Add to Cart Thin float glass for liquid crystal display (LCD) applications GB/T 20314-2017
GB/T 20887.6-2017 Add to Cart Continuously hot rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile -- Part 6: Complex phase steel GB/T 20887.6-2017
GB/T 20887.7-2017 Add to Cart Continuously hot rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile -- Part 7: Steels for hydraulic forming GB/T 20887.7-2017
GB/T 21181-2017 Add to Cart Secondarily lead and lead alloy ingots GB/T 21181-2017
GB 21258-2017 Add to Cart The norm of energy consumption per unit product of general coal-fired power set GB 21258-2017
GB 21341-2017 Add to Cart The norm of energy consumption per unit product of ferroalloy GB 21341-2017
GB/T 21980-2017 Add to Cart General technical specification for sportswear and protecting suits GB/T 21980-2017
GB 22030-2017 Add to Cart Blend stocks of ethanol gasoline for motor vehicles GB 22030-2017
GB/T 22391-2017 Add to Cart Test method of endurance for solid tyres -- Drum method GB/T 22391-2017
GB 22548-2017 Add to Cart Feed additive -- Monocalcium phosphate GB 22548-2017
GB 22549-2017 Add to Cart Feed additive -- Dicalcium phosphate GB 22549-2017
GB 22757.1-2017 Add to Cart Energy consumption label for light-duty vehicles -- Part 1: For gasoline and diesel vehicles GB 22757.1-2017
GB/T 23541-2017 Add to Cart Bonded abrasive products -- Grinding wheel for steel balls GB/T 23541-2017
GB/T 23612-2017 Add to Cart Technical specification for process of anodizing and electrodeposition painting on aluminium alloy extruded profiles for architecture GB/T 23612-2017
GB/T 2374-2017 Add to Cart Dyestuffs -- General rules for dyeing test GB/T 2374-2017
GB/T 23751.2-2017 Add to Cart Micro fuel cell power systems -- Part 2: Performance test methods GB/T 23751.2-2017
GB/T 24218.16-2017 Add to Cart Textiles -- Test methods for nonwovens -- Part 16: Determination of resistance to penetration by water (hydrostatic pressure) GB/T 24218.16-2017
GB/T 24218.17-2017 Add to Cart Textiles -- Test methods for nonwovens -- Part 17: Determination of resistance to penetration by water (spray impact) GB/T 24218.17-2017
GB/T 24510-2017 Add to Cart Nickel alloy steel plates for low temperature pressure vessels GB/T 24510-2017
GB/T 246-2017 Add to Cart Metallic materials -- Tube -- Flattening test GB/T 246-2017
GB/T 24818.4-2017 Add to Cart Cranes -- Access, guards and restraints -- Part 4: Jib cranes GB/T 24818.4-2017
GB/T 2522-2017 Add to Cart Methods of test for the determination of coating insulation resistance and coating adhesion of electrical strip and sheet GB/T 2522-2017
GB/T 25315-2017 Add to Cart Home control systems -- Guidelines relating to safety GB/T 25315-2017
GB 25327-2017 Add to Cart The norm of energy consumption per unit products of alumina GB 25327-2017
GB/T 26278-2017 Add to Cart Tyre size substitution guide GB/T 26278-2017
GB/T 2666-2017 Add to Cart Trousers GB/T 2666-2017
GB/T 2670.2-2017 Add to Cart Hexalobular socket countersunk head tapping screws GB/T 2670.2-2017
GB/T 2672-2017 Add to Cart Hexalobular socket pan head screws GB/T 2672-2017
GB/T 26949.13-2017 Add to Cart Industrial trucks -- Verification of stability -- Part 13: Rough-terrain trucks with mast GB/T 26949.13-2017
GB/T 26949.15-2017 Add to Cart Industrial trucks -- Verification of stability -- Part 15: Counterbalanced trucks with articulated steering GB/T 26949.15-2017
GB/T 271-2017 Add to Cart Rolling bearings -- Classification GB/T 271-2017
GB/T 27691-2017 Add to Cart Wire rod for steel cord GB/T 27691-2017
GB/T 27748.1-2017 Add to Cart Stationary fuel cell power systems -- Part 1: Safety GB/T 27748.1-2017
GB/T 27748.3-2017 Add to Cart Stationary fuel cell power system -- Part 3: Installation GB/T 27748.3-2017
GB/T 290-2017 Add to Cart Rolling bearings -- Needle roller bearings with drawn cup and without inner ring -- Boundary dimensions GB/T 290-2017
GB/T 304.1-2017 Add to Cart Spherical plain bearings -- Classification GB/T 304.1-2017
GB/T 307.3-2017 Add to Cart Rolling bearings -- General technical regulations GB/T 307.3-2017
GB/T 31465.7-2017 Add to Cart Road vehicles -- Fuse-inks -- Part 7: Fuse-links with shortened tabs GB/T 31465.7-2017
GB/T 3183-2017 Add to Cart Masonry cement GB/T 3183-2017
GB/T 33026-2017 Add to Cart High strength steel wire strand for building structures GB/T 33026-2017
GB/T 33513-2017 Add to Cart Belt drives -- Pulleys and V-ribbed belts for the automotive industry -- PK profile: Dimensions GB/T 33513-2017
GB/T 33514-2017 Add to Cart Steel cord conveyor belts -- Determination of the lateral and vertical displacement of steel cords GB/T 33514-2017
GB/T 33522-2017 Add to Cart Carburizing bearing steel forgings -- Technical specification GB/T 33522-2017
GB/T 33524.2-2017 Add to Cart Modular taper interface with ball track system -- Part 2: Dimensions and designation of receivers GB/T 33524.2-2017
GB/T 33556.1-2017 Add to Cart Application specification for hospital cleanrooms and associated controlled environment -- Part 1: General guidelines GB/T 33556.1-2017
GB/T 33574-2017 Add to Cart Coding of freight containers manufacturer’s serial number GB/T 33574-2017