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YD/T 1272.3-2005 (YDT1272.3-2005)

YD/T 1272.3-2005_English: PDF (YDT 1272.3-2005, YDT1272.3-2005)
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YD/T 1272.3-2005English280 Add to Cart 0--9 seconds. Auto-delivery Optical fiber connector Part 3: Type SC connector family YD/T 1272.3-2005 Obsolete YD/T 1272.3-2005
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Standard ID YD/T 1272.3-2005 (YD/T1272.3-2005)
Description (Translated English) Optical fiber connector Part 3: Type SC connector family
Sector / Industry Telecommunication Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard M33
Classification of International Standard 33.180.20
Word Count Estimation 50,534
Date of Issue 2005-12-26
Date of Implementation 2006-03-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) YD/T 895-1997
Drafting Organization Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications
Administrative Organization China Communications Standards Association
Summary This standard applies to SC type fiber optic connectors cluster products. This section SC type optical fiber connector cluster definition and classification, provides various graphical interface, with the size, provides SC type optical fiber connector cluster performance, standard connectors and gluing material requirements, specifies test methods and quality assessment procedures, provides signs, packaging, transportation and storage requirements.

YD/T 1272.3-2005
ICS 33.180.20
Replacing YD/T 895-1997
Optical fiber connector
Part 3. Type SC connector family
Issued by.
Ministry of Industry and Information Industry of the People’s
Republic of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 4 
1 Scope ... 7 
2 Normative references ... 7 
3 Terms and definitions ... 7 
3.1 Type SC optical fiber connector ... 7 
3.2 Reference plug, adapter ... 8 
3.3 Mating face dimensions ... 8 
3.4 Concentricity error ... 8 
3.5 Angular alignment error ... 8 
3.6 Eccentricity of spherical endface top ... 8 
3.7 Active device receptacle ... 8 
4 Requirements ... 8 
4.1 Classification ... 8 
4.2 Interface graph, mating dimensions ... 9 
4.3 Standard connector ... 19 
4.4 Materials ... 20 
4.5 Optical performances of connector ... 20 
4.6 Safety ... 21 
5 Quality assessment procedures ... 21 
5.1 Identification approval procedures ... 21 
5.2 Quality conformance inspection ... 23 
6 Measurement and Test ... 25 
6.1 Appearance inspection ... 25 
6.2 Dimensions ... 26 
6.3 Measurement and Test Conditions ... 26 
6.4 Loss Measurement ... 27 
6.5 Return Loss Measurement ... 28 
6.6 Test ... 30 
7 Inspection ... 39 
7.1 Inspection Responsibilities ... 39 
7.2 Classification of Inspection ... 39 
7.3 Type Inspection ... 40 
8. Marking, Packaging, Transportation and Storage ... 40 
8.1 Marking ... 40 
8.2 Packaging and Transportation ... 40 
8.3 Storage ... 41 
Annex A (Normative Annex) Interface of Type-SC/APC Connector Series
... 42 
Annex B (Normative Annex) Type-SC Connector Plug-type Active-device
Receptacle Series Interface ... 49 
YD/T 1272 “Optical Fiber Connector” is divided into 3 parts.
— Part 1. Type LC;
— Part 2. Type MT-RJ;
— Part 3. Type SC.
This Part is Part 3 of YD/T 1272.
This Part is the revision to YD/T 895-1997 “Technical Conditions of SC/PC Single-mode
Optical Fiber Connector”. The revision refers to EC 61754-4.2002-03 “Optical Fiber
Connector Interface Part 4. SC Connector Cluster”, IEC 60874-19-1.2003-01 “Detailed
Specifications of SC/PC (Active Dual-core) Multimode Optical Fiber Ala and Alb Standard
Terminated Fiber Optical Cord Connector”, IEC 60874-14-5.1997-06 “Detailed
Specification of SC/PC Single-Mode Optical Fiber B1 Unadjusted Terminated Fiber Optical
Connector”, IEC 60874-14-3.1997-06 “Detailed Specification of SC Single-Mode Optical
Fiber Single-Core Fiber Optical Adaptor” and IEC 60875-14-10.1999-09 “Detailed
Specification of SC/APC Unadjusted 8° Terminal Single-Mode Optical Fiber B1 Fiber
Optical Tail Fiber or Jumper Connector”.
Compared with YD/T 895-1997, main changes of this Part are as follows.
— The scope in chapter 1 contains more connector types than previous standard; this
Part applies to type-SC optical fiber connector cluster products.
— Add 3.7 Definition of “active device receptacle”.
— Re-write 4.1 Classifications.
— Delete the relevant provisions in original Color and 4.5 optical fiber and cable.
— Change the previous clause 4.6 to clause 4.5; and redefine optical properties of type-
SC connector cluster products.
— Revise 6.3 Measurement and test conditions; add 6.3.2 Single-mode connector
measurement and test light source, 6.3.3 Multi-mode connector measurement and
test light source, and 6.3.4 Cleaning before measurement.
— Revise the duration in 6.6.1 and 6.6.2, conditions in a) of 6.6.6, load in 6.6.10, load
application point in test figure, and load in 6.6.10 by referring to the latest version of
relevant standard in IEC60874.
— Revise 8.1.1.
— Section 4.2 “Interface graphics and coordinating dimensions” in this Part adopts IEC
Main drafters of this Part. Liang Chenhuan, Xu Qiushuang.
Optical fiber connector
Part 3. Type SC connector family
1 Scope
This Part defines and classifies type-SC optical fiber connector and prescribes graphics
and coordinating dimensions of various interfaces, optical properties of type-SC optical
fiber connector cluster, requirements of standard connector and gluing material, test
methods and quality assessment procedures as well as marking, packaging, transportation
and storage requirements.
This Part applies to type-SC optical fiber connector cluster products.
2 Normative references
The articles contained in the following documents have become part of this Part when they
are quoted herein. For the dated parts so quoted, all subsequent modifications (including
all corrections) or revisions made thereafter do not apply to this Part. However, the parties
who reach an agreement according to this Part are encouraged to study whether the latest
versions of these documents may be used. For the undated parts so quoted, the latest
versions (including all modification sheets) apply to this Part.
GB 2421-1999 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products - Part 1.
General and guidance
GB 2828.1-2003 Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes – Part 1. Sampling
schemes indexed by acceptance quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection
YD/T 1117-2001 Specification of all Optical Fiber Branching Devices
3 Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this section, the following terms and definitions shall apply.
3.1 Type SC optical fiber connector
SC connector is a kind of plug-in connector that is composed based on single-core plug
and adaptor. Its feature is adopting rectangular structure and elastic clamp locking
mechanism, including a coupling guide-key and an elastic plug-pin in the direction of optical
axis. Typical outer diameter nominal value of plug-pin is 2.500mm; plug has a plug-in switch,
which may be used for positioning and limiting of relevant position between connector and
matching element. Optical center-alignment device of connector is a rigid inner bore or
elastic sheath.
For tail-fiber that uses single-mode optical fiber connector, it is called type-SC single-mode
optical fiber connector; tail-fiber multimode optical fibber connector is called type-SC
multimode optical fiber connector; optical connector of which the plug-pin end-face is
spherical is called type-SC/PC optical fiber connector; optical fiber connector of which the
plug end-face is beveled spherical is called type-SC/APC optical fiber connector.
3.2 Reference plug, adapter
Plug or adapter that are...