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SH/T 1499.4-2016

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Detail Information of SH/T 1499.4-2016; SH/T1499.4-2016
Description (Translated English): (Adipic acid - Part 4: Determination of ash content)
Sector / Industry: Petrochemical Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard: G15
Classification of International Standard: 71.080.40
Word Count Estimation: 5,595
Date of Issue: 2016-07-11
Date of Implementation: 2017-01-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard): SH/T 1499.4-1997
Regulation (derived from): Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (2016 No. 37); Industry Standard Record Announcement 2016 No. 10 (Total No. 202)
Summary: This standard specifies the determination of ash content in refined adipic acid by gravimetric method.

SH/T 1499.4-2016
Pure adipic acid - Determination of content of ash
ICS 71.080.40
G 17
Record number. 55638-2016
People 's Republic of China petrochemical industry standards
Pure adipic acid
Part 4. determination of ash content
Pure adipic acid-
Part 4. Determination of content of ash
2016-07-11 released
2017-01-01 Implementation
Issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People 's Republic of China
SH/T 1499 "refined adipic acid" is divided into the following parts.
- Part 1. Specifications;
- Part 2. Determination of content - Titration;
- Part 3. Determination of chroma of ammonia solution - Spectrophotometric method;
- Part 4. Determination of ash;
- Part 5. Determination of iron content 2,2 '- bipyridyl spectrophotometric method;
- Part 6. Fast method for the determination of iron content;
- Part 7. Determination of nitric acid content - Spectrophotometric method;
- Part 8. Determination of oxidizable content - Titration;
- Part 9. Determination of the color of the melt;
- Part 10. Determination of moisture content - Thermal weight loss method;
This section is part 4 of SH/T 1499.
This part is based on the rules given in ISO /IEC 1.1-2009.
This part replaces SH/T 1499.4-1997 "Determination of ash in pure adipic acid".
The main changes in this part compared with SH/T 1499.4-1997 are as follows.
- modified standard name;
- Increased detection limits for the method (see Chapter 1);
- The balance is changed from "0.1mg" to "0.01mg". Increased the requirements of the balance (see 5.1,.1997, 5.1);
- the amount of sample is changed from "100g" to "100g or.200g" (see 7.2, chapter 7 of the.1997 edition);
- the exact multiple of the result is changed from "1mg/kg" to "0.1mg/kg" (see 9.1, 9.2,.1997, chapter 9).
This part is proposed by China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation.
This section is under the jurisdiction of the National Chemical Standard Technical Committee Petrochemical Subcommittee (SAC/TC63/SC4).
This part of the main drafters. Cai Nan, Wang Hongjie, Zheng Limei, Zhang Zhongtie, Wang Caifeng, Zhang Peng, Yang Zhenuo, Huang Wenjie,
Wang Lijing.
This part of the previous version of the standard to replace the release of the situation.
SH/T 1499.4-1997.
Determination of ash in the fourth part of crude adipic acid
WARNING. This standard is not intended to describe all safety issues related to its use. It is the user's responsibility to take appropriate
Of the safety and health measures to ensure compliance with the relevant national regulations.
1 Scope
This section specifies the gravimetric method for the determination of ash content in adipic acid.
This part of the application of ash content of not less than 1mg/kg of adipic acid determination.
2 normative reference documents
The following documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references,
Related standard:   SH/T 1499.10-2012  SH/T 1499.1-2012
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